[RPG] Vol. 7 Prologue

Vol. 7 – The Hero’s Choice


My head hurts.

The headache I’m experiencing from my stamina depletion causes my body to feel heavier and heavier, however, that notice is like a nightmare, constantly stimulating my body, allowing me to continue flying in the direction of Mitchell Kingdom.

Sorry, Irlin.

In the beginning, for the sake of the quest, you turned into my fiancee. However, after that, I had World-chan change your memories.

Because, a girl so naive and honest like you, should not have her happiness be controlled by quests, due to the arrival of us, otherworlders.

Your happiness, should be decided by you, yourself.

I always had this naive thought, that as long as you stay away from us, otherworlders, you will regain the life that you should have.


I had forgotten that, because of our appearance, the people that could protect you, were no longer here.

Hence, in place of them, I will be the one protecting you!

This is probably why World-chan changed my setting into your childhood friend, I guess?

This way, I’m able to protect her, right?

“Accelerate! Accelerate! Accelerate!”

The surrounding scenery sped towards the back, and unknown to how long it took, finally, the surrounding scenery began to look familiar. Looking from afar, that familiar walls of the Mitchell Kingdom’s capital was already faintly visible.

“Irlin, wait for me. I will definitely save you!”

Opening up my skill window, I scrolled down to the advanced-grade magic spell at the very bottom. At the same time, after confirming that Irlin could be taken as an ally that would not take any damage in my party window, as I flew, I raised my hands toward the sky.

“Super Arcane – Legendary – Ice Dragon Summon!”

In any case, there’s no need to control it this time, so just destroy all of it then! Fall into despair!

The price of casually taking my friend as a hostage, I must have you people understand it from the very depths of your souls!


As though to respond to my summoning, a dragon roar sounded from the sky, and immediately after, a magic formation that was incomparably large began to appear up above the capital of Mitchell Kingdom.


The center of the magic formation instantly shattered, and a gigantic dragon of unmeasurable length tore through the cracks as it stepped out of the void, appearing in the sky.

“Long time no see…”

I looked at that gigantic dragon with a smile. Suppressing the ever-increasing pressure of my headache, I sent the gigantic dragon the command to attack the capital of Mitchell Kingdom.

The ice dragon looked at me, let out a draconic roar, and then charged towards the capital with its wings spread out!

An incomparably blinding light began to gather within the ice dragon’s mouth, and naturally, it’s target was the Mitchell capital.

Die! You tiny, insignificant NPCs, pay the price for your stupidity!

“Super Arcane – Thorns – Bitter Flower.”

Suddenly, countless black thorns began to appear wildly from not far away, completing enveloping the ice dragon from the side!

The ice dragon which did not get the opportunity to release it’s skill, constantly roared, however, with a pull to the back by the black thorns, the gigantic ice dragon was actually being thorn apart by black thorns in mid-air, turning into countless ice particles, as they descended from the sky!


A fishy smell suddenly rushed up my throat, and red, fresh blood splurged out of my mouth.

In an instant, the severe pain and the backlash from my spell being interrupted caused my body to go limp, and my entire body fell from the sky.


How could this happen…

I can’t… I can’t even save my own friend?

The ground was approaching closer and closer, and I began to feel my own consciousness beginning to slowly disappear to the distance as well.

“Geez, why are you forcing yourself?”

Suddenly, I felt my body being caught by someone in mid-air!

Taking a closer look, an elf with black skin, and a pair of white bone wings, caught me in the princess-carry position. After looking at me expressionlessly, carrying me, she slowly descended to the ground.

However, the armor she’s wearing was really too revealing. Other than the few important places and fatal parts of her body, what came contact with my body was basically bare skin.

And this girl is actually an elf. That expressionless yet refined facial appearance prevented me from moving my line of sight away for a moment.


After she descended on the ground, she threw me onto the ground the next moment, and then, stood at the side.

“Oh my god… Couldn’t you be a little gentler?”

With this throw, I managed to regain a bit of my consciousness. Downing a Consciousness Potion, and a MP Recovery Potion, and then, after healing a bit of my HP, the pain I was feeling from my body lightened up by a bit.

Looking towards the girl who caught me, only then did I realize this girl was actually sent by the Demon King.

Nicole Laila
LV 75 Swordsman (Rapier and Single-Handed Greatsword) | LV 70 Undead Elf
[Evil] [Genius] [Fallen] [Iron-Willed] [Non-ignorant Soul] [One Who Does Not Retreat] [Loyal] [Demon King’s Imperial Bodyguard] [Hermit] [Knight] [Slaughtering Machine]

“The one who stopped me just now… It couldn’t have been you, right?”

I looked at that Undead Elf and asked.

This girl seems to look like a human who is around 20 years old, with a height of 170cm… and a bit more, deep green pupils, and long brown hair.

She nodded.

You actually have the nerve to nod, you bitch! Don’t think that just because you’re beautiful, you can casually destroy someone else’s move!

“Then, why did you stop me?”

This time, she pondered for a moment, and then revealed an expression of sudden realization.

Immediately after, she took out something that looked like a cosmetic mirror from her chest.

Hey! You actually store things there!? Are you kidding me!?

However, she still opened that mirror very naturally, and with a flash of black light, a blurry black figure slowly agglomerated.





Laila suddenly said.

“Eh? It already started?”

That black figure shook for a moment, and the eyes and mouth revealed themselves.

It’s still that same voice… That’s right. This is that person who changed his name into Lucifer Piccolo.

“Kuh kuh, seems like you can hear me, right?”

“Yes, master.”

“That’s good. Umm… Yo, long time no see, Fir!”

“That’s right… Back then, you said that you would save me, in the end, I was killed. Now, when I want to save someone, you’re actually here to kill me a second time?”

“Hahaha, back then, clearly, you kicked the bucket too quickly, what does that have to do with me? When I rushed there, you were already dead.”

“Alright alright. So like I was saying, this time, you had your bodyguard to come over here… could it be that she’s here specially to prevent me from saving my friend?”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re able to save your friend or not…”

He said very casually.

“I simply do not wish that you slaughter the city, that’s all.”

The Demon King is actually persuading me not to slaughter the city?

Are you kidding me?

32 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 7 Prologue

  1. DMR says:


    And he dares call himself a demon king? Is he one of those modern demon kings that belong to love comedies after being tired of serious plots???

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  2. pancakes4ever says:

    First reaction was “oi oi, Demon King, what the hell?”
    Second was, “Wtf, this cliff! Nuuuu”

    Anyway, thanks for this chapter xD


  3. AnimeLover says:

    God the Author is sometimes annoying. Does Fir have morals or not? He should had just aimed for the King and those responsible. Not the Kingdom itself.
    He is such an Idiot. If you could had been honest with Irlin instead of changing her memories. You didn’t have to tell her your a Player.


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