Arc 3

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Chapter 62: Identity Verification
Chapter 63: Making a Fool Out of a Beast Without Discussion
Chapter 64: The Stuck Cultivation
Chapter 65: Nascent Soul Formation Period
Chapter 66: Admitting into Ancient Hill Sect Once Again
Chapter 67: Promotion Ceremony
Chapter 68: Cat Fight When There’s Nothing to Do
Chapter 69: Little Rescue Squad
Chapter 70: The Queen Regnant
Chapter 71: Could Not be Described
Chapter 72: Three Heads, Four Heads, are Better than One
Chapter 73: Hehe, Ancient Secret Technique
Chapter 74: I Accidentally Fooled You
Chapter 75: Optic Fiber-Like Cultivation
Chapter 76: Crowd of Completely Unaware Onlookers
Chapter 77: Don’t Worry, Leave it to Me
Chapter 78: Hu Hansan has Returned
Chapter 79: The Sect Master’s Thoughts
Chapter 80: Big Sis, Don’t Scare Me
Chapter 81: I Actually Like Men
Chapter 82: Disciple, Come, Let’s do an Experiment
Chapter 83: Male BUG Female BUG
Chapter 84: Xiao Yi’s Godly Logic
Chapter 85: A Small Universal Outbreak
Chapter 86: The First Cannon Fodder