[News] July Update Number Two!

Hello, yet another announcement!

So uhh, yeah. If you didn’t know, I had a domain name up that came with the Premium WordPress.com upgrade earlier today. However, after fiddling with it, WordPress.com Premium doesn’t really have much of the customization features that I want.

So I decided to cancel, transfer to WordPress.org and get a host. But before the transfer, I’m going to wait for the refund for the Premium membership to come back to me, else everything will get a little messy on my side.

Meanwhile, seeing that I have somehow managed to keep up with constant releases again, I have re-enabled my donation page. So, if you like my work so far, and wish to further support me, you can do so by buying me a coffee! Not only that, in order to acknowledge all of the people who have donated to me so far, I have also made a Hall of Fame for all of you! The Hall of Fame looks a little lack-luster right now, but I will make more adjustments after I get the host and stuff.

So yeah, that’s all!

Oh wait!

This is a little shout-out for ExtantVisions, a friend of mine. He’s an aspiring web-novel writer, and is currently working on a web-novel called Lily Ex Machina. So, if you like Yuri, lolis, mechas, gore, and science-jargon mumbo jumbo, visit this link here: http://extantvisions.com/

Apparently, he likes lolis, especially Jack the Ripper from the Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Grand Order series. So, whenever he posts up a new chapter, you guys might want to flood him with pictures of her to show him some support!

Yeah, that’s about it! Till next time~!

10 thoughts on “[News] July Update Number Two!

  1. White Head Ice Prince says:

    I would love to buy you a cup of coffee and chat while drinking cause I’m too afraid to do that in RL. Unfortunately, I myself am nearly broke and have no idea how to perform an online transaction thus I shall remain a shameless leecher and support you with my not so glib toungue.

    You’re awesome scrya ! Thank you very much for translating for us !!

    Btw, I’ve always wondered but how do you pronounce “Scrya”
    English isn’t really my mother tongue….


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