[News] July Update (Edited)


It’s been awhile since I last made an announcement. I have good news, and bad news!

Good news is, I left my job! Hooray! Wait… Is this considered as good news? Well, whatever. Bad news is, my university life is starting in the beginning of next month! Noooo! Wait… This might be good news? Ehh… I think I kind of messed up the good and bad news… Or did I not? Dang, it’s all too confusing.

In any case, using this time interval, I will be changing up the site a bit. New life means new beginnings, after all! If you guys noticed, I have already paid for a domain name! Which is: scrya.me

I kept it short and sweet, ’cause the initial ‘scryatranslations.wordpress.com’ was just too long and redundant. So yeah, if you thought that you have went to the wrong site by accident, you didn’t! You have just simply witnessed a glimpse of the brand new site! Huhuhu!

And, if you guys notice anymore changes after this, do not be alarmed, as I will be fiddling around with the site for several days. I will make another announcement once I’m satisfied with the new site layout.

So yeah, this is just a short post to keep you guys notified on what’s going on! Once again, thank you for all your support so far! I’m so close to hitting that 2,000 followers mark, woohoo! I might dish out some extra releases when I reach that milestone. Probably? Hehehe.

Edit: Well uhh, I will be holding off the changes to the site for now.

12 thoughts on “[News] July Update (Edited)

  1. flame says:

    Oh how I missed reading your posts… I still have to catch up on Disciple… (Only 29 chapters behind… or to better locate.. the last chapter I read was after Master came back and told MC that it had been I think it was a thousand years.. I can’t remember how long but it was a big time jump! X3)


  2. White Head Ice Prince says:

    Yus !! Nah, you got it right scrya. Leaving your job is good news for us and going to university is bad news for us.


  3. DaVyze says:

    I just noticed I didn’t follow you up until now.
    Also, I kinda would like to know what plugin you use for the books. Would be nice to know. 😉


  4. aiya03 says:

    Hahhahah, you can say both are part good and bad news? 🙂

    I also like your new site name, much simple and easy to remember. I hope you’d soon get the 2,000 followers! 😊


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