[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Dungeon of Death VS Godsaint Lighthouse

Henry’s body slowly disintegrated in the light, and the entire space slowly quietened down.

After waiting for long time, Bai Yueguang spoke up.

“Hey, what are we waiting for?”

“Obviously, for their boss to appear.”

“Is that so… But the problem is, currently, not even his shadow could be seen. And, there’s no exit in this place. We can’t have been trapped here, right?”


“That might be possible.”

Ms. Mari spoke up as well.

“Earlier, because we knew of the specific information we needed, we were able to detach this lighthouse from the Ruins of the Ancients. However, the problem is, I don’t know our current position in this lighthouse, so, I’m unable to insert the passage to the King’s position after taking control of the lighthouse.”

“Is that so? Could it be that we will be stuck here for quite a while?”

“Looking at our present situation, yes.”

“It can’t be, right…? Right now, the only place we can attack is the floor… Could it be that we will have to dig a hole downwards?”

I looked at that solid and firm floor, and I could feel the corner of my lips twitching.

Let’s put aside how hard the floor is for now, this space itself is an irregular space to begin with, whether there’s a bottom floor to this space is another problem.

Once again, I looked closely at the traces that were left behind from our battle earlier. Other than the traces from spells scratching the floor, there were no other broken parts.

I pondered for a moment. Then, I pulled out Ghostbreak, and stabbed it strongly into the ground.

“Oh my god.”

Seems like my hunch has been verified. Ghostbreak could only pierce one to two centimeters into the ground. This is simply…

“Seems like digging our way down will be very difficult as well. So, as I was saying, what are we going to do now?”

Tai Shixi took out her own halberd and stabbed it into the ground. Other than a few small holes, there were no other scars.

However, she evidently looked very disappointed. It seems like she was rather confident with her own halberd, but the reality made her very unhappy.

“Either we wait for that bastard to look for us, or we use a few special methods to get out.”

Ms. Mari pondered for a moment, and then continued.

“I think that it’s definitely not a good idea to wait for that bastard to come to us. Do you guys agree?”

“That’s of course, but…”

“Why aren’t we asking that mysterious little toad?”


Suddenly, I thought of that person… no, not a person, but a toad, which was rather familiar with this lighthouse. That’s right, it’s that toad of the Dungeon of Death.

I looked towards Purewhite, only to realize that toad was actually lying on Purewhite’s shoulder… sleeping.

I immediately walked over, grabbed it, and threw it onto the ground.

“Hey, hey ,hey! What are you doing!?”

“Was it really comfortable sleeping on Purewhite’s shoulder?”

“That’s right, that’s right~”

Just when it was smiling sillily, I stabbed the Ghostbreak in my hands into the floor beside it.

“Since you were so sleeping so soundly, then why don’t you tell us the methods to leave this place?”


“What is it…?”

“The place I manage is the Dungeon of Death, and not the Godsaint Lighthouse. For the concrete details…”

“Then can I understand that you’re already useless?”

“No, no, no. I simply meant that I do not understand it, I didn’t exactly say…”

“Hey, hey, hey. Even if you scare it, there’s no use, right? Isn’t it best that we think of some other ways to solve this problem?”

Ms. Mari sighed.

“For example, we can head over to the resurrection point. You know what I mean.”

Have one of us leave the party and then, kill all of us so that we can resurrect outside?

We did discuss of several methods earlier, if we had to leave the dungeon due to an emergency. Heading over to the resurrection point is one of those methods.

But dying isn’t something fun at all. Although we have correspondingly engineered a painless poison…

It kind of feels illegal, you know?

“We’re not hard pressed to the extent that we have to use that method, right? After all, it doesn’t feel comfortable doing that.”

I can’t say things like dying once or something similar. After all, Oyado, Yybril and Hei Luoli were still around.

“Then what other methods are there? Dale and I have tried contacting the airship outside to attack the lighthouse, but we’re not receiving any response at all. We have no clue whether if the attacks were ineffective, or our signals were unable to be sent over.”


“Umm… Actually, if you guys were able to reach this place, it’s not completely impossible to break through it.”

All of our gazes were drawn to the little toad when it said those words.

“Then why didn’t you say so earlier!?”

“Umm… Actually, initially, this method wouldn’t work. However, you guys had cut off the connection between the Godsaint Lighthouse and the Ruins of the Ancients, thus, this method can finally work. In truth, there’s a limit to the size of this space, but when taking into account of your current abilities, if you people wish to reach the end of this space, it will indeed be a little difficult. However, this space that had already been constructed can no longer change its size. After all, its energy source is gone. So…”

“So, we can now try to fly towards the edge of this space?”

“No, no, no. Even if you do that, you guys will still be unable to break through the surrounding walls.”

“What do you mean?”

“Back then, I still have the Dungeon of Death which I can casually control the size of!”


I pondered for a moment while looking at the little toad, then, I revealed a satisfied smile.

Breaking the lighthouse from the inside, eh?

“Little thing, seems like you’re still rather clever!”

“That’s of course, I’m a genius, after all!”

After saying that, it raised its small little webbed feet, a disc-like object then appeared in the air above us.

“Dungeon of Death – Unlimited!”

The disc was expanding at a very quick rate. In an instant, that disc had already covered the entire sky. The cracks on the dungeon’s passages could already be clearly seen, and yet, it was still expanding.


A large bang resounded in the surroundings, and the expansion of that dungeon stopped. The entire dungeon began to tremble as well.

A moment later, the dungeon once again expanded by a little bit, and then, a loud collapsing sound could be heard. Looking from afar, the sky had actually split apart!

“What will happen when a constructed space makes contact with reality?”

“A magic rebound?”

And it’s only at a time like this did Ms. Mari answer especially quickly.

“Oh, 【Arcane – Ice Empiric Garden】!”

Ice walls instantly enveloped all of us, and at the same time, a strange blast of force came assaulting us from all directions!

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  1. cdalgorta says:

    That damn frog… I mean toad… I was about to praise him in the comments for sometimes been useful and only getting bad treatment from the MC… but forget it… he seems to like to forget the important side-effects of his ideas … lol xD

    Thank you so much for the chapter 🙂


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