[Disciple] Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Someone Else’s Counter-Attack Drama

Zhu Yao gave an even bigger smile. “So it’s Little Three¹. Little Three, there’s no need to be too courteous. Little Three has not met me before, it’s totally understandable that you did not recognize me. Grand-martial aunt will not blame Little Three. Alright, Little Three?”

“Thank you, Grand-martial aunt.” He kind of felt that being called Little Three was a little strange?

“You’re welcome, I’m old, after all! My heart is big and wide, that’s the only good point of being old!”

Yan Yuehong: “……” Didn’t you say you wouldn’t blame him for it?


The two people at the side could no longer hold their laughter.

“Big sister Zhu Yao, are you here to watch my final match?” Wang Xuzhi timely spoke up and changed the topic. Big sister Zhu Yao is the same as ever. She’s never merciful with her words.

“Final match? You entered the finals?” It was already the third day of the Inter-Sect Tournament. It was no wonder her master only brought her here today, he wanted her to watch the finals directly.

“Mn, I’m in the Essence group.” So she did not know about it. Wang Xuzhi was a little disappointed, but, he instantly cheered himself up. “The next match is the last ranking match for the Essence group, and the victor of that match will be fighting with me.”

In other words, the next match was the semi-finals?

Zhu Yao instantly focused, and looked towards the ring. She realized a match had just ended on the ring, and there were disciples currently cleaning the ring. It should have been a match of the Foundation group, and the victor was a disciple in blue robes. He seemed to be a disciple from another sect.

Not even a moment later, the referee who was in charge of the matches had already announced for the next match to begin.

Two disciples in white robes flew onto the ring at the same time, and their attire were the same as hers. One of them looked like a middle-aged man nearing his forties, while the other looked around the same age as Wang Xuzhi. However, he did not have the face of a pretty youth, rather, his face revealed a hint of firmness, and he looked a little familiar.

“This person is?”

“Big sister Zhu Yao knows this person as well!” Wang Xuzhi explained. “He’s Xiao Yi, the person who heavily injured little fatty Zhao five years ago. Currently, he’s an Outer Sect disciple.”

So he’s that little beggar! It’s no wonder she felt he looked a little familiar. She did not expect that he would actually enter the semi-finals, and his cultivation level was actually the same as Wang Xuzhi’s, an Essence Paragon.

“He’s rather hardworking.” From how this was going, it felt like a drama where a poor protagonist was making a counter-attack in life.

“Mn.” Wang Xuzhi nodded in agreement. As an Inner Sect disciple himself, he deeply knew how hard it was for Outer Sect disciples to make themselves known. “Back then, his cultivation was crippled by master. In just five years since his cultivation was crippled, he managed to cultivate into an Essence Paragon, and even fought his way through into the semi-finals. He’s indeed really talented.”

Zhu Yao, who was even more talented, silently rubbed her nose, and decided to concentrate on watching the match.

Xiao Yi had Metal and Wood Dual-Spirit Veins. One was great for defense, while the other was great for offense. With the two types of mystic arts complementing each other, he was highly talented. While his opponent had Water, Wood, and Earth Tri-Spirit Veins. Although his talent could not be compared to Xiao Yi’s, but the complementary effects of his Spirit Veins were good as well, the flexibility of his mystic arts was extremely high, and his casting speed was quick.

The moment Xiao Yi’s opponent stepped foot onto the ring, he slammed his palms onto the ground, and a Wood-type Bind Art was released. The ground fluctuated, and beneath Xiao Yi, several vines instantly drilled out from the ground and moved to restrain him.

Xiao Yi leapt out of the way, landing about thirty feet away. The moment he landed, vines once again popped out from underneath his feet, and their speed were twice as fast as before. Looking at the speed of these vines, it seemed that his opponent was extremely experienced with the Mystic Art.

Xiao Yi had no choice but to constantly leap away from those vines, and it looked as though he did not have any opportunity to stay on the ground. A hint of complacency was revealed on his opponent’s face. Making hand seals with a single hand, he cast out another Ice-type Mystic Art, summoning countless of ice blades which flew towards the person in the sky. Xiao Yi was unable to land firmly on the ground, and now, he had nowhere to run in the air either. This was an attack that block all of one’s escape routes. It had to be said that his opponent had planned his strategies really thoroughly, and he basically did not give Xiao Yi an opportunity to attack.

Xiao Yi tiringly dodged those incoming ice blades, as he maintained a barrier to block the rest, and carefully prevented himself from being caught by the vines on the ground. However, if he simply continued to dodge, losing would just be a matter of time.

Finally, his barrier could no longer hold up against the attacks from the ice blades, and it shattered soundingly. Xiao Yi had no choice but to summon his flying sword. He then used the Falling Sword Art, where he converged his spiritual energy into dozens of spiritual swords, which flew towards the person in front of him. Spiritual swords were converged by spiritual energy, so naturally they were sharper and firmer than the ice blades. The spiritual swords shattered the incoming ice blades as they flew towards the target. Just when the spiritual swords were approaching the opponent, a large number of vines drilled out from the ground, forming a wooden wall which blocked his attacks.

Taking the opportunity he was defending, Xiao Yi finally managed to land on the ground. He once again brought up his sword. This time around, rather than the dozens of spiritual swords he summoned earlier, what he used was the Falling Starflash, which summoned countless of spiritual swords at the same time, and they flew towards the target with heavy killing intent. The vines which were left on the ground were sliced into bits by the spiritual swords, and even the wall of vines he created was in the danger of being cleanly sliced away.

However, his opponent was not the least bit frantic, rather, a hint of a grin was revealed from the corner of his mouth. Quickly forming hand seals with his two hands, a flash of light appeared in his eyes. “Burn!”

The lushful vines on the ring instantly burned into a huge fire, instantly trapping Xiao Yi within the big fire. His opponent had actually inserted a Fire-type Mystic Art into the vines,  his hand seals were too quick, and he intentionally allowed Xiao Yi to slice away the vines.  Xiao Yi did not realize it at all.

And when Xiao Yi used the Falling Starflash to summon countless of spiritual swords earlier, his consumption was huge. Currently, he basically did not have much spiritual energy left. It seemed like he was going to lose this match.

His opponent lightly laughed, and his eyes were filled with a look of complacency, as he looked towards the huge fire that filled the sky.

Suddenly, he heard a cold voice from within the huge fire. “Return Formation, activate!”

A gigantic mystic formation suddenly lighted up on the ring, and the huge fire was instantly extinguished. His opponent who was still smiling felt his blood rumbling, and then, he spit out a mouthful of blood. His cinnabar was completely empty, and he no longer had the ability to continue fighting. He could not help but look at the totally unscathed person in front of him with widened eyes.

Return Formation reflects the caster’s Mystic Arts within the formation. When did he set up the Mystic Formation? Could it be while he was dodging those vines?

“Victory goes to Xiao Yi of Ancient Hill Sect!” The judge at the side announced loudly.

Xiao Yi no longer looked at the person on the ground, as he turned and left the ring. However, suddenly, he raised his head and looked towards the direction of the Chamber Disciples. He paused his steps for a moment, and then, he turned away and walked out the next moment.

Zhu Yao was startled. That Xiao Yi seemed to have been looking in her direction earlier?

Zhu Yao suddenly had a really strange feeling. This sort of feeling was very familiar, and it would always appear whenever she saw that youth named Xiao Yi. In the past, she had thought it was just a coincidence, but now, she was even beginning to suspect that the problem lied with herself. Normally, as someone who was among the lower-class for twenty odd years in another world, she should have been really interested in how a person like him who started out on a poor footing would make his counter-attack. However, she currently did not feel the least bit excited at all. Just why was that so?

“Big sister Zhu Yao, big sister Zhu Yao.” Wang Xuzhi nudged the person who was dazing at the side.

Only then did Zhu Yao regain her senses. Another match had already begun on the ring, and it was the match between practitioners at the Foundation-stage. It seemed like it was a match with larger importance, as the spectators outside the ring were more enthusiastic than before.

“Third senior-martial brother is definitely number one for this tournament.” Wang Xuzhi confidently said.

Zhu Yao then realized, one of the participants on the ring was actually Yan Yuehong, the one who badmouthed her earlier. When did he head onto the ring? Unconsciously, she seemed to have dazed for a very long time.

¹ Little Three: It means someone who’s a ‘third wheel’ in a relationship affair.

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  1. Chuo says:

    Middle-aged man nearing her* forties. I also saw : instead of t in there but I don’t remember where 😑
    Thanks for the translation, also what do guys think is the deal with the disciple and the little beggar? I think he’s also reincarnated.


  2. e94allen says:

    she was even beginning to suspect that the problem lied with herself.
    lied –> lies?

    Little Three: It means someone who’s a ‘third party’ in a relationship affair.
    Is it like a love triangle or a third wheel, a sort of those things?


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