[RPG] Vol. 5 Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Finishing Touches

“In other words, it hasn’t even been five minutes since my battle with Merun began?”

“I was already able to see that strange scene of you guys battling from afar. But… Since you guys began too quickly, and ended too quickly, so…”

Bai Yueguang answered helplessly, and then, looked towards Merun who was already frozen in ice.

That’s right, after the battle ended, after thinking it through, I made an agreement with Merun’s subordinates, and brought the frozen Merun away from the scene.

Of course, the teacher who was initially in-charged of overseeing the battle, was currently moved to the infirmary by one of Merun’s subordinates, and he should have gotten Uncle Gabriel to alter his memories by now.

In other words, other than the debris and the noise from the battle earlier, basically, currently no one else is able to pinpoint us out as the people who caused the ruckus in the school grounds.

Of course, we easily conviced Merun’s subordinates as well.

I just had to inform them that if a third party were to know that Merun randomly destroyed public property in the school grounds, it would taint their knight’s name. Hence, in less than ten seconds, they accepted my proposal.

Of course, moving her away on foot, no matter how it looked, it would be really dangerous to do so. Hence, I placed some things that looked extremely professional onto the ground, and then, after using a simple Flash magic spell… I used【Flash Movement】to move everyone, as well as the block of ice, to their courtyard.

“Dispel Freeze!”

The block of ice enveloping Merun began to quickly disintegrate, and in less than a minute, the entire block of ice melted, and Merun fell out of the ice.

Currently, the redness on her body had already disappeared.

But, a large half of her armor was already destroyed from the battle.

And with the scars created from going berserk earlier…

“Aren’t you guys going to bring a towel to cover her body?”

I turned and asked her companions.

“Ah, right, right! Where’s the towel!?”

“How would I know? I never used this place.”

“This is also my first time here as well. How would I know?”

“Me too…”

Staring at these five people, I helplessly entered the room, took the blanket off the bed, came out, and covered it over her.

“Geez, this shouldn’t be the first time such an situation happened, right? She went berserk on several occasions on the battlefield, right? Back then, how did she deal with the situation?”

“Usually, after a few hours, we will see her walking to us with a tired expression. She will also be wearing a new set of armor she got from someone’s body.”

“This girl, she really does as she pleases, huh.”

I sighed helplessly. Wrapping her around with the blanket, I then carried her up.

“She sure is light…”

I did not expect that, she, who had about the same height as Tai Shixi, was actually this light… Without her armor, she’s probably… not more than fifty kilos, right? Or it might be even less than that.

After placing her on the bed in the room, I turned and looked towards her companions.

“Today’s battle never happened, and take it as nothing happened today, alright? Including the thing about me bringing her back here, and the method I used.”

“No problem! We have seen your duel today, your battle techniques are simply too amazing! You’re actually able to go head to head with our big sis! You’re basically incredible!”

“Haha… Is that so…”

“Of course, we will keep this battle a secret. After all, it concerns our big sis’ reputation.”

“Un, then that’s good. Help me convey my apologies, after all, I did suddenly knock her out.”

“Of course, we will.”

After saying that, Bai Yueguang and I left the apartment. Then, after reuniting with Hei Luoli outside a small shop, we began to return to our base.


“In other words, currently, you have completely merged with Bloodmoon?”

“That’s right. I don’t know why, but it just happened.”

After saying that, I stretched my hand out. Fragments of the red Bloodmoon appeared in the air, and they instantly merged together above my hand.

A red katana was completely formed, and the only difference it had compared to back then was the complete disappearance of the talismans wrapped around it.

“As I thought… Haah, this is fine as well. If you were the one being swallowed by Bloodmoon instead, that it would have been big trouble.”

“Hahaha, that won’t ever happen.”

I replied with a laugh.

How could something like that swallow me?

“Speaking of which, how’s the evidence removal coming along?”

“Just now, Tai Shixi sent me a message, and she told me Gabriel had already altered the memories of those onlookers. Not just the teacher’s, but the memories of those people who were hiding near the office entrances were also removed.”

“He sure is efficient.”

I laughed and nodded.

“Oh right, is Oyado back yet?”

“Big brother, is there anything you need from me!”

In a flash, Oyado appeared beside us.

“Did the principal and the rest appear?”

Obviously, I was referring to the place we dueled at earlier.

“Un, un. The principal and the rest came, and they even brought someone people to investigate the scene.”

“And their conclusion?”

“Destruction caused by external personnel.”

“Very good~”

I stroked Oyado’s head.

“As I thought, the disguise was perfect.”

Earlier, I threw a couple of magic grenades onto the scene, fabricating the various traces of magic.

I even had Oyado leave some sword scars on the battle scene.

“Geez, since it would turn out to be such a big mess, why did you guys even begin fighting in the first place?”

“If someone were to challenge me, I can’t just reject the challenge, right?”

“What about the Battle Barrier?”

“Because she said she wanted a more realistic battle, so I accepted.”


Bai Yueguang helplessly shook his head.

“Well~ If it’s Little Bai, you will definitely head straight into the battle, right?”

“Well… If there’s a fight, I will fight.”

Bai Yueguang admitted it really directly.

“Then what are we going to do next?”

“We will wait for the academy’s notification. I think the notification of our journey will be coming really soon.”

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