Vol. 3 Chapter 51: Act, Act, and Act

PoV: Aliyah

“What is that boy, Fir, doing? He picks up a book, looks at it for a few seconds to a few minutes, and then puts it back into the shelf. Is he actually able to finish reading them in such a short time?”

The principal asked George who was beside him as he looked at the surveillance magic.

“I don’t think so. That boy is probably frustrated on what magic skill book to choose, I guess? Inside the tower, at the very least, the skill books are of at the Ougi level. It’s probably not that simple finding the spell that’s suitable for him, right?”

After hearing their conversation, In place of Fir, I felt shameful for him.

How is that guy frustrated on choosing which book he wants? He’s obviously expertly flipping the books on one hand, and then rapidly tapping on the ‘Yes’ button on the skill learning notification panels on the other!

Looks like that guy realized he could not sneakily take the books away, so he decided to start learning the spells inside. It seems he didn’t make that much of a loss by not being able to learn the advanced-grade magic in the library. He’s currently earning all of his losses back.

But at that time, that guy had such a righteous-looking expression, and I had thought of going straight to the cathedral to look for him. I didn’t expect that in the end, he was saved by those two girls…

“Aaaaaah, why do I feel so frustrated whenever I think about it!”

Crap, after yelling that out, I realized everyone around me was looking at me weirdly.

I hurriedly apologetically lowered my head, and then, I immediately left the site.

I will just allow Fir to cause a commotion by himself. I think it’s best for me to look for new quests nearby.

PoV: Fir

When I walked out of the Academy Tower with a face full of smiles, what appeared before me were two guys with bitter faces, the academy principal and Uncle George.

“What is it? Elders, you two don’t look really happy.”

“Cough cough, Fir, earlier, you stayed in the Academy Tower for so long, and in the end, you actually chose something like that. Why?”

“About that…”

I looked at the ring on my hand that I just obtained, and then began to think.

Earlier, when I finished learning from all the books in the tower, I began to look for something that was suitable for me to use. After all, after learning all the spells, I naturally did not need the books anymore, and I had to at least take something out of the tower.

But inside, all the weapons and armor actually had level restrictions. Even though there were several good stuffs, but the equipment I could use now all had weak effects, hence, they did not have any value in my eyes at all.

However, just when I was about to casually pick out an equipment that increases defense, suddenly, the Famous Detective skill actually lighted up! I looked around, and realized something on the shelf at the other side of the room was flashing.

That’s right, it was flashing. Think for a moment. When you’re playing an RPG, and there’s something flashing on the table. What will you do? And back then, that thing was sparkling, and my OCD cells compelled me to walk over.

3rd Relic of the Momiji
1 of the 7 keys used to open Momiji’s secrets.
Able to store a meter-square sized living being.

Although I really like its ability to store a meter-square sized living being as well, but, it being Momiji’s relic was the main reason why I was attracted to it.

According to what I know, the only people that would call themselves the Momiji… were only the Momiji Secret Society, right?

After pondering and looking at it for a long time, I decided to bring it out.

“Because it looks nice.”

While I said that, I picked the ring up and began to scrutinize it.

Three pieces of leaves connected at the exterior of the ring, forming a circle. From an artistic viewpoint, it is definitely a decent artistic piece of work.

“Oh my god…”

I seemed to have felt the principal releasing a sigh, as if I did not meet his expectations.

“Isn’t this a pretty good outcome? I left a few more items for our students to choose from in the future.”

I smiled, as a I looked towards Princess Michelle who was beside me.

She actually took out an entire chunk of natural magical ice stone. That thing is different from the regular magic crystal. Natural magical ice stones are actually formed naturally, and could store more magic.

The Ice Empire is large, but there are still some things that are impossible to obtain even with money. This natural stone is one of them. Without a place like this magical academy where Magicians gather, who will risk their lives to obtain an item like this?

I saw the side of the principal’s lips twitching a little.

Obviously, he was definitely thinking why such a large natural stone was thrown into the store. For such a large chunk of natural stone, even if it’s in this magical academy, it probably only amount to a few as well. For it to be taken away as a prize, his heart must definitely be tearing apart and bleeding right now.

But, rules are rules. Since Princess Michelle was able to scavenge this natural stone from the bunch of items inside, then the principal has no reason to forbid her from taking it away.

“Cough cough… Very good. Looks like you have all chose something that you like. Our academy feels proud of you, our students.”

Is that really so? Aren’t you thinking of beating us up in your heart?

Alright, even if you’re not thinking of that, your body has betrayed you. Your name is actually jumping constantly between the colors, red and white, you know.

But, in a place like this, even if he has a hundred times more guts, he still definitely will not dare to act.

After the simple ceremony, this year’s Annual Tournament ended. This annoying event has finally came into a conclusion.

There isn’t going to be an event like this one next year, right? Even if you kill me, I won’t participate in it again. It’s too frustrating.

Of course, unless there’s something really worth the trouble, then I might decide to participate again.

And at this moment, I suddenly heard a ring from the system’s notification. When I looked at the screen that popped out, I actually realized that the countdown for the tainted wings has ended.

Tainted Piece of Angel’s Wing, Tainting Countdown: 0 Hours 0 Minutes
‘Tainted’ status ended. ‘Tainted’ status removed.


‘Tainted’ status ended? ‘Tainted’ status removed?

Hey hey hey! No matter how I looked at it, that ‘Tainting Countdown’ was a ‘Beginning to be Tainted’ countdown, but it’s actually the countdown for how long the ‘tainted’ status will last!

System, who the hell taught you language?

Are you trying to kid me?

While I was still stunned, the black spots on my wing slowly disappeared, and it returned to its original look.

I wasn’t the only one who was startled, especially Uncle George who was right in front of me, he was so shocked that his mouth was opened up wide.

“Are you hungry?”

“Ah? Hah?”

Obviously, Uncle George did not know why I asked something like that.

“Otherwise, why are you opening up your mouth so wide? Are you planning to eat me?”

“No… That… Of course not… It’s just that, this is the first time I see someone’s tainted wing being restored naturally… This… This is simply an unprecedented miracle…”

“I already told you. I’m such a pure person, even if the king of darkness was to personally pay a visit, he still wouldn’t be able to taint me. Really, why can’t you guys understand that?”

When I uttered out these words, I almost wanted to puke.

But, I tried my best to keep my expression natural, otherwise, I would definitely be exposed.

“This… I’m really sorry. Earlier, I was…”

“Alright, you don’t have to say it. Just don’t bother me again in the future.”

“But since you have such potential, then…”


I stared deeply into Uncle George’s eyes, and then said.

“will never join the Church, so you don’t have to worry. Let’s go, Princess Michelle.”

Leaving Uncle George and our academy’s principal who could do nothing to stop me, I brought Princess Michelle away and left.

The feeling of acting big, is the best.

And there we have it. End of Vol. 3. No afterwords by the author here or anything. Whew. Now then, gonna be taking a break for the weekend I guess, while I look through the previous volumes and do some editing to the terms here and there, as always.

I had wanted to do a bigger tsunami, but my blog had already reached the 2 million views mark and I had my first couple of donors, so I thought I had to throw something out, you know? So there, hope you guys enjoy~

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    • bakaleaf says:

      Fir is not cheating
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  1. brightxdarkness says:

    “I already told you. I’m such a pure person, even if the king of darkness was to personally pay a visit, he still wouldn’t be able to taint me. Really, why can’t you guys understand that?”

    When I uttered out these words, I almost wanted to puke.
    Bravo hahahahahahhahahahahah thats mu Fir nothing less ex[ected from jack of all trades and they say he isn op.


  2. Storiesjunkies. says:

    I stared deeply into Uncle Paul’s eyes, and then said.

    “will never join the Church, so you don’t have to worry. Let’s go, Princess Michelle.”

    Leaving Uncle Paul and our academy’s principal who could do nothing to stop me, I brought Princess Michelle away and left.


    umm who is paul ?


  3. Jyazen says:

    Ahahahaha, I’m surprised the System Message system didn’t automagically updated once Fir criticized it. 😀

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    WOoohooo thanks for the chapter, and fir i think its because you have skeleton wing your tainted effect isn’t affecting you


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    I suspect due to his race being Undead Angel, the Taint simply transferred from his Angel’s Wing to strengthen his Undead Wing.


    • Inbetweenaction says:

      the author is probably kicking himself for not thinking about this… or not, since tainted apparently is a status debuff like bleeding according to the system


    • passerby says:

      I’d rather believe that his undead wing simply overpowered the taint, absorbing or dispelling it. This due to his undead wing being an equal existence to his angel one.
      P.s. Gotta say, I expected that though.


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    “3rd Relic of the Momiji
    1 of the 7 keys used to open Momiji’s secrets.
    Able to store a meter-square sized living being.”
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