Volume 1

So What If It’s an RPG World?

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Chapter 01: This Violent Girl is Scary!
Chapter 02: Of Course, You Still Need to Complete Quests in an RPG
Chapter 03: There’s No Explanation on How to Leave this Village at All
Chapter 04: Why did I Encounter a Robbery the Moment I Went Outside?
Chapter 05: Why not Just Eat Whatever That’s Already Served?
Chapter 06: Even After Entering the City, Difficulties Still Lies Ahead
Chapter 07: A World Where Only a Neet Could Understand
Chapter 08: Sometimes, Things Don’t Go As Planned
Chapter 09: A Magician Sure is Convenient
Chapter 10: Pioneering is a Painful Process
Chapter 11: As I Thought, Hierarchy and Stuffs are Not Fun at All
Chapter 12: King? Demon King?
Chapter 13: Completing a Main Quest Sure Gives High Rewards
Chapter 14: This Guy is a Chuunibyou Magician
Chapter 15: It Seems I Can Learn Any Magic
Chapter 16: Was this Dungeon Meant to be an Amusement Park?
Chapter 17: I Hate Entering Dungeons Without Prior Investigation
Chapter 18: Why Did this Change from a Comedy to an Action Series?
Chapter 19: It’s Obligatory for the Elder to Lead the Younger
Chapter 20: Even If it’s Sil**t Hill, You Still Have to Hand Me Some Equipment
Chapter 21: There Should be an Exit in this Mysterious Hospital
Chapter 22: A Human Head was Stolen?
Chapter 23: Change in the World
Chapter 24: First Meeting with the School’s Strongest Trio
Chapter 25: With Money, People Will Even Sell You Love Potions
Chapter 26: Automatic Tracking is Still the Best
Chapter 27: If I Have Nothing to Offer, I Need to Work
Chapter 28: Even Though It’s Just an RPG World