Vol. 4 Chapter 51: Bloodthirsty Magical Beast



Two different types of cries came from the direction the monster flew to. Immediately after, countless crashing sounds could be heard in the distance. The crashing sounds became louder, and in the next second, a monster with two heads fell the countless trees at the side, roaring as it rushed towards the carriages!

Only at this time did I noticed that the monster was not a giant eagle, but a creature similar to a gryphon. It has a body similar to a lion, with wings grown on its back. Not only that, this creature even has two heads; a lion’s and an eagle’s… Are you a synthesized beast?

Then, at this moment, I saw the name on its head. It was too high up in the sky earlier, so obviously, in that situation, it was impossible to have a look at his name.

Extreme Evil – Quickbrake Gryphon
LV 40

Are you actually a new creature created by alchemists, with the purpose of defeating modified humans?

Just joking. In this world, there’s countless of weird creatures, especially in the Abyss… where even the common citizens were the hybrids of devils or monsters.

But why did such a monster appear at a road between two cities? This road completely avoids the territories of various strong monsters, and the Empire’s armies clear the monsters near this road frequently, so how did a monster like this…

“Strong Arcane – Shattering Quake!”

While I was in deep thoughts, Odin stomped heavily onto the ground, countless pieces of rocks and sand scattered in the air, as his body rushed towards the gryphon like a cannonball!

Bur rather than rushing towards it, it looked more like he was trying to crash into it. With a loud bang, he crashed into the gryphon like a meteor!

A strong red light flashed, and before my eyes were able to adapt to the strong light, a wave of hot air swept past, pushing my body into the air!

“Light Steps!”

I did a somersault in the air, and after getting control of my body, I landed onto the branch of a tree nearby. I looked towards the earlier position of the gryphon, and realized a large crater was formed there. With a heavy mace in his hands, Odin was thrown onto the ground, while the gryphon was also pushed back by the earlier impact. The entire ground in front of it was filled with the claw marks it left from trying to stabilizing its body.


But that attack did not do much at all. Shaking its heads about, cries that was more sonorous than before was emitted from its mouths. At the same time, its skin which was initially orange in color like a lion emitted a gold luster.

Is it… enraged?

Is this Monster Hunter!?

“Everyone, retreat! I will buy you guys some time! You guys, hurry up and flee with the merchant group!”

Sai shouted. Taking out his broadsword, he charged towards the gryphon.

…At the same time, the three other A-Rank mercenaries, and Uncle Gabriel, charged towards it. If I were to give an honest opinion, other than Uncle Gabriel, basically no one else here is capable of battling this monster, but…

Currently, Uncle Gabriel can’t use his full strength either, otherwise, his identity as a ‘retired priest’ will be blown.

Seeing that the merchant group were beginning to leave, I nodded towards Dale, and then we charged towards the forest at the side.

“Big brother, are we going to battle with that monster?”

The moment we stopped at a clearing in the forest, Oyado’s figure suddenly appeared behind the tree which was in front of us.

And currently, her name and titles were currently hidden! This hiding ability of hers is almost too overpowered!

“Oyado, if you continue to act this way, one day, I might suffer from a heart attack, you know.”

“Un? Why?”

“Next time, before you appear, remember to give a small greeting… or say something before you act. If you suddenly appear like that, it will scare the living daylights out of people.”

“Sorry, sorry~ I will pay attention in the future… Big brother, hurry and dodge!”

The moment she shouted these words, I saw my attack warning flash as well!

Well~ Since there aren’t anyone watching us, let’s go all out!

“Triple Ice Totems!!!”

Three blue magical formations flashed beneath our feet. The ice totems that I have not seen for a long time raised us up in the air, while a golden fireball directly struck the back of the ice totems, causing them to instantly melt away.

But currently, we were already in the air, so destroying the totems no longer mattered.

“We’re going, you two!”


“Un, big brother~”

The two responded at the same time, and then, started to move.

With a spin, Oyado suddenly disappeared in the air, while Dale spread out his hands, a giant glider actually appeared on his back!

Did you watch too much of Magic Kaito, or did you play too much of Assassin’s Creed?

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway.

“Frozen Light!”

A giant magic formation appeared in front of my hand, and countless ice magic particles speedily gathered into the center of the formation, to the point where they were visible to the naked eye. Then, with a sudden flash, a blue giant pillar of light fired towards gryphon in the air!


Other than the first strike which brought its HP down by 5,000, the rest of the blast only decreased its HP by 300 every second. But my Frozen Light was aimed directly at its wings, and in an instant, its wings froze.


Its body immediately fell to the ground, but it did not suffer any damage from the impact of the ball. A giant fireball of about a meter in diameter flew directly towards me!

“Science is the strongest!”

A ray of lightning flashed past me, and accurately struck down the fireball in the air. At the same time, Oyado appeared at the back of the gryphon, and was facing directly at the gryphon’s neck.

“Arcane – Mystery of Jack – Unlimited Rip!”

Countless red sword shadows flashed across its neck, red blood with a golden luster splurt out from the wounds created at its neck.


But it did not bleed for long. After a golden flash of light, the wounds on the gryphon’s neck actually closed!

Damn it. It actually still has 148.726 HP. Even after being attacked by so many skills, it’s HP actually did not drop to more than a half?

“Hey hey! Your opponent is right here! Eat this! Super Arcane – Fury of the Earth – Shattering Slash!”

While the gryphon was preoccupied with Oyado, Nedo quickly jumped onto the back of the gryphon, and hacked onto one of its wing!

“Super Arcane – Heaven’s Wrath!”

“Super Arcane – Thorn Piercer!”

Sai and Domitius who were at two separate sides unleashed their finishing moves at the same time as well. Three different attacks smashed onto the gryphon’s body, causing another huge explosion!

However, before this, I had already tapped on all three of my speed buffs, as I charged out of the explosion radius!


Seeing this number flashing above the gryphon’s head, I heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, we were able to get its HP down to a half… Eh?

However, after the smoke dispersed, my heartbeat started accelerating again!

Before we even realized it, the gryphon had already returned to the air, and Sai and Domitius were caught in its two eagle-like claws!

And in its mouths… Nedo who was at its back earlier, was being bitten by both of its heads at the same time, and then…


A mist of blood dispersed in the air, and several bloody pieces of his body fell from the sky. As for the rest of his body, crunching sounds could be heard from the monster’s mouths, as those pieces of his body entered the monster’s stomach.


I could hear Dale, who was beside me, taking in a cold breath.

“This bastard actually has a second form as well?”

“Seems so… Hey hey, it’s time to get serious!”

“Ah… Ah.”

Dale muttered as he nodded his head. Then, he took out his staff.

“Let’s go!”


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42 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 51: Bloodthirsty Magical Beast

      • jacobpaige says:

        at first it did take forever, then he got better at it and could do it almost instantly. Same goes for most of his powered attacks.

        But that’s a slightly separate issue from the length of the fights, which were always stretched by at least 2 episodes due to “charging up” and/or needless exposition. Any similarly powered protagonist that preferred to fight efficiently and hated talking could have killed every single person in that universe without them being able to fight back at all as they desperately tried to tell him/her their life stories (an absolute prerequisite before they can use their final forms/”true power”).


  1. deadlybell says:

    lol he has to go super fir but we need someone to die first…… to imitate krillin ……. not oyado shes too cute……. maybe a random adventurer


    • richzter says:

      u cant make dale be fir’s krillin..

      fir wont be that mad because he know dale cam resurrect by losing a level..

      un.. u guys probably dont know that goku thought krillin cannot be revived again so he snapped..

      then later he found put furunga doesnt have restriction like shenron


      • deadlybell says:

        i know that goku thought he couldnt be revived, if i didnt my sister would kill me XD we both grew up watching dragon ball ect she has every single episode on VHS, DVD,and collectors sets as well as every game ever made even japanese only ones and every figure they ever released , she also collects other stuff too but her DB/Z ect collection is scary~ …. i-its not l-like im jealous or anything b-baka~


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