Vol. 5 Chapter 8: I Possess a Special Battle Technique

“Then, what’s our plan, Fir-chan~”

“… I told you not to add ‘chan’ at the end of my name. You’re sending chills down my spine… Who taught you that anyway?”


… And here I was wondering how would she know this term. As expected, someone went around teaching unnecessary things again.

“Ah whatever, it’s going to be hard to make you change anyway. Let’s do this then. First, we shall secure our supplies of weapons and consumables, which means we will be heading to Lanya’s place first. Then, we will look for Falan and Yybril.”

“That alchemist girl who came this morning? Eh~ Speaking of which, Fir, you sure do know a lot of weird people. That girl isn’t as simple as she seems to be, you know…”

“Yes, yes. I know that.”

I turned my head to look at Pryn. Her expression evidently shows that she knows some interesting things, and is waiting for me to ask her.

But when she heard my answer, she curled her lips unhappily, and placed her hands on her hips.

“Then why don’t you try telling me her identity! Wuu…”

“Really, don’t make such a cute sound on purpose…”

I really can’t handle her at all. Even though she’s someone who could send me flying with a single punch, she’s currently looking at me with a pitiful expression… Too fake!

But she’s still quite cute…

“Although I don’t really know the details, she should be using alchemy to hide some things about herself, and that includes her age as well…”

Suddenly, I felt a cold chill assaulting my body. I hurriedly coughed, and continued.

“Well, the point is, she’s able to create several good items for us. And she see seems to be always in need of money, so you can say that we will be able to benefit mutually from this.”

“Eh, is that so… But from the way you put it, she shouldn’t be in need of money. Alchemist is a very profitable job, you know. Because we have to rely on Alchemists for magic tools, and in this world, magic tools are the most valuable items other than treasures.”

“I know that… Probably because she doesn’t use her actual identity for transactions. After all, everyone has their own secrets.”

“I guess you’re right… Then what’s your secret?”


“Come on, tell me~ I’m now a part of you, you know~ It’s fine if you tell me, right~”

“Hey hey, don’t phrase it so weirdly, and, I might find an opportunity to send you back to the Abyss.”

“You’re actually willing to send me back to the Abyss!? Why… Unless… Do I really have to serve you before you’re willing to let me stay?”

After saying that, her face suddenly approached me. I hurriedly turned around to avoid her, and then, I took a few steps back.

“At least, you should think of those who calls you a Saint… Geez.”

“Well~ Most of them believe that I’m dead now. So, what’s the big deal.”

“… You seemed to have change quite a bit after turning into an undead.”

“Not really. It’s just that I was shackled by my identity as a Snow Elf in the past.”

“Ha… I’m able to use Light Magic as well, but I don’t feel anything of that sort.”

“I wonder~ In any case… I…”

“Well, don’t mind it. Although those bastards thought it was right to simply use you as a seal, I will never betray my friends.”

Seeing that her expression turned a little stiff, I hurriedly added.

“Alright, let’s hurry and deal with the problem on this end for now. We still have many things to do after this. I know you’re an Elf, but I don’t have the time to idle around.”

“You way of comforting people is really… very characteristic of you.”

“Sorry, I have no idea on how to comfort others.”

I shrugged.

“Anyhow, we have to move fast. School’s starting tomorrow, after all.”

“You’re right.”

Just when I said this, a red dot suddenly flashed on my mini-map!

In the past, other than showing roads and terrains, the map did not show anything else. Just what is…

Ah whatever! Since a marker like this revealed itself, then wouldn’t I let myself down for not taking a look at it!?

“Pryn! There’s a situation! Hurry and follow me!”

“Eh? Where?”

“Just come with me!”

According to the map, the position of the marker should be behind the building in front of me… Did this notification pop up because I might miss out on the situation happening over there while walking past this area? But why?

Ah, I don’t care anymore. Let’s take a look at the situation first.

After making a turn, as I thought, two heavy-armored knights were surrounding a magician.

And we’re currently at the back of a school building, so normally, people wouldn’t come here… I see, was that why the notification appeared?

“Since that’s the case! Let us battle!”

I clicked on the 【Battle Barrier】and threw it on the ground. The barrier expanded from between us, enveloping us inside.

Academy War Rule No. 1: Battles must happen within the 【Battle Barrier】. Any other battles outside the 【Battle Barrier】 will be treated as intentions to do harm to the other party. The offender will be suspended from school.

The heavy-armored knights and magician were shocked for a moment, but in an instant, the two heavy-armored knights pulled out their swords and charged towards me!

So does this count as them accepting my challenge?

Academy War Rule No. 2: Within 30 seconds of the creation of the 【Battle Barrier】, the other party can choose to leave the barrier. Once that party leaves the barrier, the battle will end immediately. Holding the other party in the barrier by force is not allowed. One is allowed to use his/her own 【Battle Barrier】 switch to forcefully break the other party’s barrier. The 30 seconds rule apply to this situation as well.

Since they aren’t planning to flee, then I only have two choices.

One, I can take them down immediately. This way, they will not have the opportunity to use the second rule to flee from the barrier.

Two, I can choose to act after the 30 seconds. Although there’s hardly any difference in the two choices, some problems still lie within.

Although we have already formed our squad, and it’s only a matter of time before we battle with the other Knight Squads, if we were to be attacked by them from three sides, we will not have any chance of victory… No, if that’s the case, we will not be able to grind some EXP at all, and it’s not confirmed that we will be able to obtain EXP if we lose either… Oh right, we will only obtain EXP after the battle ends, which means we will not be able to obtain any EXP at all if we lose.



A loophole in the rules?


Blind spot?

Wrong impression?

… Wrong impression?

Countless ideas flashed past my mind, and anything useful was quickly supplementing the battle strategy I was forming in my mind.

Wonderful, next, it will be my reaction speed!

Weapon! Change!

I stretched my right hand out, and two blades appeared in my hand.

Immediately after, with my left hand, I quickly tapped on the Knight Equipment in my inventory.

Hmph. By just tapping on the inventory, I can switch my equipment in a second. With this, it should be enough.

“Eh? Just what are you…”

Looking at my change, they evidently hesitated.

That’s right, that’s right~ That’s it. I shall plant a wrong impression into their heads.

If their opponent was a magician, they would attack unhesitatingly. However, if it’s another knight, they would not attack immediately.

Although the three Knight Squads are warring against each other, they have yet to obtain much support from the magicians, so they will not lay their hands on knights from the other Knight Squads.

But… Who would have thought of this!?

“Arcane – Blue Sea – Berserk Slash!”

Although I shouted this out loudly, I quickly tapped on another skill in my skill list.


Super Arcane – Punishing Tearing Cross!!!!

With a single charge, I flashed past their blind spot. Before they could even turn their heads, the two swords in my hands have already turned into a red cross.

“Have a safe trip~”

I turned and slashed at them, and their bodies stopped moving instantly. And then, with a red flash of light, they fell onto the ground.

Battle Ended.
Eliminated Heavy-Armored Knight(s) x 2
EXP Gained: 50 x 2 = 100
Total EXP Gained: 100

Looks like they were too low-leveled. The EXP is too little… Well, at least I gained some.

“Hey, you over there, hurry and run. Once they wake up and notice me, things will get troublesome. So… Eh? Isn’t this Shir?”

“…Ah! Fir!”

Earlier, I did not pay attention to their names, and only glanced at their crests.

After all, I was only pretending to be a member of one of the Knight Squads. As the two of them were members of the 【Sweeper】Knight Squad, I decided to disguise myself as a member of the 【Blue Sea Knight】Knight Squad.

And as for the one being attacked, I had only noticed that he was a Wind Magician…

But I didn’t expect it was actually Shir!

“Fir, you’re back! That’s great! Hurry and stop these crazy people. They’re starting battles everywhere, even the small paths are no longer safe. Oh god, just what are we supposed to do…”

After saying this, he suddenly started crying.

Oh my god, this guy… Wait a minute, what’s going on with your titles?

Shir Vologue
LV 20 Wind Magician | LV ?? ??????
[Kind] [Brave] [Vologue Household Member] [ Wenger Empire’s Nobility] [Wenger Empire’s Guardian] [Doll Recorder] [Student of Gray Magical Academy] [Weapon of Destruction – 2] [Ancient Relic] [Unique Magic User]

This… This guy is…

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