Vol. 1 Prologue

“Hello, this HP potion costs 5 gold, thank you for your patronage.”

“Can’t it be a little bit cheaper? After all, I already bought 30 of these HP potions here already…”

“Hello, this HP potion costs 5 gold, thank you for your patronage.”

“Hey, the moment I buy items from you, you become an NPC. Weren’t we chatting merrily just a while ago?”

“Hello, this -”

“Ok, enough!”

I moved back a step, Uncle Kane’s forced smile disappears, and returned to normal.

Of course, by ‘returning to normal’, I meant returning to how a person normally behaves.

“Hi Fir! Are you happy with the goods?”

“… It’s ok, see you later.”

“Remember to visit again!”


I nodded and left the shopping district.

What a joke! I’m never going back there again!

I must find a way to leave this starting village, and reach the next town, or else these people will really drive me crazy!

My name’s Lin Fir, and of course, it’s not my real name. However, the moment I came into this world, I have already forgotten my actual name. Lin Fir, this weird name had become my new name.

However, other than my name, the rest of my memories are intact, and thus I’m a little confused.

Ah, this place is called Raya Continent. However, what’s laughable is that I could not find anything similar to that of a map that would allow me to view this entire world.

Actually, to my surprise, this place is called Beginners’ Village.

At the same time, the residents here are all weird. Usually, I can speak to them normally, but whenever we engage in specific conversations, they would turn into NPCs that could only repeat the same sentences.

This is horrible, absolutely horrible! Just where in the world have I landed onto!

“Hey, want to earn some small cash? Do you know how to leave this village?”

Just when I was lamenting, a voice called out to me.

I turned around, what I saw before me was a girl who was not even my chest-height. She wore a black light armor, and had two short swords on her back. The girl with the shining white twintails furrowed her eyebrows as she looked at me.

“You’re not the same as the rest of the NPCs that can only stay in the same place, are you?”

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