So What if it’s an RPG World!? (Hiatus)

So What if It’s an RPG World!? is a chinese web-novel published on sfacg, and is written by 七夜凯文. The story is a little fast-paced at the start, where readers may lose track of what’s going on in the beginning few chapters, however, things slow down, and settle in later on. It’s a good light read with often references to various games and anime.

[Fast-paced] [RPG] [Harem] [Comedy] [Transported to Another World] [Lolis] [Lolis Everywhere] [World-chan]

On a certain day, Lin Fir, was transported into a different world, with only some of his memories kept intact. And, to his surprise, the world was filled with many RPG elements! Watch him get trolled by the system, as he tries to live in this RPG world and find the reason why he and some other people like him, were transported into this weird world.

Volume 1: [PDF Download] [EPUB Download]
Volume 2: [PDF Download] [EPUB Download]
Volume 3: [PDF Download] [EPUB Download]
Volume 4: [PDF Download] [EPUB Download]
Volume 5: [PDF Download] [EPUB Download]
Volume 6: [PDF Download] [EPUB Download]
Volume 7: [PDF Download] [EPUB Download]
Volume 8: [PDF Download] [EPUB Download]

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Volume 1
So What If It’s an RPG World?

Volume 2
Fun, Chaotic and Unbearable School Life

Volume 3
Equipment as Prize for the Annual Tournament?

Volume 4
Princess Michelle and the Ice Empire

Volume 5
Academy Renewal

Volume 6
The Eastern Continent

Volume 7
The Hero’s Choice

Volume 8
Academy, Shine!

Volume 9