[Disciple] Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Regarding the Bringing Up of a Disciple

“You live in the Jade Forest Mountain?” Wang Xuzhi was startled, but a moment later, he calmed down again. “I heard from master that, ancestral-martial uncle has recently taken in a disciple. So… It’s true.”

Earlier, Wang Xuzhi was still in a happy mood, but he suddenly became solemn. His furrowed eyebrows were filled with unimaginable amount of melancholy, and his voice seemed to be suppressed by something as well. “So you’re his new disciple, heh… Do you know? I know your senior-martial sister. We were very close… so very close!”

And he seemed to be talking sentimental tosh, as his voice became softer with every word. Zhu Yao suddenly felt her heart was becoming heavier as well.

“But…” He took in a deep breath, as though he was trying to suppress something within him. “Everyone had forgotten about her. Even your master has… Haha. Back then, when he was unable to save her, he destroyed the entire Silent Melancholy Forest with a single breath. But, so what? It’s only but a hundred years, and he took in another disciple, even he had forgotten his previous disciple.”

The hand Wang Xuzhi was using to carry her became tighter, as though he was holding in his anger with all his strength. Only when Zhu Yao felt a little pain from his strangling and she started to struggle worriedly, did he finally regain his senses, and slackened his strength. He then turned to smile at her. “It doesn’t matter. Even if the entire world has forgotten about her, I will still remember her, and will forever remember her.”

He took in a few deep breaths, before he stood up and began to walk towards the mountain peak. “Little bun, I will send you back.”

Zhu Yao did not make any sound, and simply stared at the little wimp who had grown up in front of her. The image of his mournful and saddened smile, which even carried a little amount of despair, surfaced in front of her. She really had never expected that, her death would deal such a big blow to him. Until now, she had thought that her resurrection was just something that happened in a blink of an eye, but hearing his words earlier, she was actually dead for a hundred years.

And even though it’s been a hundred years, he still brood about her death?

She really wanted to tell him that she did not die, and had resurrected. But she was basically unable to say anything, and finally, she could only spread out her small hands, using her small, small body, she tightly hugged onto his neck.

Little wimp, I’m back.

“Was someone here?” The moment Yu Yan returned, he felt the presence of a live being. After passing the warm bottle of spiritual beast milk in his hands to the little dumpling who was sitting upright on the bed, he waved his hands to cast a Mystic Art used for inspection. After realizing who it was, his brows furrowed deeply. It’s that stinky brat again. It was not enough for him to abduct one of his disciples, now he’s even thinking of abducting a second one.

Yu Yan carried up the little dumpling on the bed, and warned with a stern expression. “In the future, do not casually make contact with people that do not concern you.” To prevent his disciple from learning bad things again.

Zhu Yao’s response was, carrying the milk bottle in her hands, she planted it onto his face. No one can say bad things about my family’s little wimp, not even my master.

She was a child. She’s that stubborn.

A certain master: “……”


Zhu Yao had spent an entire four months living the lifestyle of a pig, and finally had the small sign of heading towards the development of a regular work-rest cycle. Because of Reverend Hong Chou’s one visit, she had expressed that Zhu Yao no longer needed to rely on milk, and she had grown out a pair of teeth as well. Hence, master had begun to feed her with only porridge. She had also begun to speak a few complete words, but she was still unable to say a complete sentence.

Of course, in a situation like this, Zhu Yao was actually very anxious about it. Not being able to talk, not being able to walk, and was only allowed to eat porridge, when compared to her mental age, it was comparable to a first-rate disability. She wanted to cultivate as well, however, her master seemed to have forgotten his intention of taking in a disciple, and had completely immersed himself in the joy of bringing up a daughter.

Zhu Yao felt that her body was a little weird. Although she did not have any spiritual energy in her body, her senses were still the same as when she was at the Foundation-stage. And, when she met Wang Xuzhi the other day, she was actually able to see, at first glance, his Foundation Paragon cultivation level. Even she did not know why.

Wang Xuzhi would occasionally see her as well, but he had never went up to the mountain peak, and simply sat on that piece of rock in the forest.

Every time, he would bring over a few things for her. There were food, and there were even toys, he had the look of completely treating her as a child whom he had to coaxed into. Zhu Yao silently planned in her head how she would ridicule him back at full force when she regained her ability to speak.

Obviously, Yu Yan had objections, but, he found out that his little disciple seemed to especially like that brat. Whenever Yu Yan brought him up, whatever his little disciple had in her hands, she would plant them in his face, her temper was especially bad.

Although it had been a hundred years, to a deity practitioner, a hundred years were only a blink of an eye. With Wang Xuzhi’s outstanding talent, logically, he should have formed his Azoth Core much earlier, yet, he was still stuck at the cultivation level of a Foundation Paragon. She then wondered what happened to that Xiao Yi kid?

When she thought of him, Zhu Yao could not help but paste the label ‘Pig-Like Party Member’ on his face. Back then, if he had not hesitated for that one moment, she would not have the need to resurrect.

Actually, after she pondered deeply about it, she was able to understand why he would be stunned back then. After all, to him, only he knew that he was keeping an exotic treasure, and his Sword Intent was, even more so, something he managed to achieve due to his exotic treasure. It was his secret. But, this secret of his was suddenly shouted out by her. No matter who it was, he would not have been able to react instantly, right?

However, in that situation back then, how could there be any moment of hesitation? And, there was not any time for her to slowly walk over and whisper it into his ear, right?

Hence, her death was really no one’s fault.

But, Wang Xuzhi did not think as such. From what he had occasionally revealed to Zhu Yao who was in her dumpling form, from the bits and pieces of his words, she realized he harbored deep hatred towards Xiao Yi, and he even had the belief that the responsibility for Zhu Yao’s death was all on Xiao Yi. To the point when, every time he brought up the topic about her, he would subconsciously look towards the southwestern direction, with eyes filled with hatred. And in the southwestern direction was exactly Sovereign Feng Yi’s cave residence. And, ever since seventy years ago, Xiao Yi had been in isolation training, forming his Azoth Core.

One of the reasons why Zhu Yao wanted to start cultivating as fast as possible, was because of Wang Xuzhi. When comparing scheming ability, luck and cultivation, he was basically unable to beat Xiao Yi in any of these aspects. She was really afraid that, he would pick a fight with Xiao Yi out of impulse. Hence, it would be best if she could keep watch of him.

But, even if that’s the case, as of yet, Zhu Yao did not have the intention to tell anyone of her resurrection. After all, things like resurrecting after a sure death, in this world, it was still considered as a strange event. It would be hard for anyone to not suspect that she had some sort of treasure in her hands. However, the key thing was, even she was not entirely clear why this was happening to her.

And, when she died, she seemed to have the strange incident of suddenly transporting into the internet, which was something that she could not even explain to anyone else, even she was a little muddled about it. For a short while, she suspected that she might have been transported into some sort of game, however, she had, after all, lived in this world for so many years, and the people she encountered were all living beings. If this was a game, at the very least, there should be an NPC, right!?

Zhu Yao let out a long sigh, and she sadly begun to contemplate about life.

And when Yu Yan rushed out with a bowl of porridge in his hands, he saw a scene of a little dumpling, who could not even sit steadily, lying on the grass plains, trying to hold onto her small little head, only to tumble down over and over again.

Yu Yan began to seriously ponder, how he could bring her up, so as to gain a disciple who was not as stupid. After all, it was no longer possible for him to make up for her natural deficiencies.

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      • Phoenix says:

        Don’t forget Xiao Yi apparently has been in closed door training, breaking through to Azoth for seventy years. I’m just surprised that it’s taking them so long to get to Azoth considering both have rare spirit veins and one has an exotic treasure

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    • Chuo says:

      Little wimp is having trouble because he is heartbroken, the emotional imbalance probably causes issues in cultivation. Xiao Yi is hiding his level so he probably is way higher but feigning incompetence.

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    • dezzter96 says:

      At each stage the cultivation becomes exponentially harder and also they age exponentially slower. These 2 also have to go through bottlenecks and face a tribulation of heavenly lightning which can kill them. It’s not exactly something you do unless you are 100% ready or desperate.

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  1. Chuo says:

    Someone spoiled it on the comments, please don’t do that. I really hoped it had been only a few months and it really must be all the treasures she’s being fed with that her senses are over developed.

    Thanks for the translation.

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    • Phoenix says:

      It’s like finding a rare one of a kind treasure. If people found out that she can reincarnate with her memories and in such a short time, there will definitely be people coming to dissect (or refine) her hoping to find out the secret

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    • sayarii says:

      I don’t think I ever read a story(xianxia, wuxia etc.) where the mc admits to someone he/she was reincarnated(if there is please let me know!). It’s usually the other characters who notices, like a certain master/papa.
      It’s scary what this cultivators would do if they find out you have this ability.


  2. sayarii says:

    Poor little wimp. I didn’t want him to forget mc and wanted him to hate pig-like party member but now I’m feeling sorry for him. I hope he moves on soon.
    On the other hand, a certain master/papa is already beginning to feel what it’s like if your daughter dates someone in the future. lol
    Thank you for the chapter!

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  3. Chronos5884 says:

    Awww Little Wimp. Wang Xuzhi is so sweet. Stupid master, you aren’t allowed to trash talk him. Go Zhu Yao! Plant stuff in master’s face! How dare he trash talk Wang Xuzhi!

    Ahh… I can’t wait for the next chapters! Wang Xuzhi, please let things end well for him ;-;

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  4. libraryrocker says:

    Yu Yan!!! It’s so funny that you still have hope your disciple won’t be stupid! I look forward to when you become completely resigned and think “My poor, poor stupid disciple…” I look forward to it with my entire heart!!!!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

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