Vol. 4 Chapter 48: Raid (1)

“Oyado, hide! Avoid battling!”

“I know, big brother~”

After replying, Oyado leaped into the back and hid into one of the carriages. I had wanted to add that even if she wish to eliminate her enemies, she can go ahead and do so, as long as she do not get discovered, but I believe Oyado definitely know of this point as well.


Seeing the people appearing out of the bushes, the corner of my lips curved.

“It’s time to battle!”

Although I only said this now, the battle had actually begun awhile ago. Countless spells were being shot out from both sides, and at the same time, large magical arrays appeared in the skies above both parties.

They have magicians on their side as well? Looks like they’re not your typical thieves.

I laughed, and then with an Accelerate buff, I charged right towards a LV 17 Swordsman. Before he could even recover from his flinch, I stabbed my sword right into his abdomen, and at the same time, I pointed a Exploding Flame spell at his chest. He was instantly sent flying backwards, with his body covered in flames!

In times like this, I did not dare to use my Ice Magic. After all, among the two people that were left tied up in the basement, one of them saw me use an Ice Magic spell. Hence, I can only rely on Fire Magic for now.

My opponent did not expect that I could actually use magic as well. He crawled up from the ground, turned and hurriedly fled as he held onto his wound.

You’re running away? Just like that?

And when the rest of his companions saw what happened earlier, evidently, they decided to advance while taking a detour around me. They’re actually thinking this highly of me?

“Pretty formidable, huh~ You’re actually able to use magic as well?”

Lois, who was fighting near me, suddenly said.

I turned to look, and currently, she was actually being surrounded by five people. They might have thought that a little girl like her was an easy target.

Naive! Too naive! Believe it or not, she’s actually a LV 25 Broadsword Wielder and a yuri sis-con! You guys are too naive!

Can’t you guys see that you’re being mocked by that magically engraved broadsword strapped behind her? Of course, you guys can’t see it.

Lois pulled out her broadsword in an instant, and slammed it fiercely towards the earth. A white ripple was emitted from the center of the blade, causing the surrounding enemies to lose their balance.

Immediately after, she took a heavy step forward. With a single horizontal slash of her broadsword, the surrounding five enemies were instantly sent flying. Their armor were split in half, and fresh blood were flowing out from their wounds. Even their HP dropped by a half from that single attack.

What frightening attack power. Such a strong effect was produced even when she was attacking so many enemies at the same time. She’s really not to be underestimated.

But, unlike me, when her opponents got up from the ground and tried to flee, she immediately flung her right hand, and two flying daggers directly pierced into two of their throats. Then, she accelerated towards one of the remaining three and slashed his waist, cutting him into two pieces. After that, she snatched the long sword he was wielding and threw it, accurately piercing into the fourth person’s waist. At the same time, she charged towards the side of the last person, and with a single diagonal slash towards his shoulder, he was cut into half!

This is really too bloody and violent. Even though she’s only a 14-year-old loli… The lolis these days are really frightening.

Looks like there are no longer any problems on this side. When I turned to look at Dale, that bastard looked as if he was playing a game.

Streaks of lightning were being produced from the magic stone embedded on his gloves, continuously striking down the enemies that were trying to approach him. The instant they were struck by the lightning, their bodies were paralyzed and were unable to move.

While Dale only had to wield his dagger and deal the finishing blow onto every single one of them. It was basically a massacre!

And then there’s Uncle Gabriel… I lost sight of him for a second, and he was no longer anywhere to be seen. Oh well, a guy like him can’t be wounded by enemies like these.

With such difference in battle strength, naturally, the battle was near its end. In just a couple of minutes, most of the surrounding enemies had already been eliminated.

They actually dared to challenge us with just this amount of ability? What a joke, there isn’t even a single enemy worth fighting!


Just when I had that thought, I heard a scream. The moment I turned my head, I saw Dale flying towards me.

I hurriedly stretched my hands out to catch him. Then I realized fresh blood was flowing out of his waist, evidently, he was struck by a sword!

I quickly poured a recovery potion down his throat, and his wound slowly stopped bleeding.

I then turned to look towards the direction he flew from. At the place where Dale was positioned earlier, stood a black-masked man with a black cloak, and he was wielding two swords.

Sarefes Blue
Male | 24 Years Old
LV 37 Dual-Swordsman | LV ?? ???
[Evil] [Free] [Fugitive] [???] [???] [???] [???]

Oh, my beloved question marks~ Looks like they do have someone really strong on their side.

“Fall back! I will handle this!”

Lois suddenly charged forward, and with lightning speed, her broadsword swung horizontally towards him.

“Arcane – Windthunder Slash!”

A small gust of wind surrounded her sword’s blade, as it emitted flashes of lightning. In a blink of an eye, the blade was already right in front of him! But, he actually simply took a step back, and raised his two swords up to parry the incoming broadsword.

The fierce broadsword deviated from its original target, and Lois, who could not withstand the feedback, was sent flying in the air!

Accelerate! Elf of the Wind! Charge!

At the same time I charged towards them, I took out a shield from my ring. Currently, Lois was entirely exposed right in front of him, he will definitely take this chance to attack!

Shield Bash!

Just when he was about to attack, I crashed towards his right flank with my shield. Although the difference our levels were large, but Shield Bash’s 100% stun effect will definitely activate, even if he’s only pushed back by a single step, it was already enough!

Then I grabbed onto Lois and swung her to the back. At the same time, I directed a Blazing Flame spell onto the shield, sending myself flying towards the back as well.

The moment I left his side, my shield was sliced into pieces by his dual swords!

That was dangerous. Fortunately, I dodged that quickly.

“Thank… thank you.”

Lois who landed beside me got up, and expressed her thanks with an apologetic tone.

“No problem. That guy is stronger than all of us. Be careful!”


“Dale, how are you feeling?”

“Not bad…”

Seeing that his HP was close to full recovery, he should be alright in a couple more seconds.

“Earlier, where did he come out from?”

“He suddenly appeared out of nowhere. And this bastard is actually resistant to magic spells. I can tell it’s definitely because of his armor. The black armor he’s wearing under the cloak seems to have a certain amount of mithril mixed in it. My lightning was only able to stop him for a short moment, and then, he struck me down.”

“Is that so… A high level opponent with good equipment?”

What a troublesome opponent, huh. And I can’t use the magic I specialize in either. No, I’m currently a swordsman, and the techniques I know are only on the basic level.

I should have taken up Irlin’s offer to teach me swordsmanship back then. I didn’t think that I would encounter such a dilemma.

Just where the hell did that bastard Gabriel wander off to!

And obviously, our opponent wouldn’t give us any time to catch our breath. After taking up a stance, as if he was a panther pouncing onto its prey, he immediately charged towards us!

“Time to move! Flank him from both sides!”

After giving instructions, Lois and I charged towards his two flanks, and then
faced him at the same time.


We took his attacks head-on, but he lowered his body, and leaped over us!

Is this guy’s target… Dale?

He probably thought that Dale was still weak from the wound he inflicted on him earlier. However, what he did not know was, the condition of our bodies are actually affected by the amount of HP we have.


I seem to be looking at something frightening!

The thing Dale is holding in his hands… A railgun?

“Lois, fall back!”

Just when I shouted that out, between us, a white electrical ray of light was shot across us, sending us flying from the shockwave.

What the hell! Fortunately, we’re currently party members, otherwise, we would have certainly died!

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34 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 48: Raid (1)

  1. Whynn says:

    Wonder if the rail gun dale has actually can deal any damage or is it just a light show, next thing you know, that mikhail armor composite is wasted and Dale is surprised, thanks for the chapter and wonder what other gadgets dale brought along. Anyone wanna play find waldo(gabriel)? Oyado is just chilling in the back~


      • Diarek says:

        @Whynn: The railgun’s operation is that it shoots electrical charged mass at you, the light come along is just side bonus, them doing any damage is irrelevant, Whether the gun completed or not, if he can shoot it , that armor is toast, because the damage is pure physical and mithril wasn’t even a high end materials anyway. While we certainly dont know if its actual output is high enough to break through those fantasy metal, given the description of light and shockwave. Fir can kiss good bye any loot left of that guy.


    • Countrymage says:

      Mithril only really protects against magic, the rail gun uses lightning magic for power, but the rest is physics. Also remember, Dale said that the rail gun was easily completed, the real challenge was mounting it on a doll.


      • LeChatNoir says:

        He only said it was completed not tested.
        Why is it I say that, it’s because there shouldn’t be a light show, maybe a little crackle around the gun and “barrel”.
        But having a light show shows that the projectile and or rails have at least partially disintegrated and is spewing burning metal out of it.
        How much of the projectile is left or how much it was even accelerated before the rails and or the projectile started melting|arcing|burning is another question.


      • Countrymage says:

        I don’t think he really tests anything, though, remember the landing pad back at the beginning was only getting tested when he came in for a landing. Now is as good a time as any to see if the rail gun is actually a plasma cannon or suicide bomb…


      • Biero says:

        It could be a side effect of using lightning magic for power though? At least if it explodes he doesn’t have the ability to damage himself haha~~


      • Countrymage says:

        What I mean is the Lightning magic is in the gun’s core anything affected by that electricity is getting non-magic effects, but yeah it could explode that would hurt him though.


  2. DMR says:

    “Believe it or not, sheโ€™s actually a LV 25 Broadsword Wielder and a yuri sis-con!”

    So apparently, level isn’t the only thing necessary to gauge a person’s power, but if they are a Yuri Sis-con….

    Basically, If your only a LV 25 Broadsword Wielder, your screwed…

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. MXMach says:

    Hohoho, now For needs to design with Dale a weapon/artifact that can use of Fir’s abilities to become OP… Just not a powered armour xD


  4. sasamiyasoujiro says:

    How about Dale start developing Gundams? The level of that world’s puppet technology is way too high, i bet he can make if he try ๐Ÿ™‚ With railgun as its armament and beam gun they will be counquerors…. I think beam guns can be made using light magic….


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