[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Tower Demolishing

“You sure are ruthless. You actually blast apart the entire castle in an instant. I doubt anyone had ever done something this huge, even ever since ancient times.”

Yybril was the one whose expression was the most composed out of the ones who leveled up. After all, she was unable to see the raise in her own levels. While, in Oyado’s case, her power in the technical department was stronger than her level’s.

“After all, only enemies are left inside.”

And there’s even a need to fight those troublesome battle dolls. It’s more convenient to simply blast them all apart in one go. I’m really too resourceful.

“Enemies? Aren’t there still the Prince and the Princess…”

“Look over there.”

I pointed towards the direction where Bai Yueguang was.

The Princess and her attendant Arianha who were still unconscious, were lying over there.

“This… I see, so they were saved by your friends? However, there’s still the Prince…”

“The Prince, huh…”

I walked over to Arianha with quick steps, and then, poked her a bit.

“Ms. Arianha, I know you’re not unconscious. Come, tell us how you did it. About the matter of you disguising as the Prince.”

She was silent for a long time, without reacting even for a moment. I pondered for a moment, and then, took out a dagger.

“Since you’re not awake, then I will use another method to wake you up. In any case, I’m able to heal you.”

“Alright, alright!”

She suddenly leapt up from the ground, a dagger was still in her hands.

“You’re really… How should I put it, you’re unexpectedly strong, huh.”

“Many thanks for the praise. As someone who is able to fool the entire country, you’re not simple either… Speaking of which, does the Princess know about it?”

“Well… Although I didn’t tell her, I feel that she knows about it.”

Arianha smiled, and then, took out a mask and wore it.

In an instant, Arianha’s body flashed, and the Prince I met last night appeared in front of us.

“I see. This country basically doesn’t have a Prince. The Prince is the Princess’s attendant, is that it?”

Yybril said thoughtfully.

“No, the real Prince was simply killed, that’s all.”

I walked over to the fake Prince, and said with a smile.

“Although I don’t know how this mask came about, it’s indeed a very strong tool.”

That’s right, not only does the mask change one’s figure, it even changes the name and titles as well. The disguises I saw before could at least be exposed from the names, now, however…

“Who gave you this mask?”

“I incidentally stole this from an ancient ruin. Hence, I brought forward my plan, and killed the Prince.”

“Because he’s actually a hypocritical pervert?”

I replied with a smile, and then, looked towards Dale.

“Yesterday, Dale told me that he had met the Prince a long time ago. However, there were a few differences, especially in his behaviour.”

Of course, and there’s the titles.

This was also a key factor. Although the mask disguised the titles, none of the titles were the same as the ones Dale told me.

Something like changing all of one’s own titles in just half a year, even I can’t do it, let alone a Prince who can’t even see his own titles.

However, naturally, I can’t tell her about titles. Hence, I can only say her behaviour was off.

“Is that so? It seems like the Prince back then was rather familiar with Dale. Otherwise, he should have usually used that kind of expression to converse with others.”

“Well… Dale was the Prince’s instructor back then.”

“I see, then that makes everything plausible.”

Arianha laughed, and then, took the mask down.

“Then, what are you guys planning to do? Arrest me?”

“Hah? Why? We’re not that bored. Continue battling with us. The goal you want to accomplish is far from over.”

I replied with a smile.


Looking at Arianha’s expression, I pointed to the faraway castle which was still in huge cloud of dust.

“That King isn’t dead yet. Our revenge is still far from over… Actually, saying it this way isn’t correct. I should say that King and that Necromancer Henry are long dead, what remains… are only undeads.”

“Indeed. According to my scan, there’s completely no readings from lifeforms inside.”

Ms. Mari fiddled with the palm-sized terminal in her hands and said.

This woman has actually already pioneered a handphone? Hey, hey, hey. This is an era-leaping improvement, you know!

“Stop looking already. This is just a controller. It only allows me to use a few of the airship’s functions from afar.”

Hearing Ms. Mari’s reply, I could only sigh.

“But the energy reading coming from inside is very strong though. However, the strongest reading is still coming from that tower.”

Dale’s voice came out from the airship’s broadcast.

“I have the data of scan earlier as well. Before you guys entered the castle, the total energy reading of those undeads was around 80,000 points. While currently, the reading has became 340,000 points, and it’s still rising.”

“Oh my god…”

Is that guy trying to use a gamma ray cannon or GENESIS?

“Wait a minute… Oh my god, this is… Defensive Magic Spell, Activate!”

Six small-scaled flying machines flew out from the top of the airship at the same time, enveloping us and the citizens who escaped.

And in the next second, an attack warning came from the direction of the castle!

“【Arcane – Empiric – Royal Garden】!”

“【Arcane – Curtain of Light】!”

“【Arcane – Ice Castle】!”

Yybril, Ms. Mari and I cast defensive magic spells at the same time, and three types of defensive magic spells instantly formed outside the airship.

However, in an instant, our defensive magic spells were bombarded into fragments by a ray of black light! The ray of black light penetrated our spells, and instantly bombarded on the airship’s defensive barrier. Crack lines began to spread from the place it struck!

“What… What is that thing?”

Just when I asked that, my ring flashed, and a ball suddenly ran out by itself!

Only to see that round ball rolling ‘gurururu’ a couple of rounds on the ground, before leaping several times up onto Purewhite’s body.

“Yo, hello everyone. I know what that thing is.”

“It’s great that you know! But why are you taking my spot!”

Oyado, who was at the side, said very unhappily.

What appeared… was the toad that I brought out from the dungeon within the ancient ruins back then. Currently, it was sitting on Purewhite’s shoulder with a mystical aura surrounding it.

Well… If you’re coming out, that’s fine. But why did you take Oyado’s spot? Are you courting death?

However, I don’t have the time to complicate things with it either.

“Frog from the Dungeon of Death, come and tell us what that is already.”

“That is the lighthouse of the ancient Godsaint Empire. After the War of the Ancients, because it was the only lighthouse which survived, it was absorbed into part of the ancient ruins.”

“… Wait a minute, then what about this Godsaint Empire?”

“Gone. It was annihilated.”

This guy sure is saying this very casually, huh?

“That’s not the main point! Is there any way to stop it?”

Bai Yueguang asked loudly.

“There is, aren’t you guys defending quite well? Then that’s enough. Because each of the lighthouse’s shot can only be used for 30 seconds.”

After it said that, the target’s attack ended, and the ray of black light was retracted.

“But, it can fire again every 10 minutes.”

“Oh my god!”

All of us looked terrifyingly at each other, and then, all of us said in unison.

“Let’s go! Demolish it!”

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    • Waht says:

      It’s kind of irritating how Fir is able to pick up on the subtlest of clues. I don’t really like how much of a Garry Stu the author is turning him into.
      It’s not like he was a tame and regular character to begin with, but he’s a bit too good. Too clever.


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