Volume 7

The Hero’s Choice

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Chapter 01: It’s Sure Good to Use Money
Chapter 02: I Had Never Gone Along with a Quest
Chapter 03: The Strong-Willed Irlin
Chapter 04: Intel
Chapter 05: The Bloody Case Initiated by a Doll
Chapter 06: We’re All People with Big Brothers
Chapter 07: All of Us are Weird People
Chapter 08: Can’t We Have a Nice and Peaceful Talk?
Chapter 09: The Upcoming Follow-Up Challenge
Chapter 10: Mission Impossible
Chapter 11: Alliance of Vengeance
Chapter 12: Pitiful Mitchell Kingdom
Chapter 13: Interlude
Chapter 14: Out of the Plan
Chapter 15: Undead Atrium
Chapter 16: The Super Lazy Church
Chapter 17: Biomedical Silent Hill
Chapter 18: Tower of the Ancients
Chapter 19: Mana Depletion
Chapter 20: Learn Your Sciences Well…
Chapter 21: If I’m Able to Raise My Levels, There’s Nothing I’m Afraid Of
Chapter 22: I Have Bombs, and I’m Proud of That
Chapter 23: Tower Demolishing
Chapter 24: Open Sesame
Chapter 25: For Treasure Chests
Chapter 26: Bashing My Most Beloved Together
Chapter 27: Second Stage Undead Evolution
Chapter 28: Death Tribute
Chapter 29: Dungeon of Death VS Divinesaint Lighthouse
Chapter 30: I Don’t Want the Credits, Just Give me the Goods
Chapter 31: After the War
Chapter 32: Returning to the Academy