Vol. 4 Chapter 25: Defeat and Death

I started reading Evil God Average. And… I really want Anri as my waifu.

Releases will be irregular for now, but I will still make sure there will be a chapter a day. I’m just not in the mood to translate multiple chapters a day currently~

“You must be kidding me…”

Just when she walked out of the black flames, my heart sank. Because, her level distorted for a moment as it kept jumping constantly between weird symbols, and finally turned into a row of question marks.

And her last title [Songstress of Death] suddenly changed into [Performer of Death]! No matter how I see it, either she activated her bankai mode like in Bleach, or she typed in cheat codes in GTA!

There seems to be something amiss which was added in my earlier statement, but it’s best to not mind about it.

Colina raised her hands up in the air, and the black pillar behind her leaked out layers of fog, as if they were forming something!

Is this going to lead to a berserk-mode situation?

As if I’m going to let that happen!

The ‘Elf of the Wind’ buff had already expired, and only the ‘Accelerate’ and ‘Extreme Shadow’ effects were left on my body.

I quickly tapped on the ‘Charge’ skill, and I raised my tachi as I rushed towards the thing that was being formed by the black fog.


I heard a snicker coming from the side.

Right after, I don’t know why, but I felt something hard bumping into my abdomen, and in the next second, I crashed into the wall behind me!

Warning: Entering State of Apparent Death


Right after I regained my senses, I saw this notification. I didn’t expect that, without even the slightest of movements, she sent me flying. And I almost died right there!

In the state of apparent death, I can’t immediately use my recovery spells to heal myself. I immediately tapped on a bottle of HP Recovery Potion, and then, used my recovery spells to fully heal myself right after.

“Hmph hmph hmph~ Looks like you’re able to take quite the beating! Normally, people would have immediately died right after I used that skill! Hahahahaha!”

Hey hey hey, this level of difference is too unfair. You’re basically in a similar state as a certain serial killing girl in Dangaronpa, you know? Did you forget to take your medicine before you left your house today? Don’t give up on rehabilitation, hey.


The thing that was being formed by the black fog had already given shape, and it looked just like a guitar. But because of the mass of black fog being leaked out, I was not able to discern whether it was an electric guitar or a guitar of some other type…

Wait a minute, what the hell am I thinking? Does the type of the guitar makes any difference? She evidently summoned her strongest weapon, and was about to use her finishing move.

But looking at Dark Chill at the side, she seemed to have a happy expression. Hey hey, your subordinate is thinking of killing me, is there really no problem with that…? Wait a minute, is this why the quest is not completed? Because it’s still possible for me to die at this moment?

Alright, this sure is a big chessboard, huh!

“Geez, your entire image has been completely destroyed. Were you chased out of Heaven because of this, and thus becoming a Fallen Angel?”

“… The people in Heaven, well~ They are much worse than me, you know. Compared to them, I’m already quite courteous. Hehehe.”

When she heard me mention Heaven, she was startled for a moment, before replying.

But I could feel something off. The flames on her body suddenly stopped moving!

Unless, Heaven… Oh right, Light Magic!

“I see!”


After saying that, I once again used Charge!

“Hehe, no matter how many times you try…”


When I was about to reach her attack radius, I use my only other Light Magic spell that I learnt, other than the Recovery spell and Abnormal Status Removal spell.

At the same time, I used an ice totem to blast me to her flank, and I used Charge again as I pulled out my Blasphemer!

“Aaaaaaaaah! My eyes!!!”

Although she was blinded by Flash for a moment, with a bang, the ice totem behind me was already smashed in an instant, and the target was naturally my earlier position.

“Your Dark Magic had already formed a layer of defensive armor around your body, other than Light Magic spells, any other spells or physical attacks wouldn’t be effective against you, right?”

As I charged to her side, I said softly.

“Oh right, do you know? There isn’t any type of mirror that’s capable of reflecting light completely, which means, there will definitely be a certain amount of light being absorbed… But, in a sealed environment, just how many countless rays of light could be reflected and how many sources of light are there? Why don’t you try it out yourself? Icicle Light Field!”

Countless of icicles surrounded us in an instant, sealing us in a sphere-like structure.

Originally, Icicle Light Field could only be used to surround targets, but using it along with my Molding Magic spell, I am able to shape it such that, even though it encompasses a smaller field, it’s able to cover us in all directions!

“Reflect, Flash!”

Other than the light coming from the Icicle Light Field itself, I constantly cast Flash spells in the corners of the entire field. After reflecting around the icicle field, the rays of light will return to our position, and that was why I rushed to a position beside Colina.

From my visual angle, it’s a little troublesome. But as long as I know that the light rays will always be reflected, then that’s a different story.

“Aaaaah! Impossible! This can’t be that simple Flash spell!”

“Indeed, it’s not only a simple Flash spell.”

After casting tens of Flash spells, I walked out of the field. Then, I took out a ball-like object and pluck out the safety on top of it.

“There’s a Light Crystal Grenade added in as well.”

Then, I threw it into the field.


The entire field of icicles was blasted into pieces! At the same time, I rushed towards the side of the arena, and took the bow off Ms. Snow’s back, who was still looking at me astonishingly.

“Lend it to me for a bit!”

“Ah? Oh, alright…”

Then, I quickly pulled out a sword out of my ring.

“Mistress Dark Chill, in actual fact, the weapon in Colina’s hands is just a cover-up, right?”


Dark Chill looked at me with interest.

“Why do you say that?”

“If she really use music as her weapon, then why was she indifferent when I was so close to her earlier, and even allowed me to attack her constantly? After I flashed her, other than her first attack, she never attacked me again… No, or should I say, she wasn’t even able to attack me, because it seems a lot of holes were made in the surrounding walls without me noticing. In other words…”

I placed the Knight Sword on the bowstring, and pulled it all the way back.

“She used an Eye technique! Earlier, when I approached her, I realized at the center of her weapon was an eye, but it was closed, probably because it was affected by the Flash. I originally thought it was just an ornament, but… if it isn’t…!

I released my right hand, and the ice sword flew out.

“In other words, that’s the only tool she has that’s capable of attacking enemies! As long as I attack it with a physical attacks from afar, then she’s no longer able to defend from my attacks!”

(People that are capable of using magic str able to sense magical attacks. )

Originally, I didn’t think that a bow would be useful in this situation, but… I forgot that I had an ‘Enhancing’ skill~

The knight sword flew across the entire ring and reached Colina in an instant. Currently, her body was releasing a hissing sound, and the dark flames were almost extinguished completely by the Light Magic.

No matter how I see it, I have won this match, right?


“You’re not bad~ But it’s a pity. Evidently, your knowledge wasn’t sufficient.”

As I was thinking why she said that, Colina stretched out her hand, and caught my knight sword!

What the… You’re kidding me, right?

Something more frightening happened right after. Black flames started burning from Colina’s legs, and a second later, the flames were extinguished. What’s left was an unscathed Colina standing in her original position!

“You have my deepest admiration for being able to see through my Soul technique. But, the other thing you should know, among all the races, next to Vampires and Phoenixes, us Fallen Angels have the strongest regenerative abilities. After all, we’re converted from Angels themselves~”


Before I could even react, I suddenly felt a pain in my chest! When I turned my head to look, a bloody knight sword was stabbed into the wall right behind me.

“I’m done fooling around. Now you know the difference in our abilities. Even the Sacred Light wouldn’t be able to save you now~”

After saying that, in a flash, she appeared right before me. With a wave her right hand…

My vision blurred in an instant, and everything turned into darkness.

You have died.

Side Questline: Demon World Tour
Quest 1: Predicament Escape [Failed]

Time of Revival: 03: 00: 00

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  1. starlight barricade says:

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    I do hope he tells everyone where he got that light grenade from. Lanya would certainly appreciate the referral.

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