Vol. 4 Chapter 43: Dolls and Human Morals

Twenty minutes later, the three of us have thoroughly emptied the basements. After knocking out the two survivors and tying them up, we headed back up to the weapon shop.

Battle concluded.

Exterminating a Mercenary [x1]
Party EXP Gained: 300

Silencing Mercenaries [x3]
Party EXP Gained: 500×3

Total EXP Gained: 1,800

Side Questline: Broken Doll 2nd Quest [Completed]
New information received. Please read the documents.

The moment I arrived on the first floor, the quest completion window popped up. Although we had managed to gather a lot of documents earlier, but there’s far too many of them. Looks like we have to find a place to sort them out.

“Dale, did anything happen earlier?”

“Absolutely nothing happened~”

Dale waved his hands. But after pausing for a moment, a message was sent to me.

‘Other than a new quest called ‘Broken Doll.’’

‘That’s the quest I’m working on. In any case, the initial phase has been completed.’

Then, I turned to look at Gabriel and Oyado.

“Now that we have found the documents, we should find a place to sort them out. According to the guy downstairs, this place is just a warehouse… And he did not lie at all. We did realize it was just a warehouse downstairs. After all, even after emptying out the place, we did not find a single hidden door.”

“You’re right. Then, let’s find a safe place and take a look at the documents.”

Gabriel nodded and said.

“Dale, then we will have to count on you to ‘discover’ the scene after this. Gabriel, please wake that person up a minute later, then we will take our leave first.”


After saying that, Gabriel threw another white ball at the guy’s motionless body.

“Alright, let us go. I’m counting on you.”

“Un~ Don’t worry~”

Dale made an ‘okay’ gesture.

“Big brother, I have confirmed that there’s no one outside.”

Oyado suddenly appeared silently beside me and said.

“Un, then let’s go.”

After saying that, we walked directly out of the shop, and headed towards the inn nearby.


The moment we headed out, I saw a white name flash at the roof the building in front of us. Then, he quickly sped towards the direction opposite from us.


“I got it, big brother!”

Oyado’s figure disappeared in a flash as she chased after the target. The two names disappeared into the night sky in an instant.

“It’s a wonder you were actually able to see him. I didn’t notice at all.”

Looking towards Oyado who was chasing after the target, Gabriel laughed and said.

“It was just a coincidence. But…”


“It did not look human.”

“Oh? That what was that thing?”

“That was…”

Although it was just an instant, but I did clearly see a portion of the name.

“Undead Doll, Yoei!”


“Boss, give us a room.”

Hearing my words, the boss sitting at counter raised his head and looked at us.

A swordsman whose face is covered entirely in soot, and a cleric in a clean white robe. That is probably what he’s depicting us as right now.

“Good work out there. It’s 5 silvers per night, and 6 silvers if you want breakfast.”

“How’s business?”

I placed 5 silvers on the table, and the boss slid the key across the table as he took the money.

“It’s good enough to live on. How about you guys?”

“The same as usual.”

“Is that so… Looks like it’s been too peaceful recently.”

“Isn’t peaceful good?”

“Are you new here, little brother? Well, you’re indeed a new face. Once war begins, you will know. This depressing situation will end.”

“Is that so…”

I laughed and nodded.

“I will know when the time comes, I guess…”

After entering the room, Gabriel immediately set up a soundproof barrier.

“Looks like the people now have forgotten the brutality of war. They’re actually beginning to look forward to war.”

“Probably because they believe that it’s best to die rather than to live lazily, I guess?”

“But once you’re dead, you won’t have any more chances, you know~”

“Everyone has their own ideals.”

“I kind of feel that you’re rather easygoing. At first, I thought you were a fool too kind for his own good, but then I realized you were more of a schemer, but now… I completely don’t know what it’s in your mind at all.”


I laughed, and said.

“Just treat me as a fool, because I don’t know what I’m thinking about either. Probably, I’m simply doing things based on my gut feelings.

“Gut feelings huh… Just how then did you come up with these gut feelings?”

“It would be good if I knew… Oh, Oyado. You’re back?”

Just when I was about to continue, Oyado pushed open the window, flipped into the room, and landed right beside me.

“Umm… I’m sorry… That guy’s presence disappeared in an instant, and then…”

“Well~ It’s alright.”

I stroked her head, and said.

“That guy isn’t human. He’s a doll.”

I took out a doll out from the ring.

“It’s basically something like this. So if the target were to cut off his connection in an instant, his presence would completely disappear, so naturally, he wouldn’t be caught.”

“But… I didn’t see the controller at all.”

“Although I’m not entirely sure, but they seem to have developed a technique to separate the soul from a human’s physical body, so…”


Gabriel hurriedly walked towards me, and then stared directly into my eyes.

“Is what you said true? Those bastards had already finished developing that technique!? Then what about the main body!? What would happen to the main body!?”

“Eh… eh? Umm, can you please calm down?”

“Ah, ahem.”

Gabriel slowly pulled a slight distance away. He paused for a moment, and then asked.


“The main body will be kept in a vessel. I encountered one in the past, and… If I recall correctly, that doll earlier was one of that person’s clones.”

“Is that so…”

Gabriel went into deep thoughts for a moment, before voicing out.

“I believe a regular guild… won’t accept a request like this. But, if possible, mind if I ask if you could help me steal a set of similar equipment?”


I looked at him weirdly.

As someone whose body had already been modified, even if he could regenerate infinitely, does it actually have a limit as well? Is he trying to find a way out for his future?

He’s really pitiful…

“It’s not for me. Rather… It’s to prepare it for someone else.”

“Someone else? Is he a comrade of yours?”

“Un… a comrade.”

“No problem.”

I did a peace gesture and said.

“If it’s for a comrade, then it’s justice~”

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28 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 43: Dolls and Human Morals

  1. xacual says:

    I didn’t think about this before, but won’t Ayliah get some kind of notice about the progression of the Quest, I mean Fir did share it with her didn’t he?


  2. jalog100 says:

    i have to rob is justice, i have to plunder is justice, i have to form a army of underaged cute girls, is fine because loli is justice, how could be wrong justice is absolute, you dirty peasants dare to say otherside?


  3. Diamona says:

    Please always maintain a flexible morality when partaking in any organized criminal activity. Your professionalism is appreciated. Thank you.


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