Volume 4

Ice Empire and Snow White

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Chapter 01: The First Thing I Did During Vacation was Work
Chapter 02: Ice Empire
Chapter 03: QTE And Counter
Chapter 04: Imperial City
Chapter 05: Snow White
Chapter 06: Cold Flame
Chapter 07: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon
Chapter 08: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon 1F
Chapter 09: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon 1F – Boss Battle
Chapter 10: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon 2F – Meeting Snow White
Chapter 11: Under the Seal
Chapter 12: Ice Fissure Seal
Chapter 13: Demon Race – Dark Sprite
Chapter 14: Death and Revival
Chapter 15: Pryn, Coming Back to Life
Chapter 16: Freezing Point City
Chapter 17: Undead Holy Angel
Chapter 18: The Gentleman and the Maiden of War
Chapter 19: A High-Class Place Needs a High-Class Status
Chapter 20: Dark Chill, The 4th Demon God
Chapter 21: Life Crisis
Chapter 22: Trade
Chapter 23: For Equipment, I Can Even Give Up on Peace
Chapter 24: Fallen Angel
Chapter 25: Defeat and Death
Chapter 26: Update
Chapter 27: Les Miserables
Chapter 28: M
Chapter 29: Everyone’s Secret
Chapter 30: War Between Ice and Dolls
Chapter 31: The Doll’s Mechanism
Chapter 32: Memory Magic And The Bishop Slaughterer
Chapter 33: Memory Alteration
Chapter 34: Battle of Blades
Chapter 35: Lin Oyado
Chapter 36: The Next Journey
Chapter 37: Mercenaries in Disguise
Chapter 38: Jirandur – Black Market
Chapter 39: Meeting an Old Friend
Chapter 40: Principles
Chapter 41: Infiltration Start!
Chapter 42: We’re Not Robbing, This is Justice!
Chapter 43: Dolls and Humanity
Chapter 44: Bad Guy
Chapter 45: Becoming Mercenaries
Chapter 46: Lolis Are Never Bad People
Chapter 47: Journey Begins
Chapter 48: Raid (1)
Chapter 49: Raid (2)
Chapter 50: Everyone Seems to be Good People
Chapter 51: Bloodthirsty Magical Beast
Chapter 52: Tragic Victory and New Team Members
Chapter 53: The Three from the Eastern Continent
Chapter 54: Doll Massacre
Chapter 55: The Arrow Which Pierces Through the Battlefield
Chapter 56: Sweeping the Battlefield
Chapter 57: Rest in Peace
Chapter 58: Setting Off Once Again
Chapter 59: Shikigami
Chapter 60: War of Shikigamis
Chapter 61: Report
Chapter 62: Crisis in the Imperial City
Chapter 63: Airborne Assault
Chapter 64: We are the Reinforcements
Chapter 65: Blazing Ripper
Chapter 66: The Strongest Onmyouji
Chapter 67: Summon – The Strongest Ghost
Chapter 68: You’re Summoning? I Will Summon Too
Chapter 69: Final Battle
Chapter 70: Forget About Afterwords, Vol. 5 is About to Begin

31 thoughts on “Volume 4

  1. Lydnare says:

    Thanks for translating man. . .
    I love this series. . .
    Please keep up the magnificent work. . .
    I can’t thank you enough for the favor you’re doing for us. . .


  2. Hildegarde says:

    oh yeah, i’ve finished arranging vol 4 prologue – ch 67, and there are 291 pages, 96196 words, and total size of 251 KB without any picture…
    Now believe me, this novel could even beat the longest one like Mahouka or even Kyoukai Senju…
    hell yeah!!! ^^


  3. Hero's Magical Sword of Light says:

    I cant seem to download volume 4 pdf. It gives me the preview but not the download button. Im using a tablet to download.


  4. sukanime says:

    Thanks for the Volume 4…. ^_^

    Please some one make the Epub…..
    But if no one make the Epub, i will make it with Sigil if i have free time.


  5. sukanime says:

    Here the link for Epub for Volume 4, i created using Sigil.

    Because i don’t have the image cover for Volume 4, i use image cover from PDF Files from AXEH
    I put proper credits and simple ToC.
    So for better Epub you could wait Scrya.

    And now i’am in the midlle creating epub for Volume 5, because no cover image, i use random images from google search engine.


  6. Albedo's Ahoge says:

    Awwww…. you dont have the single page format for the volume. ;(

    I use Readability.com app to convert page from white background – black text to black background & white text. Makes it less stressful to my eyes to read.

    Anyway, thank you for the TL. Very much appreciate it.


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