[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Tower of the Ancients

“【Arcane – Ultimate Flash】!”

I stretched out my finger towards the sky, and a gigantic light bullet was directly shot out towards it. After a flash, several halos of light appeared and they revolved around the light bullet, then, they scattered towards the surroundings!

The halos which were glowing with white light, like cleavers, sliced apart the surrounding mist. As though it had suffered damage, the mist slowly retreated from the vicinity, while those civilians who walked out from the mist, after the mist had retreated, the conditions on their bodies were instantly removed as well, and their bodies turned limp as they fell onto the ground.

“Alright, now, don’t tell me you guys don’t even know to apply 【Recovery】 spells.”

“Ou, ou…”

The four of us hurriedly ran to the sides of those civilians, carried them, and then, moved them to a nearby square. At the center of the square, we used a Light Magic Crystal to construct a barrier which prevented the mist from entering, and placed them all inside the barrier.

I kind of feel that… this situation has developed in a completely different way from the initial scenario. It’s all because of the Demon King’s suggestion, I took on the role of protecting the citizens of this city, instead of wanting to destroy all of them.

“It’s not a good idea for this to keep up. Currently, it’s best that we directly head over to that Necromancer and eliminate him, otherwise, moving all these people back and forth will tire us to death.”

“I agree to this completely!”

“Me too!”

The two people replied almost instantly. But, I kind of feel that the reason why they agreed to this was because they felt irritated moving the citizens.

“But, speaking of which, just where’s that Necromancer?”

I looked towards the three of them and asked.

“Umm… We’re not from the Knight Squad, nor are we from the Department of Trials, so, we’re not specialized in locating heretics.”

“You guys, other than being posers, what else do you guys specialize in?”

“Posers? What does that mean?”


I sighed.

“Nevermind. Don’t mind it. Let’s think of another way then. Firstly, let’s move towards the direction of that tower. Most probably, our target is borrowing that tower to create a magic-controlling domain. He should be there as well.”

“Then what are we still waiting for? Let’s hurry and move!”

“But, staying in this【Undead Atrium】is indeed troublesome, so…”

I pointed towards the direction of the tower, and pressed on the skill hotkey. Instantly, as though the sky had showered down spots of light, holy light descended from the sky, forcefully pushing away the mist that was blocking our path towards the royal castle.

“This is…【Praise of Light】?”

Yybril looked at me with an expression of disbelief.

“This… This is a magic spell that can only be used by people at the Bishop-class, which can be used to deal with a huge army of undeads, how are you…”

“I learnt it after practicing often, don’t ask me why.”

I replied very casually, however, in actuality, I’m constantly dripping with cold sweat. Because, I can’t remember if this spell was something I awakened by myself, it’s something I read from a spell book either.

“Really? Just as I have said, as expected, you’re very talented. If you join the Church, you can definitely become the Pope in the future!”

“I think I still like to be free.”

Are you kidding me? If I join your Church, I will definitely be involved in various battles for authority. After all, you guys have so many idlers, and it sounds troublesome just by hearing about it.

“But we will always welcome you.”

I smiled.

“Alright, let’s push this issue aside, and hurry over to eliminate our enemy. Otherwise, if this situation is to continue, even if we’re able to take it, those civilians won’t be able to.”

“You’re right, let us hurry and depart then.”


Before the mist could fill up the area once again, we had already reached beneath the tower.

The appearance of the tower was completely different from the style of the royal castle. Compared to the royal castle, the tower looked like those monster towers which need to be crusaded in RPGs. Brown and grey stones were stacked and connected to each other, and moss-like plants surrounded the vicinity of the tower.

And because of this building, which had a completely different style, directly popping out from the top of the royal castle, it looked as though a sky-piercing pillar had penetrated the royal castle.

“Ah, so this is the 【Ruins of the Ancients】? As expected, anything that has something to do with legends is really exaggerated. The height of this tower, feels as though it can reach the skies.”

Yybril raised her head to look at the tower, and sighed.

Indeed, the previous dungeon was already rather exaggerated, I didn’t expect that the tower hell would be so troublesome as well.

I guess it’s pretty understandable. The underground ruins was already as large as half of the entire continent, a building at such a degree… really makes people want to revere it, huh.

I looked towards the building at the side. The tower which Irlin was at, was currently lighted up with a blue glow, countless of ice blocks were floating in the air around the tower, as though they were like shields slowly floating about.

Seems like the moment【Undead Atrium】was activated, Irlin activated the defensive magic spell as well, huh. It should be effective, right?

“Watch out!”

Yybril’s voice rang out, and an attack warning came flashing from the side! I accelerated to the front, and the shadow of a blade instantly flashed past my back. With a bang, it landed on the building to my right.

The little building was instantly slashed into two, and at the place where the cut was, it was emitting out a black miasma.

So frightening… What kind of attack is that?

Iai Slash?

I looked to my left, and understood. A skeleton wearing a black long robe was floating in the air to my left, in its hands was a gigantic sickle, and black miasma constantly poured out from his body!

“Oh my god… Is that… a Death God?”

“【Mador】 – The Guide to the Abyss.”

Yybril said as she pulled out her long sword.

“Be careful!”

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