Vol. 5 Chapter 23: NEET vs Blue Seas

“Speaking of which… I feel like I haven’t seen Pryn lately. Oyado, I remember back then, you wrapped her up like a dumpling. After that, she has been avoiding me whenever I see her. Did you do anything to her after that?”

While walking to the location【Knight of the Blue Seas】informed us of, I asked this question.

That idiot Pryn was always the one fooling around back then, but after that day, I basically had only seen her from afar. Even though I planned on greeting her each time, she would always give a frightened look, and she immediately disappeared after that.

“I only told her that if I were to see her near big brother, I will wrap her up and send her to the Eastern Continent.”

“… Oyado, I don’t remember teaching you things like this. Even if you wish to wrap someone up, wrap me first… ahem. In any case, you can’t bully other people like this, after all, Pryn is still our comrade.”

I suddenly felt a scary stare coming from behind me. It must be my imagination, after all, Aliyah’s the only person behind us.

“Un, I understand, big brother.”

“You pair of siblings is really having a lot of fun, huh~”

“Aliyah-chan~ Isn’t maintaining a good sibling relationship a good thing?”


Aliyah’s entire body seemed to have shivered.

“Even you have started to use these weird honorifics as well?”

“Why? I can’t?”

“It’s… It’s not that you can’t. It’s just a little…”

Aliyah seemed to be a little hesitant, and in the end, she shifted her gaze to the side.

“Hmph! Do whatever you want!”

Geez, this girl sure loves to cut herself off, huh.

“As I thought, big sister Aliyah is really cute~”

Oyado then hugged onto Aliyah, and rubbed her face against Aliyah’s.

“Geez, just what are you doing~ Aaaaaah”


It would have been great if Dale and the rest had finished developing a handheld camcorder.

“Hey hey! Just what is the meaning of this!? You actually brought two little girls over here!? Are you looking down on us!!??”

Just when Aliyah and Oyado were fooling around, we have already arrived at the open space in front of the library. Although I have no idea why the members of the【Knight of the Blue Seas】chose this place, but… it doesn’t really matter.

“I say, Masha, we as challengers naturally know full well of our own combat strength. So, you guys just have to accept the challenge.”

“I… I guess that’s true! Fine then! Let us have a good battle!”

。After saying that, she instantly pulled out her heavy hammer, and dropped it heavily onto the ground.

Geez, it’s not good to destroy public property, you know. It’s no wonder I often see cracks on the academy’s flooring. So, you were the one causing them.

Her weapon was a blue heavy hammer. On one side, it was folded into some sort of shape, while on the other, it was filled with spikes.

And what she’s wearing was not heavy armor, but leather armor. Looks like, for the sake of wielding her heavy hammer more nimbly, she gave up on the defense provided by heavy armor.


Female | LV 35 Heavy Mace Wielder | LV 23 Light Novelist
[Neutral] [Happy]【Tender Blue Anchor】[Concealed Berserker] [Leader of the Knights of the Blue Seas Squad] [???] [???]

Although there’s still question marks, I’m too lazy to use【Phad’s Eye】to gather intel. In any case, I will still get another opportunity to do so.

And the other two, were called Mariyas Monte, a LV 33 Spear Knight, and Fars Raymond, a LV 20 Wind Magician.

They actually decided to deploy a Magician this time? Not bad.

“Looks like you guys are well-prepared, well then, let us begin!”

“That’s of course! But I wish to add a condition!”

Masha suddenly said.


“Condition? What is it?”

“The losing team will have to treat the other team to dinner!”



Does this girl still remember the dinner thing I said about the other time?

“I understand. Then let us hurry and begin.”

“Hmhmm! You best still have the appetite to eat after getting smacked by me!”

“Of course, of course. You don’t have to worry about that.”

I laughed, and then, took out the new weapon that Lanya created by following the blueprints I gave her last night – the Magic Armband, and wore it.

If it’s a weapon that aids in casting magic spells, I feel that carrying something like a magic staff around is too much of a nuisance. But, I had Hidden Blade equipped on my wrist, so I had Lanya create a magic equipment that could be equipped on my arm. Actually, it’s simply an armband that was embedded with a magic crystal, which was retrieved from the top of a magic staff. I had Lanya make an armband for each elemental type, and if I have to switch them in battles, I can simply use the inventory menu to do so.

And in my hands, was the Demonic Blade Bloodmoon which Bai Yueguang gave me earlier.

“A sword? A Magician using a sword, and such a thin one at that, you’re really making me angry!”

Masha stared at me and said.

””Haah. You really make a lot of comments. As an opponent, is it really fine to comment so much?”

“You bastard… Aaaah! I have decided! I will definitely smack you till you’re unable to stand!”

After saying that, a giant【Battle Barrier】instantly expanded on the open field, enveloping all of us within it.

As expected of a team battle, they instantly moved into their battle formation.

The Spear Knight immediately rushed ahead of his two teammates, and raised the shield in his hands to block the front.

Behind him was Masha who was carrying her heavy hammer, and right at the back was the Wind Magician.

“Oyado, I will leave the Magician to you. Do not attack him excessively, you only have to stop his spells from firing. Oh right, at least give him the chance to fire his spell once, after all, he did make the effort to come here.”



“Aaaah, I understand. To me, there’s no such things as strategies. This is so troublesome. That’s why I usually go solo.”

“Haah, I can imagine that.”

I nodded.

“Then you’re in-charge of preventing that Spear Knight from interrupting our battles.”

“Hehe, I’m fine with that!”

After saying that, she turned into a red blur and charged towards him. In less than two seconds, she had already reached right before the Spear Knight.

And then, in a flash, her figure actually appeared behind the Knight!

With a flash of her sword, from the joints in his armor, with a ‘huaaa’ sound, fresh blood began to spurt out!


And in that angle, it’s impossible for him to turn his body to counter-attack, and he was only able to see himself being attacked.


Masha carried her heavy hammer and waved it ruthlessly towards Aliyah. But, the heavy hammer instantly crashed into a wall of ice!

“Arcane – Suppress – Ice Royal Garden!”

By using Shaping Magic, I turned the initially big ice wall into the size of a shield, and its defense and durability was instantly increased by a few folds.

And using it as a shield was much more convenient.

Just that the pattern on it looked pretty terrible. After all, it resembled the floral patterns of a royal garden or something.

Ice Totem!

At the same time, I summoned an ice totem from the side to push Masha away.

“Your opponent is me. This is a duel between squad leaders, you know?”

“You guys… really don’t possess any team spirit, huh.”

“We’re just treating this as three stand-alone duels.”

I laughed, and then, raised my Demonic Blade.

“Then~ Let us begin~”

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27 thoughts on “Vol. 5 Chapter 23: NEET vs Blue Seas

  1. xiaxinia says:

    whatever happened to level difference being a major factor? how the hell can aliyah fight a level 33 when she isn’t even level 20? she even fought oyado and oyado is higher level and more skilled. last i remember aliyah was level 19 (end of last volume). i guess with the system change, lvl doesn’t mean much


  2. Albedo's Ahoge says:

    “I only told her that if I were to see her near big brother, I will wrap her up and send her to the Eastern Continent.”

    Yep, Oyado is a pretty annoying bitch. Really hate her.


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