Vol. 1 Chapter 17: I Hate Entering Unexplored Dungeons

After moving forward for about half a minute, a row of weirdly designed doors appeared before us, and according to my RPG knowledge, if I’m not wrong, one of them should be the instance dungeon’s entrance.

Geez, why did it have to be the type that’s hard to immediately distinguish!? It would have been better if it was a riddle or something. The only way in is to bet our luck, and it’s so troublesome!

“Let’s go.”

Dale led me to one of the doors in the middle.

“How do you know the correct door?”

“Obviously, I tried them one by one. This is already quite an easy dungeon design. Every wrong door will spawn a similar monster as the one earlier. I should let you know that the first time I was here, I was only level 11. Even if it was that monster from earlier, it took me half an hour to kill it then, and I had to use several recovery potions.”

So this guy has been grinding this dungeon with potions? That is some god-like perseverance…

“So you’re implying the monsters further in are much stronger?”

Just to prepare myself, I asked him.

“On the second floor, the monsters there are even stronger than me.”

They are actually stronger than Dale? What the hell is that? Dale is a level 15 existence. If it’s a monster that exceeds level 15, then wouldn’t I simply turn into food for the monsters there?

“Fortunately, this dungeon is still within the compounds of the capital. When you die, theoretically, you should resurrect at the cathedral. I guess this is a benefit of a low level dungeon.”

“Hey hey hey, that’s still wrong right? Even if we resurrect, what happens to our previous body? Will it be transferred instantly? Or will only the soul leave the body? If the body remains, wouldn’t it be susceptible to different kind of hardcore and shameful plays?

If it’s just a single person, it will still be fine. However, if a party is formed, and you see your party members get OOXX by monsters, you will definite puke, right?


I’m not implying anything with the OOXX, however, it could still happen.

“This is definitely not for low level players right… This is just too much!”

I objected.

“Hahaha, if you don’t work, you won’t get anything in return. According to the map, this dungeon has three floors. If we are able to reach the last room, we should be able to get some strong equipment.”

“Eh, what’s with this situation where we don’t have any prior information on this dungeon! You should know that after playing so many games, I absolutely hate going into boss-runs without any prior knowledge on them! This is just too saddening and terrible!”

Previously, when me and my friends ventured into a newly released dungeon in a game, we did not sleep for three days and three nights, and the Gaming Cafe’s boss almost had to send us to the hospital…


However, in this case, no matter what, I will be sent to the hospital, right? At least, that’s how I currently feel.

However, since we’re able to resurrect in the cathedral, then is there still a hospital in this world? Or are we the only ones that can be resurrected?

No, if that’s the case, where did Dale get his Resurrection Scroll from? Unless he did not buy it from a shop?

“Dale, where did you get your resurrection scroll?”

“Resurrection scroll?”

While Dale was leading the way, he turned over to face me.

“It can only be made by synthesis. Also, in this world, there’s no such item. Only people like us can use it. You should have bought some items before right? If we were to converse with them normally, we can only get daily necessities. However, if we use our “Conversation” function, and choose to buy items, then the selection of items available changes. Speaking of which, I did not buy the scroll itself. I “conversed” with a certain weird man in an alley, and bought its recipe from him.”

Hey hey hey, I thought that we can only use “Conversation” to buy our stuffs. So we can actually just directly ask them for their wares? So previously, when the storekeeper promised to cut down his prices, but the item window did not show it, it was because of this?

“Hey, have you tried “conversing” with someone when you’re engaging him in battle?”


Dale was in a deep thought for a moment, and then suddenly replied.

“Oh right! If we were to enter a “conversation”, then the opposing party would have stopped attacking! Why did I not think of that!”

“So you’re saying you haven’t tried it yet?”

“Ah… you’re right. Or maybe you can’t actually do it. However, this isn’t a bad tip, let’s try it out next time!”

However, if it’s really happens, then it’s a little illogical… Also, if we were to enter a “conversation”, how would the people at the sides see it?

I can’t imagine it at all. However, I could probably find out the answer later on.

Suddenly, Dale stopped his footsteps. I instantly bumped into his back, and asked.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?”


Dale furrowed his brows as he looked at me.

“The dungeon’s pathways seemed to have changed…”



Dale did not say anything else, and pointed at the pathway in front.

When I looked over, all I could see was a dead end. Other than a wall blocking our way, there was nothing else.

“What is going on!?”

However, Dale had a saddened expression. It seems that he did not know either.

And in that instant, cracks appeared in the right wall. Dale grabbed onto me, and without looking back, he ran the way we came from.

In the next second, a similar Soft Soil Worm appeared from the wall. It opened its smelly mouth as it rushed towards us.

“Hurry and run! In the dungeon, it’s impossible to judge its attack pattern! If we don’t run, we will definitely be in a pinch!”

From the way Dale was putting it, it was definitely not a joke. Of course, that Soft Soil Worm would not joke with us either.

In other words…

We’re running for our lives!

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