Volume 5

Academy Renewal

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Chapter 01: If This Can be Called Peace
Chapter 02: You Won’t Die if You Don’t Seek Death
Chapter 03: The World of an Ultra Certified Alchemist
Chapter 04: Academy Conflict
Chapter 05: Prelude to the Academy War
Chapter 06: Intercontinental Academy War
Chapter 07: Team Establishment
Chapter 08: I Possess a Special Battle Technique
Chapter 09: Actually, Everyone Here is Weird
Chapter 10: To a Dark Place
Chapter 11: Plan B
Chapter 12: It’s Not the Time to Battle
Chapter 13: Unfortunate Fate?
Chapter 14: Challenge and Being Challenged
Chapter 15: War Begins
Chapter 16: Victory And Defeat
Chapter 17: Technology Lovers Saving the World
Chapter 18: Sion’s Door
Chapter 19: The World and【World】
Chapter 20: Demonic Blade
Chapter 21: Magician and Samurai
Chapter 22: All-Out War
Chapter 23: NEET vs Blue Seas
Chapter 24: Blue Thunderclap
Chapter 25: Ghostify
Chapter 26: Complete Victory
Chapter 27: Professionalism
Chapter 28: Unwavering Spirits
Chapter 29: Challenging the Squad Leader
Chapter 30: Black Chesspiece
Chapter 31: Black World
Chapter 32: Stalker
Chapter 33: Packaging
Chapter 34: Crisis and Suggestion
Chapter 35: Berserk
Chapter 36: Release
Chapter 37: It Has Nothing to do with Me
Chapter 38: Extradimensional
Chapter 39: Common Sense
Chapter 40: Comparing Evil
Chapter 41: Finishing Touches

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