Vol. 5 Chapter 29: Challenging the Squad Leader

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After the end of the battle with【Black Prince】, Princess Anne instantly rejected the duels requested from the other two squads.

“I need to study the proper applications of these spells.”

With this said, Princess Anne immediately ran back to her apartment.

I don’t know what she has in her mind, but, as a LV 16 Magician, seeing how she was able to hold her ground against a LV 32 Knight like that, it means that Princess Anne is already really proficient in using her spells.

The only thing she lacks now is raw strength.

And, what we have to do now, is really simple, and that’s spreading the news of this incident. Especially to the Witt Empire, there’s a need to inform them of what happened tonight in full detail.

One of the points we have to emphasize on is the fact that the three squads challenged Princess Anne at the same time, and the reason for that was because Princess Anne’s combat ability was among the weakest. At the same time, we have to emphasize on how Princess Anne was able to hold her ground even though she was against a strong foe.

The ones behind the three Knight squads tried to completely control the flow of information regarding this incident, and prevent any information from leaking out, however, through the network, we were still able to ‘accidentally’ leak out the information to some common information agencies, which are being watched by spies, in various empires.

To put it bluntly, they’re the unofficial news agencies in this world.

In this world, although every country possesses their own news broadcast agencies, due to the low literacy rate, most news are only released in a certain sector of the city, where the residence of the country’s lord lies, and then, the news will be spread by those who know how to read, to those who don’t, by ear.

But due to the recent extremely quick technological and economical advancements, the importance of news and information quickly became bigger before the literacy rate could improve.

Especially in various countries, news agencies have begun to appear among the commoners and less-fortunate. These agencies are mostly developed with the monetary support from a few guilds, so as to collect information for their jobs.

Naturally, to make sure that these agencies do not have any possibilities of harming their countries, the countries will send spies into the agencies.

Hence, we just have to make sure that the information we’re spreading is extremely credible, and naturally, before long, the entire continent will know of this piece of news.

Initially, this sort of thing requires a large amount of time and effort, but fortunately, we have our cute 【Sion’s Door】on our side, which is capable of simplifying the terminals, and has even begun to miniaturize them. With them here, I believe, the information age will soon arrive.


I think that if I were to use this opportunity to try my hands on creating various online games, and collect fees from them, I might be able to enjoy a life without any worries for food or lodging really quickly.

But, before that, I think it’s best to stick to grinding and improve my abilities. In this world, even though information is important, personal combat ability is even more important.

And, really quickly, results were produced. In the early morning of the next day, we saw the managers of the three Knight squads running to Princess Anne’s apartment to apologize about the incident. We did not expect our actions to be this effective.

And, around this time, I received information about the new squad leader of 【Knight of the Blue Seas】.

‘Anu Zhennir, is it?’

From afar, I was able to see the information regarding that squad leader.

‘LV 47 Sword Knight, LV 22 Strategist, in his list of titles, there’s 【Vice-Captain of the Third Hendry Empire Knight Squad】,【Forbidden Spell Possessor】,【Oppressor】,【OCD】,【Sis-con】… Why is there such a weird title among them?’

‘Because he has an actual blood-related sister, but according to the information I received, the relationship between him and his sister seems to be really terrible.’

Dale quickly sent me a reply.

‘The rest of the information match up to his titles, they’re all correct. In other words, for victory, they actually made a knight who had just obtained his post as a Vice-Captain into a student and threw him into our academy.’

‘Is that really alright? He’s already a Vice-Captain, and the academy actually accepts his admission into the school? Just how old is he?’

‘… 32 years old.’

‘Hey hey, he’s already a middle-aged uncle, and the academy actually allows his admission? Just how much money did they spend…’

‘Because the academy… does indeed have an advanced studies course, which also allows those who are older… to have the right to receive education.’

Hey hey, unless there’s an otherworlder among the academy’s board of directors as well? He even incorporated educational equity into the education system?

Ah whatever, it doesn’t matter. Since that’s the case…

‘Dale, find a way to send a message to Ice Empire, and have Gabriel admit into the school.’

‘… Ah?’

‘Since they have already deployed such a shameless tactic, then we shouldn’t hold back either. Geez, they actually used such an interesting tactic, are they trying to make us laugh?’

‘Alright, in any case, I understand.’

After saying that, Dale cut off the conversation.

“Haah, this is really troublesome.”

After finishing with the problems on this end, next up, we have to think of how we should exact our revenge.

Evidently, those Knight squads have begun to become extremely vicious, and the only way to deal with this problem is to quickly end this competition and obtain victory.

There’s two different ways to win. One, to achieve the highest number of points by the end of this term, and two, to directly accumulate 100 points.

Seeing the current situation, the only way to solve this problem quickly, is to directly grind our way to 100 points.

And as for improving our combat abilities, we will have to defeat opponents that are of higher levels than us, so as to guarantee 10,000 EXP for each win. This way, we will have enough EXP to increase our levels at the same time.

But, right now, we have a more pressing problem. After all, if we were to attack a certain Knight squad, we have to consider the reactions from the other two Knight squads as well.

If we were to face an all-out attack, it will be tough if they were to attack us in turns.

After all, currently, we have Princess Anne’s precedent case, I believe they will no longer go too far with their attacks. Right now, it’s the rare opportunity for us to take a break, we must definitely make full use of it.


In that case, it’s best to make more preparations like earlier, so that we won’t have to fluster when the need arises.

“In that case… let’s relieve a little burden off someone’s shoulders.”

With this thought in mind, I walked over to a teacher who was in-charge of registering the challenges.

【NEET Tea Party】Fir challenges【Black Prince】Arnus to a duel.

Not even five minutes after the registration, the broadcast sounded throughout the entire academy.

And then, not even ten minutes after that, I saw Arnus sprinting over from afar, with his long spear pointing towards me.

“I… will accept your challenge.”

“Of course you will, you have to.”

I smiled, and then pulled out Bloodmoon.

“Then let us have a good battle!”

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