About Me

Ello! I live in Singapore, and I’m adept in both English and Mandarin, since I learnt them both since young. Though, I must say I have not mastered either of them. I have been an avid anime watcher and manga reader since a long time ago, and a few years back, I got into reading light novels as well.

Currently waiting for enrollment into University on August.

Additionally, I’m working on Against the Gods with Alys&co as well. Click here!

If you need anything or something, email me at strazedd@gmail.com

59 thoughts on “About

  1. flame says:

    Hope you don’t mind but I’ve made a pdf of prologue – chapter 8. I haven’t shared it yet but I was thinking about doing so in a little community I’m a part of. Don’t worry I give create to ya ~!


  2. heavenelf says:

    I’ve add your project and group to mangaupdates.
    I still need some info about the novel and author tough.
    Can’t read chinese and got fuzzy when I google translated it.
    Hope this can help.

    Thanks for your hardwork anyway ^^


    • scryasword says:

      The author goes by the pen name 七夜凯文.

      As for genres, I guess it’s mostly comedy, action and fantasy.

      I will try to work on a summary for it during the weekends.


  3. Robo says:

    Hei, Scrya!

    I just want to drop by and convey my utmost sincere gratitude for your translation works, i really appreciate your work, excellent! Keep up the good work, do your best!


  4. flame says:

    Not really sure where to put this and I didn’t want to randomly put it randomly in a chapter.. but I just wanted to say I looked at the schedule and Disgaea 5 is where it’s at :p ! Funny enough I had a friend get me a pretty sweet shirt.. I’m not really sure where they got it though…


  5. kmx72 says:

    One question who is the girl in the cover of volume 4 is it Oyado? If you know please tell me and since you like Saber then here is one as for your hard work and for you to have more motivation


  6. kmx72 says:

    Yeah what about age and gender also on your about me,my questionI almost forgot my question that who was the girl on cover of volume 4 ? Anyways thanks for your hard work as always and here is an image

    Liked by 1 person

  7. kmx72 says:

    Since I think my comment was not seen on the chapter I will repeat myself thank you very much for clearing my doubt and also would sending more Astolfo help you calm down anyways thanks for your hard work and you’re great for saying what you said


  8. Ilken says:

    I stumble upon disciple like 2 days ago from moonbunnycafe.com! Thanks a lot for translating that awesome series. I literally finish the whole translated chapters in 2 days XD
    Thanks a lot for your hard work! :***


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