[My Disciple Died Yet Again] Glossary


Zhu Yao
Protagonist. She’s 28 years old at the beginning of the story. (C001)

Wang Xuzhi
Little Wimp. Possesses the Fire Heavenly Spirit Vein. (C001)

Xiao Yi
Little beggar. The protagonist of the first world Zhu Yao arrived in. (C002)

Li Lin
The one who brought Zhu Yao to Ancient Hill Sect. (C003)

Chen Ying
The girl who spoke with Zhu Yao when she first arrived at the sect. (C004)

Yu Yan
Master of Zhu Yao. The number one practitioner in the cultivation world, who had cultivated for more than ten thousand years. (C005)

Zi Mo
Sect Master of Ancient Hill Sect. (C004)

Hong Chou
Mountain Lord of Medicine Mountain. The woman Zhu Yao offended the moment she entered the sect. (C004)

Ling Long
Xiao Yi’s childhood friend in Ancient Hill Sect. Xiao Yi’s Harem Member No. 1 (C010)

Little Fatty Zhao
The kid who bullied Ling Long, and got thrashed by Xiao Yi in the end. (C010)

Du Yuanchen
Forth disciple of Zi Mo. (C016)

Zi Yuan
Mountain Lord of Weapon Mountain. (C017)

Zhao Yuanxiu
Father of Little Fatty Zhao, Zi Yuan’s first disciple. (C017)

Yi Ran
One of the three Demigods, excluding Yu Yan, in Ancient Hill Sect. (C025)

Feng Yi
One of the three Demigods, excluding Yu Yan, in Ancient Hill Sect. Also the only female Demigod currently in the cultivation world. Took Xiao Yi in as her personal succeeding disciple. (C025)

Yan Yuehong
Zi Mo’s third disciple. Also known as Little Three. (C026)

Su Zi
A girl who was placed in the same team as Zhu Yao for the outfield training. Xiao Yi’s Harem Member No. 2 (C030)

Levels of Cultivation

The first step. 

Building of one’s foundation in cultivation.

Forming of one’s Azoth Core.

Nascent Soul
Nourishing of one’s Divine Sense.

The last stage before Deityhood.

Breaking through a human’s boundaries to become a Deity.