Volume 2

Happy, Chaotic and Unbearable School Life

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Chapter 01: The Start of a Happy Academy Life
Chapter 02: I’m Frustrated with my School Life
Chapter 03: Don’t Complain the Lack of Main Quests, Side Quests May Make You Cry
Chapter 04: Princess Michelle
Chapter 05: Aliyah’s Return!
Chapter 06: Quarrel Between Kids are so Annoying!
Chapter 07: I Accidentally… Died
Chapter 08: I Can’t Even Rest in Peace
Chapter 09: There’s No Point in Using Heals on a Dead Person
Chapter 10: It’s Tough to be Human
Chapter 11: Since I’m no Longer Human, I Feel that I Lost my Human Rights
Chapter 12: To Get Stronger, I Can Only Grind Some Levels
Chapter 13: Even Though I Don’t Understand Her, She Seems Pretty Strong
Chapter 14: Everyone Has Their Own Dark History
Chapter 15: Entering the Forces of Evil
Chapter 16: The Saint Church and The Dark Mantle
Chapter 17: Happy Live Exercise
Chapter 18: Arcane Live Exercise
Chapter 19: Exploring in the Live Exercise
Chapter 20: Slow Travelling Live Exercise
Chapter 21: Dark Green Live Exercise
Chapter 22: EXP Grinding Live Exercise
Chapter 23: Fleeing Live Exercise
Chapter 24: Mysterious Live Exercise
Chapter 25: Imagining About Elves During the Live Exercise
Chapter 26: Difficult Future in the Live Exercise
Chapter 27: A Slow Day in the Live Exercise
Chapter 28: Cute Live Exercise
Chapter 29: Convenient Live Exercise
Chapter 30: Lucifer Live Exercise
Chapter 31: Shocking Live Exercise
Chapter 32: Many Deaths in this Live Exercise
Chapter 33: Price-Tagged Live Exercise
Chapter 34: Unfortunate Live Exercise
Chapter 35: Assassination Live Exercise
Chapter 36: Boring Live Exercise
Chapter 37: Phantom Live Exercise
Chapter 38: Leveling Up in this Live Exercise
Chapter 39: Beneficial Live Exercise
Chapter 40: Bittersweet Live Exercise

Titles are subjected to changes.

12 thoughts on “Volume 2

  1. Killica says:

    The title are killing me!! It looks like interesting, and only fuels my urge to read… too bad it’s not translated yet T T.


  2. Onizuka says:

    thanks for the great translation, just a slight correction on the page format, “Chapter 14” is on the same line as “chapter 13”.

    looking forward to the next chapter (18)


    • Scrya says:

      You can view them by highlighting beside the chapter number. This is to help prevent people who doesn’t like spoilers from looking at future titles.


  3. flame says:

    @Scrya I don’t want this to come across as me being ungrateful for what you do but… why is it that the PDF never gets a cover… as a fan of the pdf format.. not a big deal thought i’d bring it up…anyway I just added the cover to my copy of your pdf.. thanks again… looking forward to volume 3! (it seems the books just get longer and longer… we know how much you love long chapters over short chapters : p)


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