Arc 1

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Chapter 01: A Peasant Woman, a River, and a Little Field
Chapter 02: The Deities’ Disciple Selection
Chapter 03: Curiosity Kills the Cat
Chapter 04: Entering the Mountain Sect
Chapter 05: Bro, Who are You?
Chapter 06: Admitting into the Jade Forest
Chapter 07: Don’t Look for Trouble, and Trouble will not Come
Chapter 08: Jade Forest Mountain Peak
Chapter 09: Gold Nest, Silver Nest, Dog’s Nest
Chapter 10: Meeting the Little Turnip Again
Chapter 11: Master’s New Skill
Chapter 12: Network Delaying Auntie
Chapter 13: Master has Good Skills
Chapter 14: The Sect Master’s Headache
Chapter 15: Reunion with Little Wang
Chapter 16: Emergency
Chapter 17: The Damn Fatty that Fell from the Sky
Chapter 18: The Three Collapsed Views
Chapter 19: Chinese Good Girl Friend
Chapter 20: Master’s Telling You to Come Back Home for Dinner
Chapter 21: The Unfortunate Person that Bumped into a Bird
Chapter 22: The Storm at Jade Forest Mountain Peak
Chapter 23: Great Diarrhea Art
Chapter 24: A Practitioner Who Cannot Fly
Chapter 25: Who Doesn’t Know How to Bully?
Chapter 26: Little Wimp’s Third Senior-Martial Brother
Chapter 27: Someone Else’s Counter-Attack Drama
Chapter 28: Wang Xuzhi VS Xiao Yi
Chapter 29: He isn’t even Willing to Give me a Hundred Dollars
Chapter 30: Men Should be Strong and Muscular 
Chapter 31: The Common Nauseating Act
Chapter 32: Good Things Come in Pairs
Chapter 33: Talented Acting School
Chapter 34: Pig-like Party Member