Vol. 2 Chapter 18: Arcane Live Exercise

From my observations in the past month, I have a firm understanding on what the colors of the people’s names represent.

Generally, people’s names stayed white in color. However, this isn’t a good thing. Because, if the target is behind a white wall, then I wouldn’t be able to detect him at all. After all, it’s impossible to hover my mouse over to the target and highlight his figure. If I can actually do that, then I must really thank the system.

Unfortunately, reality is cruel.

And then, there are the yellow names. I had seen this color from guards. When they see me from afar, their names will turn yellow. This means that the target is being vigilant, and is keeping a watchful eye on me. Once I identified myself, the name will revert back to white.

The third type is red.

After going through a series of battles, I came into conclusion that red names will only appear under two circumstances.

Firstly, the name will only change into red when the person initiates an attack towards me. The moment the person begins his attack or chant, the change will occur, and it doesn’t matter whether if he is able to hit me accurately or not.

Because of this system, I managed to benefit quite a lot from it. If hidden enemies were to attack me from afar, once they start to take their aim at me, their names will instantly turn red, and my warning system will immediately mark him with a red arrow. As long as I pay attention, it’s virtually impossible for sneak attacks to occur.

Secondly, it happens when the target harbors a killing intent. That’s right, it’s when people harbor the intentions to kill me. The name will continue to stay red until the target dissipates his intent.

It’s similar to those theft or sneaking games, where the NPCs will be on high alert when they spot you, and will only revert back when they confirmed that it was safe.

Of course, there also two other unique colors, green and blue.

Names will only turn green when the target is in your party, and they will only turn blue when the target is in the same guild. Just like how Falan’s name is now blue, since I joined the ‘Momiji Secret Society’.

Speaking of which, there’s a very interesting setting with green names. No damage could be dealt to party members. Even if magic of the highest class was used, it will still be ineffective, other than Healing or Buff magic skills.

It’s the same principle as how it’s not possible for me to be harmed by my own magic.

However, the current situation is very obvious. The surrounding people here are harboring intents of killing us, or at the very least, me.

“After all, since everyone here is doing their best to win, they are a little agitated.”

“I hope it’s just that…”

Or else my life will definitely be in danger.

“Why don’t we form a team? After all, there’s ten Crystal Hearts. If we were to form a team, we could probably do much better than when we’re alone, combat-wise.”

“Eh? You don’t mind forming a team with me?”

Shir’s eyes began to sparkle in an instant.

“Of course, I don’t mind! Your combat techniques and my magical knowledge, if it’s both of us, we will definitely be able to find the Crystal Hearts!”

Shir Vologue joined your party.
Wind Resistance increased by 5%.

When I saw the notification, Shir’s name turned green. I then looked at my surroundings once again.

The rest of the students also began to form groups, and most of them were split into their respective elemental types.

In this live exercise, there’s only one Ice Magician and Wind Magician participating, and that’s me and Shir respectively. And that’s only because it’s mandatory for every class to have at least one representative, and the rest of the slots were taken by nobles.

Shir was originally a noble, so it wasn’t a big problem. However, I’m not. Actually, Princess Michelle was invited as well, but she said the danger involved was greater than the benefits from participating, and hence she refused.

Thus, I’m the sole representative from the Ice Class.

There are a total of five Fire Magicians, four Water Magicians, five Earth Magicians, five Lightning Magicians, five Plant Magicians, and four Summoners. Other than a single lightning user joining the fire team, and a wood user joining the group of summoners, the rest are all teamed up in their respective elemental types… Wait a minute, that wood user didn’t seem to have joined the summoner group, rather, someone left the team and ran straight into the forest!

Weird, what’s happening? The remaining summoners did not seem to mind it either, as they just looked at the guy as he entered the forest.

Originally, I wanted to take a look at his name, so as to prevent being attacked by an unknown enemy. However, his figure was already too far into the forest, and I couldn’t make clear of his name.

However, the moment he entered the forest, his name reverted back into white.

And somehow, at that moment, I could see a strange wording… Race?

This word would only appear under an unique circumstance, and that’s when the target is not human!

Strange, there were actually people of other races in the academy? Though, I had never seen such people before.

Or was it because we never had the chance to meet?

After all, the academy is rather large. If he usually appeared somewhere on the other side of the academy, then it would be normal for us to to not bump into each other.

Do I have to actually be like the protagonist in Tr*ils of the Sky? Where I have to talk to every single NPC to look for hidden quests and weird magazines? Unless the system rewards me with a legendary equipment, I won’t even consider doing it.

“What are you looking at?”

Shir, who was beside me, tapped on my shoulder as he asked. After that, he pointed to the side of the airship.

I shifted my sight to where he was pointing, and I realized that the supervising teachers were calling us to assemble at their location.

Once again, I looked towards the direction where the summoner left for the forest. However, I could no longer see his name.

Oh well, I will just give him up for now. I will know him if I managed to spot him later, right?

However, the situation wasn’t how I predicted it to be. When all the students assembled, the total number of students illogically numbered 30!

And this was a number that was checked by the teacher, hence there were no tricks to it.

In other words, there were initially 30 students in this exercise, but the person who ran out was not among the 30 students here!

Interesting, looks like there will be several interesting things that’s going to happen in this live exercise. That would mean loads of side quests, and EXP!

However, it would be good if the system would hint me whenever I receive a quest, like a pop-up quest window. Or else, I wouldn’t know how to proceed forward.

And what the supervising teachers were telling us were about the same as what Shir explained to me. To put it simply, we have to search for the locations of the Crystal Hearts. Unfortunately, this kind of item searching game isn’t my specialty.

However, in quests like this, the location of the quest item would usually be glowing, or there would be indirect hints regarding its location.

Though, in actual fact, I brought an interesting item. I believe that I will have the chance to use it sometime later.

“Let’s go, I…”

Just when I was about to give Shir the signal to leave, a notification screen popped out.

Side Quest: Extra-curricular Live Exercise

Quest Objective:
Find a Crystal Heart for each party member.

Additional Objectives:
1. Find ‘The 99 Trials’.
2. Find the mysterious person. (Required to unlock other side quests)

Reward: 20,000 EXP
Additional Rewards: Unknown

I couldn’t keep my cool when I saw this notification. After all, it was only just earlier that I tsukkomi’d that there were no hints for the quest.

God, are you spying on me?

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