Volume 3

Equipment as Prize for the Annual Tournament?

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Chapter 01: Same Academy Life as Usual
Chapter 02: Keep a Low Profile, Otherwise You are Forced to Work
Chapter 03: The Young Knight Girl with Red Hair
Chapter 04: Armor Break!?
Chapter 05: Unconscious Campus
Chapter 06: Unconscious Comrade
Chapter 07: Unknown Fear
Chapter 08: Inverted Pyramid
Chapter 09: You’re Kidding Me
Chapter 10: Quest Completion
Chapter 11: I’m Always the Scapegoat
Chapter 12: School Transfer
Chapter 13: Sleep Early, Wake Up Early, Healthy Body
Chapter 14: Annual Tournament’s Prelude
Chapter 15: Bone-Piercing Ice & Blazing Heart (I)
Chapter 16: Bone-Piercing Ice & Blazing Heart (II)
Chapter 17: The Feeling of Being a Celebrity
Chapter 18: Late Night Visitor
Chapter 19: New Path
Chapter 20: Turning into a Woman is Impossible
Chapter 21: I Only Want to Keep to a Low Profile
Chapter 22: Bounty
Chapter 23: Inexplicable Murder
Chapter 24: Killing Me Isn’t Easy
Chapter 25: Can You Help Me?
Chapter 26: Operation Fake Death (I)
Chapter 27: Operation Fake Death (II)
Chapter 28: Lightning Doll Master
Chapter 29: Doll War
Chapter 30: Infinite Phantom
Chapter 31: Learning Advanced-Grade Magic
Chapter 32: Mentor System
Chapter 33: The Girl on the Wheelchair
Chapter 34: Smuu Household (I)
Chapter 35: Smuu Household (II)
Chapter 36: Deep Within the Smuu Household
Chapter 37: Secret of the Smuu Household
Chapter 38: Chatting in the Night
Chapter 39: Terminal
Chapter 40: The Dark Library
Chapter 41: Mysterious Shadow
Chapter 42: Theft Failure
Chapter 43: Evil Accumulation
Chapter 44: Overpowered Healing Skill
Chapter 45: So You’re Here to Bully Newbies!
Chapter 46: Blue Ice, Wooden Pole
Chapter 47: Cage
Chapter 48: Tainted Wing
Chapter 49: Can’t Even Dig My Own Grave
Chapter 50: Academy Tower
Chapter 51: Act, Act, and Act

21 thoughts on “Volume 3

      • Draco says:

        Atmosphere is also an important matter.
        1. Sit on a BADASS throne
        2. Make sure the surrounding is pitch black
        3. Slowly have flames flicker to life (for more info on how to make this, read Demon Lords for Dummies)
        4. Dont forget BGM. Dark. Creepy. Most importantly, thunder, lots of it

        Add your personal touch and there you have it, total makeover of your dungeon’s last floor…was what you wanted right?


  1. RyuGen says:

    This series is good and I like the fight scenes but damn the MC in some occasions gets treated like a bitch (though it can be funny). The faults of the MC is that he overthinks too much and that he needs more balls when dealing with people especially woman. For romance wise I hope he does not act like a dense/prude guy and actually takes an initiative because dense or indecisive characters are a pain in the arse.


  2. FireDragonStar says:

    Thank you very mach for translating the novel just loving it 🙂
    btw can u post a spoiler summery of the series im just dying to know wher this series is going ty.


  3. Dauntes says:

    Thanks so much for your work on this series! I just ended up finding, and subsequently reading, Vol. 1 and 2 yesterday. The easy-going aspect of the story makes it a joy to read so I really appreciate you picking this one up.

    Thanks again! 🙂


  4. The7Dead says:

    Thanks for your hard work. And here I was wondering if you could post the illustrations of this novel coz I can’t find it on google


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