[Disciple] Chapter 86

Chapter 86: The First Cannon Fodder

Zhu Yao still maintained that dazed look, as though she could no longer hear anything or anyone at all.

Yet, from all around, more and more things were being swept into this outbreak, and from the looks of it, it was becoming even more rampant.

A cold voice, suddenly sounded from the horizon.

“Yu Wang!”

The dazed Zhu Yao suddenly jolted, and all of the anomaly, stopped at that very instant. She turned her head blankly, as she looked at that white figure, who looked as though he was walking over step by step from the far horizon.

Bit by bit, his figure slowly showed itself in her eyes, until that person raised his hand, and lightly pressed it on her head.

“Mas… ter.” As though her strings had been reattached, tears began to fall, drop by drop.

Yu Yan squatted down, hugged her in his embrace, and said in a low voice. “Don’t cry.”

As though she had been reminded of it, Zhu Yao hugged his neck, and burst out in tears. With her loudest voice, she screamed out with all her might. As though she wanted to cry out her lifetime worth of tears.

“Little wimp… little wimp…”

“I know, I know.” Yu Yan stroked her head, and said with the gentlest voice he ever had in his whole life.

“I don’t want to kill people… I have never thought of that before… Over there, ever since we’re young, our teachers teach us, to be kind, to be brave, to be good people…”

“Mn, I believe you.”

“But… I really can’t hold it in any longer. I wish to destroy everything! Everything!”

“Be obedient, you’re tired, sleep.”

Yu Yan raised his head and looked towards the nearby Sesame. Understanding his thoughts, in a flash, its figure entered Zhu Yao’s divine sense.

“Master, I’m so upset…” Her voice sank, she seemed to be extremely tired out.

Then, he lifted her hand, and circulated his spiritual energy, erasing the curse that was imprinted on it.

“Sleep, master will come to wake you up.”

Zhu Yao simply felt a sudden giddiness, and her vision instantly blackened.

At that moment, she saw that familiar conversation window.

Zhu Yao was stunned for quite a while, and simply felt her mind was completely blank. After a long while, she sighed in hindsight. So she was already dead quite some time ago.

That was understandable. For someone who was so afraid of pain like her, how could she endure so many days of brutal torture? Most probably, she was already tortured to death a few days ago. Xiao Yi and Rui Yu had simply prevented her from using that so-called ‘divine item’ to “takeover” someone’s body again.

They sealed her soul in her body, and it was unable to come out. However, how could they have known that she had never taken over anyone’s body? Although she was unclear of the reason, for every body she resurrected into, basically none of them had a former owner. As though those bodies had appeared out of thin air.

Zhu Yao looked at that conversation window. Probably because it knew that her mood wasn’t good, the notification wasn’t as provocative as the previous two times.

There was only a single, simple sentence written.

Do you wish to resurrect?

Of course, there was only a single option, “Yes”.

Sighing deeply, Zhu Yao felt as though she was about to suffocate from that deep sorrow pressing down on her in the depths of her heart. “I’m feeling very uncomfortable, I want to calm down for a moment. Is that possible?”

The conversation window paused for a moment. However, it did not behave like it did in the past, refreshing itself wildly right after receiving her objection. Rather, it shook about, and the words on it disappeared. A single, simple word replaced them.


“Thank you.”

She gave her thanks, and then, that conversation window disappeared. The view in front of her changed to the scene at the moment after her death. She looked at it a little numbly.

When Xiao Yi saw that his matters had been exposed, naturally, he wanted to run.

Yu Yan rooted the two of them to the ground.

Feng Yi, however, appeared at this moment. Zhu Yao thought that she was here to save her disciple, however, she looked straight at the corpse in Yu Yan’s hands, her eyes were filled with sorrow.

In the next instant, she actually raised her hand and slapped Xiao Yi. Naturally, he had no strength to resist.

“Master~” Xiao Yi’s face was filled with disbelief, as though he had never expected that his beloved and respected master would act against him.

“You betrayed the sect, and killed a fellow member of the same sect. You have even hooked yourself with a heretic practitioner. As of today, you’re no longer a disciple of mine.” Feng Yi once again waved her hand, erasing the mark of a personal succeeding disciple on his forehead, and also, forcefully retrieving the Metal Spirit from his body.

“They forced me!” Xiao Yi clenched his teeth, and wanted to resist, however, he was pressed strongly onto the ground by Yu Yan’s pressure. Adding that in that outbreak earlier, the Metal Spirit had strangely wanted to charge out of his body in the first place, hence currently, retrieving it was an easy feat.

The red Metal Spirit struggled a bit in Feng Yi’s hands, as though it wanted to return to Xiao Yi’s body. Feng Yi laughed coldly. “The Metal Spirit is supposed to be purest of gold in color, yet in your hands, it had turned into a sinister red. Only someone who possesses the quality of a devil is able to bring up such a Metal Spirit. Did someone else force you to do that as well?”

Xiao Yi was startled, as though he had just realized this problem. He had always thought that the color of the Metal Spirit was irregular, and believed that it turned out this way because it had taken his blood, and recognized him as its owner. The quality of a devil? How could he possess the quality of a devil?

Feng Yi no longer bothered to look at him, hugged her fist, and spoke to Yu Yan. “Senior-martial uncle Yu Yan, he killed a fellow member of the same sect, a crime of the extremely heinous degree. Now, I shall hand him and the Metal Spirit to senior-martial uncle, and have senior-martial uncle pass the verdict.”

Yu Yan reached his hand out to take the Metal Spirit from her hands. Frowning, he circulated his spiritual energy and strongly grasped it. Flashes of lightning appeared in his hand, in an instant, the Metal Spirit turned into countless of golden light particles, and disappeared. A devil-corrupted Metal Spirit could not be left in the world, so he allowed it to return to the normal metal spiritual energy flow.

At the instant when the Metal Spirit disappeared, the BUG on Xiao Yi’s face instantly disappeared without a trace as well.

After Yu Yan dealt with the Metal Spirit, he turned his head towards Xiao Yi’s direction, his expression instantly turned as cold as ice. Taking a deep breath, as though he was strongly suppressing the anger in his heart, he waved his hand, and a ray of white light struck into Xiao Yi’s body. Xiao Yi simply felt the spiritual energy in his body dispersing, and he was no longer able to accumulate them.

“I have already destroyed his Spiritual Vein and Dantian, henceforth, there’s no possibility of him ever cultivating into a deity.” That stupid disciple of his had always been soft, and could not bear to take lives. If he were to kill him now, once she regained her senses, she might regret it. “As for that heretic practitioner, similarly, her cultivation has been dispersed. Hand her over to Zi Mo to deal with.”

After saying that, he once again looked at the breathless Zhu Yao in his embrace. In a flash, his figure disappeared.

Zhu Yao took a deep breath. Xiao Yi was no longer a BUG, so her mission was accomplished. However, she was unable to feel happy in her heart at all.

Suddenly, the scenery in front of her changed once again. What appeared was a mountain and lush green fields. Beneath the mountain, there were plots of farmland which she was rather familiar with.

Wasn’t that the little mountain village she was at when she crossed over?

“Stop there, you stinky brat, let’s see where you will run off to!” A man was waving a small wooden pole as he charged out of the house, chasing after a child, who was running around the fields.

That was Doctor Wang!

Zhu Yao jolted. Then that person he’s chasing was…

She looked towards that little child, and as expected, it was Wang Xuzhi when she was young. Zhu Yao was agitated, and wanted to step forward to greet them, yet, she suddenly recalled she was in a spiritual state, and they were unable to see her at all.

The only thing she could do was stand at a side and watch them. A moment later, the scenery changed. She saw that running youth growing up bit by bit, as he turned into a big boy.

He was no longer rowdy and mischievous, instead, he was diligently learning medical techniques from Doctor Wang.

That’s not right? Wang Xuzhi had already went with her to cultivate into a deity when he was ten, how could he be learning medical techniques? Could it be… This was his original path in life?

Zhu Yao hurriedly ran back to the Widow Zhu’s house. As she had thought, the widow did not have a daughter, and was alone.

The scenery in front of her changed once again. Wang Xuzhi slowly gained achievements with his medical techniques, and was famous far and wide. Many people came over to visit him for medical treatment.

After another few years, he married a wife, and had a wonderful family. Zhu Yao was happy for him as well. However, the good days did not last, as his personality was too stubborn, and had offended the dignitaries.

An argument happened between him and his wife.

The scene once again changed. He was lying on his sickbed, however, no one was safeguarding by his side. Even his wife’s figure could not be seen. After looking around for a moment, she saw his wife, currently packing up, and leaving the house without even turning back for a look.

And Wang Xuzhi who had crawled up from the bed, was currently looking at his own wife from afar, as he let out a sigh.

And then, she saw Wang Xuzhi taking his last breath as he laid on the bed. He was merely thirty six years old.

So this was Wang Xuzhi’s original path?


The scenery she saw before her once again changed. She arrived at a dark and scary place. Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, however, she saw a figure, as translucent as a ghost, currently crossing a bridge.

Was this the Underworld told in legends?

Zhu Yao’s guess was correct, and in the next moment, she saw Wang Xuzhi’s soul. Similarly, no matter how much she shouted, he was unable to hear her at all.

He was simply looking blankly as he crossed that bridge.

And then, he saw a crying male infant. Was this… reincarnation?

Zhu Yao inspected her surroundings. Looking at the degree of luxury, it should be a family with a pretty good background.

A moment later, a gorgeous woman came over. She carried him up and coaxed him softly. There was a man behind her as well, and he was currently looking at his own wife and child with an affectionate expression.

Simply with a single glance, one could feel that this was a beautiful family.

Zhu Yao stood there quietly for a few moments, and then, she sighed deeply. She didn’t know what to say? Was the person, who got her to cross over to this place, trying to get her to let go by telling her all these?

But, so what? Even if he was initially only able to live for thirty six years, she had, after all, already changed his life. In the end, he died because of her as well. To her, this was reality.

How could she use things that never happened, to let go of the things that had already happened?

The people of this world, kept talking about deity cultivation, and more deity cultivation. But after cultivating into a deity, so what? In the end, everyone was still as greedy, as haughty, and some of them were even more brutal than regular people, as they held no regard for human life.

She once again lowered her head and glanced at the cradle. She could not see Wang Xuzhi’s facial appearance from that baby at all. She did not know why, but she could not help but feel sad.

So what if he reincarnated? Only Wang Xuzhi himself could be Wang Xuzhi. Even if he reincarnated, even if he were to look the same when he grow up, he would not be the same little wimp as before.

She had never approved of things like three lives, reincarnations and connected fates. With different experiences, and different feelings, how could they be considered as the same person?

That resurrection conversation window once again appeared in front of her, she knew that she had ran out of time. There was another BUG waiting for her at the cultivation world, however, she completely did not have the slightest bit of will to move at all.

Taking a deep breath, she tapped on that “Yes” button. She then closed her eyes, and waited for her resurrection this time.

At that moment when she closed her eyes, a string of red words appeared on the screen.

“A great emotional problem has occurred to the target. Emergency Response Measure Activated.”

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  1. chibi says:

    Zhu Yao is one of the few “hero summoned to another world” that doesn’t go wild and loose her senses, and master respect it……. and she should actually have asked for her master to do that thing since the beginning…….
    Now I’m looking forward her next incarnation~ since they’ve already said it will be an unusual one~
    Thanks for the translation~!

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    • Waht says:

      I’m willing to bet, that she is going to learn absolutely nothing from this experience.
      I hope I’m wrong, but the sad pattern of so many web-novels proves otherwise. :/


  2. Archie says:

    Good chapter. Loved the payback. IMO, author is moving the pace too fast with the story, he can take time to flesh things out. Like here, whole plot was closed in 1 small chapter. That’s fast!

    Well, its same with most web novels so I cant really complain. But this is good and interesting story.


    • Waht says:

      …Excuse me, you wanted MORE of Xiao Yi? Seriously? o_0
      I thought we just all wanted him to fuck off and die, never to be seen again. I think it’s awesome that we’re skipping over that cunt and wrapping things up, there are better things to focus on…Evidently, like Zhu Yao’s emotional distress.

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      She can’t always be the happy-go-lucky that doesn’t think for shit. She ignored the signs and was unwilling to kill off Xiao Yi, and now suffered the consequences, and she’s aware of it. Hopefully, we’ll actually see her trying to move on with that in mind.


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    So little wimp is already got reincarnated? I guess the next Zhu Yao reincarnation is something cute, like cat or little dragon.

    Or maybe a message crane.

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      Why do I feel like this is a spoiler :p ? Just something about how off that last idea is… X3.. I’m all for a cat girl though : 3
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      Also, he lost everything: the girls, the cultivation, his master… even his own illusion of goodness certainly took a hit from the “devil” part.
      And I agree with anon – rather than punishment I want to think of poor Zhu Yao.

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    • starvenus says:

      It’s the best kind of punishment for people like Xiao Yi.
      Turn him into mortal; no OP, no cultivate, no woman. Also the realization that his metal spirit is a twisted one that turn into devil was good. His illusion grandeur is destroyed.

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      • J4n1 says:

        It’s the type of punishment i really wish more stories would use.
        Strip them of everything they hold dear, and then destroy their self worth, and leave em to live a long, miserable life, wanting nothing but forgiveness, and never getting it.

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      If a rapist is caught, you don’t rape him back. You acknowledge the fact he/she is an insane person that cannot be fixed, so you put a bullet through their head.
      The reason we kill people, is because they obstruct us or because we believe we’re preventing greater evils in the future that way. Torturing people will not help us gain any of that.
      If you believe someone is evil and should be killed, just kill them. Do not lower yourself to their level. Be better then the insane psychopath.
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  5. Daybreak says:

    “Emergency Response Measure Activated.”
    “Comfort blanket and hot-chocolate deployed, please watch these puppies frolic about for 15 minutes before reincarnating.”

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