[RPG] Vol. 5 Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: It Has Nothing to do with Me

PoV: Tai Shixi

Looking at Little Bai’s rushing figure, I could not help but let out a sigh.

Geez, what’s the point in rushing? That Fir can’t actually die for real anyway, so, why the rush?

Although the ruckus there looks really interesting…

I just don’t feel psyched at all.

Ever since I sent that Spear Knight flying with a single hit, I never received another challenge. Even if I were to look for people to challenge, whenever I finally managed to find someone that might provide a good match, I would always find out that the other party had already fought for that day.

Why is it so hard to be human?

What’s the point in playing this action battle game in a school life setting? Hurry and open up an actual battlefield so that I can battle to my heart’s content!


The people in the vicinity seems to be looking at me with frightened faces. Crap, it’s definitely because my excited face earlier have scared the passers-by.

Haah, it’s best that I stop daydreaming here, and find Hei Luoli.

“As I thought, you’re here…”

After walking for a while, I spotted Hei Luoli’s name in a very strange-looking gothic style clothing store.

This place… feels unsettling in many different ways…

Looking to my left and right, after I confirmed there weren’t anyone that I knew, I hurriedly opened the door and entered the store.

“Welcome~ Dear customer, what do…”

Before the store clerk, who was dressed in a light and frilly pink gothic style dress, could finish, a figure suddenly pounced on me!


Hei Luoli, who was wearing a cute white one-piece dress instantly leaped onto me!

“Let go! Little Hei! Wear your clothes properly!”

That’s right, she was only half-dressed, and most of the skin on her upper body was revealed.

“Girls must wear their clothes properly! Look, your chest is exposed! If someone else were to see this…”

“What’s the problem~ In any case, right now, there’s only girls here~”

“If there were men present, I would have already stabbed their eyes blind with my halberd.”

””That’s no longer stabbing them blind, but stabbing them to death. Do you really think that everyone has Little Bai’s life force, which is similar to a cockroach’s?”


That’s not a cockroach-like life force, but our in-built undying cheat.

“Oh right! This store is really awesome! There’s dresses that suit you too!”


Suit me? How is that possible…

“That’s right! This store orders a certain number of one-piece dresses with unique sizes according to the academy’s physical health test, so…”

Hei Luoli said as she took out an one-piece dress from the shelf.

Hey hey, at least, wear your clothes properly first!

“Tada! Look, this is an one-piece dress for girls whose heights are above 180cm!”


I couldn’t help but gulp down my saliva.

That’s right…

I have never worn an one-piece dress before, because, with my height of 180cm, it’s basically almost impossible to find one suitable for me.

But I don’t know why, whenever I see those light and frilly dresses, I will always have the urge to try them!

It must definitely feel awesome to wear one!

If I were to wear one, I will definitely be a little more feminine, right!?

But… Back then, when I forced myself to try a dress tailored for a girl with a height of 170cm, it ended up stuck, and I could not take it off.

In the end, back then, I accidentally encountered Hei Luoli who was shopping on the streets as well, hence, she found out my love for dresses…

If Little Bai knows about it, I will definitely smash his head and ensure no memories of the incident remain!


But now…

A beautiful red one-piece dress is placed right in front of me. Putting aside the frills, those beautiful adornments are really…

“Hurry and try it on!”

With a ‘pa’ sound, Hei Luoli actually stretched her hands onto my armor, and removed the buttons!

“Hey hey! How did you know about my armor…”

“Ah, while you were bathing, I had tried it on outside several times. So I managed to get the knack of it, I guess.”

What are you planning with getting the knack of something like this!?

And while I was dazed for that short moment, my entire armor had already fell on the floor with a clang!


Hei Luoli, are you a pervert!?

“Eh? I already told you bandages are no good. Why aren’t you wearing bras?”

“I don’t need you to care!”

“This can’t do, you know? Store owner!”

“Un, un!”

That young girl wearing the pink one-piece closed the door, and then, pulled onto a rope on the wall.

With a ‘huaa’ sound, a shelf filled with rows of different types of underwear revealed itself from the wall, the dazzling number of underwear caused the corner of my lips to twitch constantly.

“Then~ Let us begin~”

Hei Luoli said.

PoV: Bai Yueguang

Before I even arrived on the scene, I could already hear the constant smashing and collision between metals from afar!

Quickly leaping onto the roof of a building nearby the battle scene, I looked ahead, and two red figures were currently exchanging blows in the air.

The weapons in their hands constantly collided in the sky, and their speeds were actually so frightening fast, my naked eyes could not catch the trails of their swords at all!

On one side was the female warrior Merun, whose current face was absolutely hideous, and her two eyes were gleaming red. The armor she was wearing had already lost its former shape from the scars of battle, and a few spots of red aura supplemented the gaps of the armor, causing her to look even more sinister.

On the other side, was Fir who had completely transformed into a demonic ghost, and even had horns growing on his head.

His mouth was filled with fanged teeth, and his lips revealed a devilish smile. The only thing that did not fit his current appearance was the white wing on his back which was already completely stained with blood.

The battle between the two figures was no longer frightening, but strange.

And as the two people exchanged blows, the vicinity looked as though it had been struck by a large-scale magic spell.

The ground had no longer of its former resemblance, and as for the buildings at the side… the students who study there definitely did not need to report for classes tomorrow.

“Damn it, looks like I can only use this…”

I took out【Spirit Blade Whitemoon】, which was the only weapon capable of restraining 【Demonic Blade Bloodmoon】.

Back then, I already knew that releasing the seal on【Demonic Blade Bloodmoon】will definitely be extremely dangerous, so I specifically found a very famous Onmyouji in the Eastern Continent to improve the seal.

Right before he left, he gave me this blade, and told me that, if someone were to go berserk with that demonic blade, that person will return to normal when he is slashed by this blade.

“That weapon, is it used to seal Fir?”

Unknowingly, Uncle Gabriel suddenly appeared by my side.

Appearing at the same time was an uncle named Andrew Mel Syribel… And looking at his titles, he seemed to be this academy’s principal!

“That’s right, as long as I’m able to slice him or his blade with mine, his madness will be sealed.”

“… Alright, then leave that girl to me!”

After saying that, Uncle Gabriel suddenly summoned a white sword, and with his pair of white wings stretched out, he flew to the skies.

“Ara, I don’t specialize in battling.”

The principal laughed, and then, turned towards me.

“Do you wish… to become an angel?”

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