Arc 2

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Chapter 35: Human Trafficker
Chapter 36: A Baby Treats Food as Heaven
Chapter 37: The Rubbed-Off Principles
Chapter 38: Regarding the Bringing Up of a Disciple
Chapter 39: Trust Between Master and Disciple
Chapter 40: Prehistoric Monster Infant
Chapter 41: Not Playing Around with Disciple will Lead to Death
Chapter 42: Activating Make-Up Story Mode
Chapter 43: Undoing the Knot in One’s Heart
Chapter 44: The Protagonist’s Cheat is Tricking You
Chapter 45: The So-Called Invincibility Mode
Chapter 46: The Promised Protagonist’s Cheat
Chapter 47: The Round Azoth Pellet
Chapter 48: Cultivation Requires Entrance Examinations
Chapter 49: Setting Off to Tasyoluk
Chapter 50: Outsiders Watching the Commotion
Chapter 51: What Grass is That?
Chapter 52: Treasure-Protecting Demonic Beast
Chapter 53: Piggish Party Member Strikes Again
Chapter 54: The Chrysanthemum After the Demonic Beast Conclusion
Chapter 55: Compact, Practical, Suitable and Portable
Chapter 56: When Heading Out, Bringing Along Your Master is a Must
Chapter 57: Experiencing The First Marriage Proposal
Chapter 58: Sesame Opened a Door
Chapter 59: The Shameless Deity
Chapter 60: Master Will Wait For You At Jade Forest Mountain
Chapter 61: Zhu Yao Version 3.0