[Disciple] Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Everyone’s Beloved Truth

When Zhu Yao woke up, she found herself on a beach. In front of her was a forest, while behind her was… Zhu Yao was unable to discern it either. Just what should the large amount of water behind her be called? With a single look, its end could not be seen, and it was as wide as an ocean. However, it was not blue, but instead, white. A large amount of flowery white-colored water, which was very striking to the eyes.

At the time she woke up, it was exactly the hour for high tide, as the water had already reached her body. Just when she was thinking of climbing up, she realized that she was basically unable to feel her limbs.

The hell, she turned into a piece of jade again. When she tried to circulate the divine energy in her body to change into her human form, she found out that she did not have the necessary divine energy needed at all. Forget about transforming into an entire human figure, she was unable to form a single arm either.

However, the water had already reached her body. Once another wave strikes, she would definitely be slammed onto the beach, causing her to shatter.

Zhu Yao gritted her teeth, and had no choice but to circulate a portion of her divine energy outwards from the jade, forming a mini-sized set of limbs. Holding up her jade-body, before the next wave strikes, she sprinted wildly away while making “pata pata” noises.

Hence, on the white-colored beach, a piece of jade which had grown out legs, was currently running for its dear life.

Only when she had ran into the forest in a single breath, did she finally stop.

Phew, she did not get dragged into the waters. Zhu Yao heaved a long sigh of relief, and only then did she recall about what happened before. An anomaly seemed to have occurred when she saw the Lightning Divine Tower, and then, her master brought her to the Lightning Abyssal Spring.

But, why did she appear here? Where was her master? Zhu Yao looked around, but she was basically unable to see any human figure other than herself.

“Master, master…”

Just as she was planning to force out the last strand of divine energy she had to look for him back at the beach, she suddenly heard her master’s familiar voice transmission. “Inner view!”

Ah? What did he mean?

Zhu Yao blanked for a moment. She looked around her surroundings, yet, she was unable to see her master’s figure though? Hence, she obediently retracted her divine energy, and took a look inside her own divine sense region.

Seemingly in a blink of an eye, Zhu Yao saw another piece of spacious land. There were mountains, rivers, and even more mystical flowers and plants of various types. The air especially, was filled with dense amount of lightning energy, which seemed as though could materialize at any given moment.

Yu Yan was currently standing above a piece of grassland, and squatting beside him, was a mystical beast which kept charging at him with its teeth bared.

She took a closer look. “Sesame!” That was actually Sesame, who had not appeared on-stage for a long time.

Sesame blanked, as he bounced about a few times on the ground. He looked to the left, and then to the right, yet, even after searching for a while, he was unable to see Zhu Yao’s figure. “Mistress, wuuuu. Little beastie misses you. Where are you?”

Currently, Zhu Yao was just a strand of consciousness looking into her divine sense region, so naturally, she did not have a physical form. Sesame searched for a little while more, and when he was still unable to see Zhu Yao, he once again charged towards Yu Yan, roaring out. “Hey, where did you hide my mistress? Hurry and hand her over!”

Yu Yan did not even spare a glance at this stupid beast. With a twist of his palm, the furious Sesame was tightly suppressed onto the ground.

Sesame instantly reported with teary eyes. “Mistress. He bullied your little beastie again.”

Zhu Yao was too lazy to care about this stupid beast who had disappeared for a long time. “Master, just what is going on with this place?”

Yu Yan slightly raised his head, and slowly said. “Yu Wang, this place is your divine sense region.”

This was her divine sense region? Stop joking around! Whose divine sense region would look like this?

“How is that possible?” Zhu Yao was not even in the mood to correct the way he addressed her, as she stare dumbfounded at this piece of spacious land. She had seen her divine sense region in the past as well. It was clearly a white empty realm back then, so when did such a huge forest grow without her knowing about it?

And it was even outrageously large. She could even sense that there was even a boundless ocean at the end of the forest. Did it have to be this fantastical?

“Master, just what is going on?” She had heard that tumors could grow in bodies, but she had never heard that skies and earth could grow in them as well.

“This should be a mustard seed dimensional space.” Yu Yan frowned. “The divine energy in this mustard seed dimensional space is at least a hundred times denser than outside, and even the Lightning Divine Hall cannot compare to it.”

“A mustard seed dimensional space? Growing in my divine sense region?” Why did she feel that this was a little frightening?

Yu Yan shook his head, and said with a solemn voice. “This dimensional space is mutually connected to you, yet, it does not possess the slightest bit of divine sense aura. It does not simply exist in your divine sense… it seems more like… this is your true body.” If his disciple did not have the personal succeeding disciple imprint in her, he wouldn’t have figured out that this was his disciple’s divine sense region.

“True body? Isn’t my true body a piece of jade…” Wait a minute. She suddenly recalled the words Realmspirit said before her resurrection. He guaranteed that her character this time would definitely be unprecedented. She would definitely be loved by everyone. Flowers would bloom when they see her, and cars will go boom when they drive pass her. No matter if they’re man or woman, old or young, they would be unable to escape from her charm, and treat her as treasure. They would never give her up, or leave her.

Never give her up, or leave her… a jade!

Momma’s egg, she resurrected into a portable pocket dimension. Basically, it’s the protagonists’ essential divine artifact which often appeared in various light novels, a cheat which allowed the protagonists to grow various divine medicine and spiritual herbs.

“Master, this dimension couldn’t have a spiritual spring as well, right?”

Yu Yan blanked. He moved a step to the side, and as expected, there was a pool the size of a well behind him. “There’s indeed one, and the divine energy inside it is extremely dense.”

Flips table. Realmspirit, come out, I swear I won’t beat you to death!

Zhu Yao’s expression darkened. And here she was wondering why she felt strange when Realmspirit was talking about her new character? Initially, she had thought that he was just slightly boasting her cheat, but that wasn’t it. She had turned actually turned into that cheat herself.

She really wanted to cry, you know?

Clearly, she had the strongest cheat, but she was unable to use it herself, and she even had to be used by someone else!

“Then why is master here?” She could understand Sesame being inside. When she was in the Lower Realm, she placed him inside her divine sense. But how did her master enter?

“When I placed you in the Lightning Abyssal Spring, I was assaulted, and fell into the depths of the pool as well. The depths of the pool seem to possess a formation that could cut through space. When I regain consciousness, I’m already in here.”

Cut through space? Was that why she appeared on the beach, and not in the Lightning Divine Hall?

“Most probably, because of that spatial tearing formation, the dimension inside your body was sliced as well, and hence I appeared here.”

In other words, she had dragged down her master. “Then, can master leave this place?”

Yu Yan shook his head. “This space seems to require a corresponding law, and it cannot be activated easily. It can’t be broken through from the inside as well.”

It was no wonder she couldn’t sense Sesame ever since her resurrection. She had thought that he did not ascend with her, so it was actually because he couldn’t leave.

“I’m sorry.” If it wasn’t for the sake of saving her, her master wouldn’t be trapped in here either.

“No matter.” Yu Yan, however, did not seem to mind in the slightest. Compared to being trapped here, having his disciple go missing was even more of a headache for him. At the very least, he could sense everything about his disciple while being here. With him personally watching her, her disciple wouldn’t be able to court death any longer.

“Then, what do we do now?” Why did she kind of feel like she now had an additional master-grade summoned beast?

“I do recall a little of that spatial tearing formation in the Lightning Abyssal Spring. Your master here will do his utmost to recreate that formation, and think of a way to leave this place.” Yu Yan said with a stern expression. “Before that, I will be staying in your body.”

In her body…

Mn. There’s something strange here.

“Alright!” But currently, this was the only way. “Then master, can I continue to cultivate? What if I’m still unable to take in divine energy?” Earlier, she had tried it before, and realized that her body was unable to take in even the slightest bit of divine energy.

Yu Yan looked strangely at her. “Since this is your dimensional space, then the divine energy in this place, is naturally yours.”

“What master mean is…” She could freely use the extremely dense amount of divine energy in this dimensional space?

“Divine energy is different form objects, as they are not restricted by physical forms. You can naturally guide it outwards.” The reason why her cultivation stagnated before, was because the divine energy in this dimensional space was simply too dense. The divine energy she tried to absorb from the outside was instead too minuscule in amount, which caused it to disperse before being absorbed.

“In other words, I can use the divine energy here freely?” Then wouldn’t that mean she could endlessly use it without any consequences? Was it really that overpowered?

Yu Yan nodded decisively. It was that overpowered.

Zhu Yao suddenly felt as though she had struck a gigantic lottery. “Let me try.” She hurriedly retracted her inner view. She no longer circulated the divine energy in her body, instead, she changed to guiding out the energy out of her divine sense region. As expected, a gigantic amount of energy endlessly poured out from her divine sense region.

Similar to opening a floodgate, the divine energy continuously poured out without any restraints. Seemingly, in a blink of an eye, she recovered her human form. Not just that, even her cultivation was beginning to greatly rise.

After gaining her human form, her five senses were especially sensitive, and all the meridians in her body were enduring a gigantic amount of pain. As though she could hear a cracking sound, like a person who had not grown for too long, she suddenly grew fatter by ten kilograms, which stretched every corner of her body, causing her immense pain.

However, pain like this was something she had experienced several times in the Lower Realm. Adding that to raise one cultivation, the main factor was to refine one’s divine sense. However, such a huge dimensional space was being stored in her divine sense, so there was basically no need for her to refine it. Hence, she was completely able to stabilize her cultivation level easily.

Her cultivation directly rose from the first level of Earth Deity, to the second level, to the third… all the way to the tenth level.

Her Dantian had already been fully stuffed by divine energy, yet, divine energy still constantly poured into it. Finally, as though there was some sort of cracking sound, the pressure on her entire body completely dispersed. Only then did Zhu Yao take a deep breath, and stop guiding out the divine energy from her divine sense region.

Her cultivation level had successfully entered the early stages of Profound Deity. This refreshing feeling… she simply couldn’t dare to believe it.

“Master?” She habitually called out.

A familiar voice instantly resounded in her mind. “Leave this place for now.”

“Are we returning to the Lightning Divine Hall?”

Yu Yan was silent for a moment, before speaking up. “Since we are still unaware of who assaulted me, the Lightning Divine Hall will remain as a dangerous location. Not only are we not going to return, even more so, you are not allowed to expose your identity as a disciple of Lightning Divine Hall.”

Zhu Yao nodded. True, there was a probability that the bad guy was waiting in the Lightning Divine Hall. In any case, she and her master had safely escaped, so why not run as far as possible? Casually casting a Dirt Removal Art on herself, she summoned her own divine sword, and flew towards the other direction of the forest.

Zhu Yao flew extremely quickly, and while doing so, she removed Lightning Divine Hall’s insignia off her sleeves. After the sleeves had turned pink, similar to the rest of her clothes, a slight strange sensation suddenly flashed past the depths of her heart. She seemed to have forgotten something?

And currently, in the Lightning Divine Hall, the forgotten Yu Jin: …

The forest was not exactly huge, as Zhu Yao had only used about an hour to reach the edge of the forest. On the other side of the forest was a large piece of lush grassland. Above the grassland, the light from the sun shone, and several auspicious clouds gathered.

“There’s definitely a settlement in the front direction.” Yu Yan sent a voice transmission into her mind.

Zhu Yao was just about to accelerate and take a look for herself, only to suddenly hear a lewd laughter coming from the forest.

“For this Deity to fancy you, is a blessing formed by the countless of lives you have cultivated for. You simply have to listen to me obediently, yet you actually think of running. Let me see just where can you run off to?”

Zhu Yao paused her steps, and her expression darkened. She felt a déjà vu as a woman was being harassed. Why dill all these ruffians from the Three Realms use the exact same lines?

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