Vol. 3 Chapter 50: Academy Tower

On that day, the corpses of the actual two northern continent’s participants were found in their rooms. They were placed inside a black magical bag, which prevented any sort of weird stench from escaping.

And these two people basically did not interact with others often, so even if they were replaced, no one noticed at all.

But I found out something weird.

Even though they were replaced, why were their names the same?

Oh well. If I get the opportunity in the future, I will ask Parvro who was taken away by a large group of heavy armored knights. But, I might not be able to get the opportunity to do so.

After all, I’m probably already in Uncle George’s list of top ten dangerous individuals. But if he knew of my basically invincible disguise ability, he would definitely cry.

“I will report this situation to the upper echelons of the Church, and another thing…”

Uncle George looked at me,

“About the thing regarding Fir, although what happened to your wing was really unfortunate, but, please do not do anything dangerous with your Dark Magic.”

Currently, my wing is fully spread out. After all, it’s not something that needs to be hidden.

And, no matter how I look at it, Uncle George’s pair of wings is much more eye-catching than mine.

Although there are several dark spots on my wing, but the black spots did not spread. And although the countdown is still on-going, but, nothing weird has happened yet.

And whenever he brought up this topic to me, I would always directly use Intermediate Recovery on myself, and allow the white light emitted from my body to reply him.

Although he wanted to say something, but whenever he saw that state of mine, he didn’t know what to say.

And the news of me being Ice Empire’s National Magician had already spread like wildfire. As a student of the elementary grade, and also a commoner at that, everyone felt a little weird that I was able to become a National Magician. However, after watching how I looked like when I directly challenged Uncle George, they naturally did not dare to say otherwise.

This world is actually that simple. Either you have the authority to back yourself up, or have the power to do so.

And, not only do you need power, at the same time, you need to have courage, then, naturally, people won’t dare to belittle you.

And in the afternoon, after an intense discussion in the academy, the results of the Annual Tournament were finally announced.

Of course, at the same time, this meant something else as well.

Main Quest: Annual Tournament [Completed]
Quest Objective: Obtain victory in the Annual Tournament. – 3/3 [Success]
Additional Objective(s): Allow Michelle to have the last hit for all matches. – 2/3 [Failed]
Reward(s): 500,000 EXP, 1x Magic Skill Book [Received]
Additional Reward(s): Unknown [Not Received]

Current LV: 19
Current EXP: 708,323/26,214,400
[Received] Advanced-Grade Magic Skill Book – Fully Automatic Magic Trap Design Skill Book

This EXP reward is really little, huh. Speaking of which, this Annual Tournament was supposedly a LV 15 quest, so, this amount of EXP could already be considered above average.

But at LV 15, I basically wouldn’t be able to complete a quest like this, right… Or was it because my level was too high, and thus the quest became like that?

Isn’t that a little too saddening? The difficulty of the quest increased, yet the quest rewards did not…

But this skill book looks pretty useful. I have experienced the power of magic traps first-hand. A magic trap that is able to kill enemies and cause self-destruction is basically overpowered. It’s simply a nightmare for people who wish to scavenge corpses.

Elwyn’s cold body was still kept in my ring. Because a corpse cannot be considered as a living being, thus, it can be placed directly in the storage ring.

Some day, I shall use Necromancy to revive her. Then, I will be able to obtain an undying trap user. It will be so worth the trouble.

But, when the Annual Tournament ended prematurely, several people sighed in relief, especially a certain group of people belonging to the intermediate and advanced grade teams.

Although I’m not certain whether I’m able to defeat them, but I believe, if they do not pull any stunts like transforming or use things like unbreakable machine dolls, defeating them shouldn’t be a problem.


The academy is too stingy. They actually conducted the prize ceremony right away in the same afternoon.

The prize being awarded by the academy is different from the thing I received from the system. Hence, what the school is about to present to me is something different.

Initially, the plan was to allow the winners to enter the Academy Tower and take an item they like out from it. And, the academy did not need to know what item was taken away from the tower. However, because of all the incidents that happened due to the Annual Tournament, so as for the sake of increasing the level of security, the winners must now allow the academy principal to personally inspect the items they take away from the tower.

To that measure, I could only express my helplessness.

After all, I had planned to look for a forbidden magic skill book that is capable of tearing the skies open and destroying the earth. But now that George was stationed outside, I can only meekly pick out an advanced-grade equipment. It would be good if there’s something like Brother Chun’s armor.

The advanced-grade team who won the tournament was the Summoner’s team, while the intermediate-grade team who was the Earth team of Magicians.

But these two teams both use very wretchful methods to obtain victory.

The Summoner’s team immediately summoned a weird living creature which covered them inside its body, and then, the opposing team was quickly stomped away by the other monsters they summoned. The opposing team’s magic releasing speed was much slower than the rate of the monsters being summoned, hence, just like in usual situations, the outcome of the battle was inevitable.

And the earth team used a similar tactic as the summoner’s team. They covered themselves with an advanced-grade defense magic spell, and then, they used earth spikes to destroy their opponents.

To that, I could only say, you guys really exploit your attributes’ wretchful abilities to the fullest…

But, according to the order of grades, naturally, the advanced-grade team was the first to retrieve their prize. We waited outside the tower for our turn.

The two groups ahead of us seemed to have a tough time deciding. Each group actually stayed in there for at least an hour before they leave the tower.

I was so bored that I even began to chat to the person beside me.

“Umm, Princess Michelle.”

“What is it?”

“I’m sorry for not being able to allow you to deal the last hit for every match.”

“You idiot, what are you saying!? Our opponent was actually a monster of a crazy level. Even if you allow me to execute the final hit, I wouldn’t dare to do it. It’s too dangerous.”

Looking at her grumpy expression, I couldn’t contain my laughter.

“Well… But this tournament is really too dangerous. Has something like this happened in the past?”

“About that…”

Princess Michelle pondered for a moment, and then replied.

“I can’t say for certain, but I heard that there was an incident where a participant was assassinated in the past. But because the parties involved were both nobility, word of that incident naturally did not spread.”

“I can understand that.”


Princess Michelle turned to face me.

“Actually, from how you casually won the tournament, your life was supposed to be in danger. You must know that those nobles that you defeated will not simply forgive you. But, now that you’re our Ice Empire’s National Magician, you have nothing to worry about.”

“Revenge, is it…”

If that fire prince was to do something as shameless as that, he would probably not look forward to succeeding the throne, right?

And as for the siblings of the Smuu household…

I’m honestly really interested in their research. But I haven’t seen them since yesterday. Looks like I need to do some investigating in the future.

But, I should always leave an escape route for myself.

“Then I must really thank you, Princess Michelle~”

“… Un… Un, you… You must definitely serve our Ice Empire well in the future! Hmph!”

“Yes, yes~”

Are you kidding me? If I wish to go anywhere I want, is there anyone among you that can find me?

“Alright, it’s your turn.”

Finally, our principal walked up to us and said.

I nodded, and then, I bowed and gestured Princess Michelle to proceed.

Princess Michelle smiled, and then quickly moved into the tower.

As expected, she was still a princess of an empire~ She still had the perfect noble etiquette remembered at heart.

I walked into the tower, and I could feel a large majority of skill icons were greyed out.

Flash Movement, Disguise, and all of my elementary-grade spells, seemed to have been sealed, and had lost their effectiveness!

Impressive. As expected of a place used to store important objects in the academy. The security measures in place are actually much better than the rest of the places in the academy.

“Let’s split up and find the thing we want.”


I nodded, and then turned and headed directly to the bookshelves.

What the hell, all the magic skill books here were actually Ougi and Forbidden grade magic. I really wish to bring them all home!


I could feel something was looking at us from outside. Thus, I did not dare to do any weird movements.

Alright, can’t I just have a look at them?

I casually picked out a book and flipped through the pages. There might be a treasure map hidden within the pages or something…

Do you wish to learn ‘Forbidden Spell: Wooden Flower – Natural Spiritual Procession’?

The moment I opened the book, this notification suddenly appeared in front of me!


If I can’t take them away, can’t I just learn them all before I leave?


Fan-art of Fir tapping on the yes button by 渣草稿.

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  1. Jyazen says:

    Can Ougis really even be called Ougis anymore if you learned like a few dozens of em? And Forbidden Skills too… man, being an RPG character is such a cheat.


  2. KuroYasha says:

    Some day, I shall use Necromancy to revive her>>this line make it like he want to save his lover

    Then, I will be able to obtain an undying trap user. It will be so worth the trouble.
    and this one make me facepalm for thinking too highly of Fir….


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the chapter!

    wouldn’t the person watching them find it suspicious of fir’s actions?

    well he’s OP now for his level.


    • Jyazen says:

      Aliyah knows, and even the usually thickskinned Aliyah is feeling shameful for him seeing what he’s doing, if I read it (next chapter) right, lol. You know it’s bad when even Aliyah think it’s bad….

      But I would totally do the same thing Fir did XD


  4. AnimeLover says:

    It would had been cooler if he just rebelled to the Church and took off with Aliyah. This Academy thing is getting old and he doesn’t even grind…hopefully he can do it when the Players gather


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