Vol. 4 Prologue

“Fir, I’m really curious as to how you did it. Mind enlightening me?”

The scent of a mature woman emitted by Ms Mari’s body stimulated my sense of smell. But if you think I will be tempted that easily, then you have underestimated me.

I’m Lin Fir! A genius youth who came from another world!

Everything above were just things that I made up. Actually, because the smell of alcohol from Ms. Mari’s body was just too strong, the possibility of tempting me was absolutely zero.

“Teacher, I feel that, in usual situations, when a teacher wish to discuss a problem about a student’s studies… she wouldn’t tie the student to a chair, and then sit on that student’s body, right? Of course, teacher, you’re not heavy at all. Compared to a certain violent person’s fist, your weight could be considered nothing to me.”

“Hehe, I will treat that as a compliment then.”

Ms Mari gave a charming smile, leaned closer to me, and continued.

“That’s not the main point, right?”

“This isn’t the focus of the discussion either…”

“Unless you ‘stood up’?”

“If that thing of mine did not stand up, then I will really have to worry about the health of my body. But, teacher, haven’t you realized that the smell of alcohol on your body is a little too strong?”


Ms Mari took in a deep breath.

“I don’t smell it at all~?”

“Alright, stop fooling around. Can’t we have a regular conversation between us? For example, a regular and traditional interaction between a teacher and a student?”

“You don’t like it this way?”

“Of course not!”

“Then shall I hang you up next time?”

“Can’t we interact normally!? Nor-mal-ly! You drunk, pervert of a teacher whose mind is only filled with sex! Hurry and release me!”

When Ms Mari finished listening to what I said, she made an expression as if she was about to cry.

“Wuu… My own student actually thinks I’m a pervert.”

“You’re definitely one, alright! Be conscious of yourself!”

“Ha~ Really~ Even though this treatment is only available for my dear student, Fir, why can’t you enjoy it all~?”

“Because I don’t wish to be known as a human trash and walk the path of Makoto-kun.”


“Don’t mind it…”

Ms Mari sighed, and then held a piece of paper in front of me.

“Then~ Let’s have a normal interaction. How did you score full marks for the explanation of magic skills, but score an absolute zero for your theoretical knowledge for your end-semester examinations? And what’s with the strange full score for your combat test?”

“Haven’t you thought of first getting off my body and releasing me before talking to me about this?”

“Since you did not answer my questions, are you hoping for our current postures to be photographed and have that photograph placed right at the academy’s centre square?”

After saying that, she actually waved her staff, and something that looked like a recording crystal that was on her table slowly floated in the air and was positioned right above us.

“Hey hey! Where’s your consistency!?”

“What consistency?”

“It’s my home’s dialect… No, the main point is, don’t you care about your reputation?”


Ms. Mari fell into silence, and then yelled in agony.

“Aaaaah, I’m already 25, and I have yet to have a boyfriend! Why do I even need to care about my reputation anymore!!??”

“Aren’t you 21?”


Ms Mari looked at me with resentful eyes, and then I immediately changed my words.

“No, it’s nothing. I didn’t hear anything at all. Please continue.”

“So~ Do you know what will happen if I place this picture in the academy’s centre square~?”

“… I don’t know.”

“Obviously, the entire school will think that there’s some form of relationship between us, and when that time comes, you won’t be able escape~”

“… I understand now.”
“You understand?”

“You’re not just a pervert, you’re sadistic as well!”

“Huhuhuhuhu! How could you ever understand my resentment!”

“Alright, stop right there. You’re talking about my tests right? I can’t really do anything about how overpowered I am. As for the written tests, I can remember how the magic work and what they’re used for, but as to why they work, how would I know about that?”

“You, really…”
“Alright, please let me go. Teacher, even though you’re mature and beautiful, but since we’re still a teacher and a student, you should let me go.”

“… Geez, even though I wouldn’t even do this for someone else…”

Ms Mari seemed to have whispered something.

“What did you say?”

“It’s nothing. Alright, fine, if you hate me that much, then hurry up and leave~”

Ms Mari immediately leaped off my body, and then carried me along with the chair!

Hey hey, what are you planning to do?

I stared at her as she carried me to the office door, open it, and threw me out while I was still tied to the chair.

“Ms Mari, you’re too heartless!”

“Hmph… Eh?”

In an instant, Ms Mari’s entire face turned pale.

I looked towards where Ms Mari was looking at, and in the end, my face turned pale as well.

Princess Anne, who was hugging onto a book, was standing at the corner, and she was standing still right at that spot.

Evidently, when she walked past, she saw the entire scene where Ms Mari threw me out of her office.

Oh my dear god…

I was tied up, Ms Mari’s clothes were not dressed properly (I suspect it was because she was drunk), and the words I said earlier…

“Princess Anne, cough, this is a misunderstanding.”

“Ah, umm… I’m sorry for disturbing…”

After saying that, she moved two steps back, turned, and ran.

“Ms Mari, stop her!”

Un? No reaction?

When I turned to look, Ms Mari was frozen at the spot, and was not responding at all!

“Hey hey… are you serious? You’re shocked by something like that? Are you kidding me…”

I rolled my eyes, sliced the rope with my summoned ice sword, and then quickly left the scene.


Even though vacation was coming,  there are still so many things happening. Hopefully, I can relax more during vacation.


If I knew what was about to happen in the next few months, I definitely wouldn’t have looked forward to this vacation.


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45 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Prologue

  1. DMR says:

    Lucky bastard… he’s just a lucky bastard… how dare he almost have some sexy-sexy time with sexy sensei dammit!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and maybe put a note saying that the path of Makato-kun was a “School Days” reference… though I got it based on context (even though I didn’t remember his name, so even people who didn’t watch the series might get it, but it’s still a good idea to note what is being referenced just in case).

    Thank You for the chapter XD


    • Anonymous says:

      from the cast page on the glossary

      Anne Claudia (Water Magician)
      A princess with big boobs. Mmm…(Introduced in V2C27)
      [Neutral] [Genius] [Witts Empire’s Princess] [Member of the Claudia Royalty Household] [Ice-Blue Maiden] [Forbidden Spell Possessor]

      best friend(?) of fir’s employer


    • Immortal Anon says:

      From when the universe were first created from nothingness

      But seriously though, i think most of these kind of harem-go-lucky type of stories won’t go in depth as of why the harem member suddenly became interested in main character. I guess they just kinda attracted to him like pieces of iron towards magnet. I dunno though, maybe that was only my own negative bias towards harem, as I rarely read (Only if i had nothing to do and nothing else to read) anything that has a harem tag in it, if at all.
      this story is an exception though, I read it because it’s written in Chinese and i just love Chinese novels 🙂


      • hugo says:

        that is simple he was the best in practicale tests, but in theory the worst that is an interesting aspect for the teacher. And this sort of WN people like OP persons, especially if it is the MC.

        to the Translator:
        thx for the hard work.


  2. brightxdarkness says:

    Nice chapter! Fir is cool as always (maybe too cool) and he handled the situation flawlessly. Bc if have gonee to the next step he would indeed become Makoto in the worst ways…


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