The Cast

*Last Update: 19 October. Spoilers up to V5C35


Lin Fir (No Class)
[Kind] [Scapegoat] [Whatever Goes] [Oppressive] [Suppressor] [Resentment Maker] [Bodyguard] [Envoy of War] [Advocate of Mitchell Kingdom Citizens] [Fugitive] [Angel of Death] [Trouble Lurer] [Sprint Wizard] [Insightful Person] [Famous Detective] [Justice Avenger] [Momiji’s End] [Ice Empire Citizen] [Ice Empire’s National Magician] [Suicider] [Criminal] [Assassin] [Stalker]

Aliyah (Fire Dual-Swordsman)
Fir’s first otherworldly friend. (Introduced in V1C01)
[Evil] [Low Profile] [Village Destroyer] [1 Hit Sure-Kill] [Leader of the 27th Squadron of Doge Military School]

Dale Lester (Lightning Magician)
Worked as the Vice-Chairman for the Mitchell Kingdom’s Magical Institute.  (Introduced in V1C08)
[Neutral] [Blinding Lightning User] [Magic Researcher] [Hell Middleman] [Devilish Inventor] [Fugitive]

Kamiochi Yuon (Elf Shaman/Assassin)
An Elf Shaman and Assassin. Was also a professional assassin in their previous world, who watches anime and play MMOs at her free time. Wait, what?(Introduced in V2C24)
[Devout] [Elf Race] [Declining Shaman] [Runaway] [Listener]

Bai Yueguang(Samurai)
Saved Fir and his group during the mercenary mission. Spawned in the Eastern Continent, he fled to the Western Continent with the two other girls because of some affairs. (Introduced in V4C52)
[Neutral] [Free] [Ronin] [Traveller] [Thousand Slashes] [Keeper of a Bloody Secret] [Samurai] [Bodyguard] [Whatever Goes]

Tai Shixi (Halberd Wielder/Taoist Priest)
A very quiet girl. Not shy, she just doesn’t like to talk much. Spawned in the Eastern Continent, she fled with Tai Shixi and Hei Luoli to the Western Continent. Has a height complex. (Introduced in V4C52)
[Neutral] [Free] [Leisurely] [Condescending] [Former Captain of the Restraining Army] [Accordance to the Green Dragon] [Dynasty Warrior Girl]

Tia Sye (Alchemist/Mechanic)
An otherworlder who was caught by Fir when she was retrieving the mechanic debris. (Introduced in V5C18)
[Neutral] [Bored] [Pioneer] [Sion’s Door] [Whatever Goes] [Forgetful Person]

Mari Steppe (Ice Sorcerer)
Fir’s teacher. Finds fun in torturing our protagonist. She’s only 21 years old??? (Introduced in V2C03)

Important Casts

Irlin Wood (Magic Knight)
A female knight of Mitchell Kingdom. Fir’s fiancee. (Introduced in V1C4)

Yybril Saint (Light Holy Knight)
A cool and silent beauty? Not?(Introduced in V1C24)
[Holy] [Sincere] [Saint Disciple] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio]

Lanya Fournights (Wind Alchemist)
A merchant. Often loves to prank our poor protagonist. (Introduced in V1C24)
[Kind] [Swindler] [Item Merchant] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio]

Kelany Momiji/Falan (Fire/Undead Magician)
One of the most wanted criminal on the continent. Conceals her true identity with disguise magic.(Introduced in V1C24)
[Word of the Momiji] [Evil] [Concealed] [Dead Hand] [Killer of 10 Thousand] [Fugitive] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio]

Shir Vologue (Wind Magician)
A genius Wind Magician. He often spars with Fir. A robot?(Introduced in V2C02)
[Kind] [Brave] [Vologue Household Member] [ Wenger Empire’s Nobility] [Wenger Empire’s Guardian] [Doll Recorder] [Student of Gray Magical Academy] [Weapon of Destruction – 2] [Ancient Relic] [Unique Magic User]

Michelle Afungus (Ice Magician)
4th Princess of the Ice Empire. She’s a loli with blue drilled twin-tails. (Introduced in V2C04)
[Kind] [Strong-minded] [Icy Arrogant] [Ice Empire’s 4th Princess]

Anne Claudia (Water Magician)
A princess with big boobs. Mmm…(Introduced in V2C27)
[Neutral] [Genius] [Witts Empire’s Princess] [Member of the Claudia Royalty Household] [Ice-Blue Maiden] [Forbidden Spell Possessor]

George Bayl (Saint Knight)
A person with high authority in the Church. Wants to recruit Fir because of his affinity to light. (Introduced in V2C16)
[Kind] [Firm] [Saint] [Darkness of the Saint Church] [Purifier] [Roaming Father] [Cardinal]

Pryn Snowmystel(Ice Archer)
An elf who has been sealed in the Ice Fissure (by herself) for 665 years. Was saved by Fir and Aliyah. (Introduced in V4C11)
[Kind] [Whatever Goes] [Impatient] [Ice Elf] [Forbidden Spell Possessor] [3rd Princess of the Elves (Expired)] [Godly Archer] [Pursuer] [Sealed Snow White]

A homunculus who was being developed as a human weapon, was saved by Fir. Now, she is Fir’s yandere little imouto. (Introduced in V4C32)
[Kind] [Naive] [Pitiful] [Artificial Girl] [Homunculus] [Strongest Genetic Being] [Free Person] [Increased Learning] [Increased Strengthening]

Gabriel Lancette(Light Magician)
An uncle capable of manipulating memories. He abandoned the Saint Church for the sake of the love of his life. Helped Fir save Oyado. (Introduced in V4C32)
[Neutral] [Betrayer] [Demonic Hand of Light] [Shadow of Light] [Former Cardinal] [Bishop Slaughterer] [Devil Counter] [Regenerative Modified Human]

Lois Beys(Broadsword Wielder)
An experienced mercenary who tagged along with Fir’s group since the mercenary mission. An extreme sis-con. (Introduced in V4C46)
[Neutral] [Firm] [Oryados Mercenary Guild] [3rd Party Leader] [B-Rank Mercenary] [Beheader] [Protector]

Hei Luoli (Archer)
A very outgoing girl, the exact opposite of Tai Shixi. Came from the Eastern Continent, and was brought to the Western Continent by Bai Yueguang and Hei Luoli.(Introduced in V4C52)
[Neutral] [Free] [Pitiful] [Dangerous] [Dark-colored Daisy] [Banished Princess] [Spirit Killer]

Arnus Yeun (Spear Knight)
The leader of the Black Prince Squad. (Introduced in V5C14)
[Neutral] [Progressor] [Knight of the State Knight Squad] [Arcane Possessor] [Chesspiece] [Black Spear Baron] [Doge Military School Student]

Masha Luna (Heavy Mace Wielder)
Leader of the Knight of the Blue Seas Squad. Joined Fir and his squad after she lost to Fir. (Introduced in V5C14)
[Neutral] [Happy] [Tender Blue Anchor][Concealed Berserker] [Leader of the Knights of the Blue Seas Squad] [Abandoned] [Slaughterer]

Merun Olivis (Broadsword Wielder)
Leader of the Sweeper Squad.(Introduced in V5C14)
[Neutral] [Cruel] [Elite] [Eraser] [Squad Leader of the Oudo Empire Anti-Beastmen 3rd Squad] [Bloody Knight] [Sweeper] [Blood Sword]


Klaus Wood (Magic Knight)
Irlin’s Grandfather. (Introduced in V1C04)

Ice Wood
Irlin’s Uncle?(Introduced in V1C04)

Sylvain Wood
Irlin’s evil cousin. (Introduced in V1C08)

Yalisaer  (Berserker)
Supposedly Randall City’s strongest man. (Introduced in V1C07)

Kjell Farr
Mastermind behind the burning inn incident. (Introduced in V1C08)

Silesveir Mitchell
King of Mitchell Kingdom. (Introduced in V1C11)

Henry Falter
King Silesveir’s secretary. (Introduced in V1C12)

Kechjen Kali (Ice Magician)
A classmate of Fir. Has a crush on Lanya. A total retard. (Introduced in V2C03)

Enna Momiji (Magic Assassin)
Falan/Kelany’s little sister. A loli.(Introduced in V2C13)
[Thorn of the Momiji] [Neutral] [Prideful] [Devil Contractor] [Witch] [Dark Gospel] [Ice Empire Central Army’s Magic Assassin]

Landur Bruklis (Wind Magician)
A teacher of the Advanced-Grade Wind Magic Class. A totally lax guy, comparable to Mari.(Introduced in V2C20)

Angil Pompeii (Water Magician)
Princess Anne’s subordinate.(Introduced in V2C27)
[Evil] [Domineering] [Witt Empire’s Nobility] [Pompeii Household Member]

Elan Siqbel (Water Magician)
Also Anne’s subordinate.(Introduced in V2C27)
[Neutral] [Arrogant] [Witts Empire’s Nobility] [Court Magician Preparatory Personnel] [Siqbel Household Member]

Princess Anne’s personal bodyguard. Has big boobs too. (Introduced in V2C27)

Tony Clude 
Momiji’s manager. Super high level dude. (Introduced in V2C39)

One of Princess Michelle’s personal bodyguards. A muscular swordwoman. She and Dan makes a pair. (Introduced in V3C01)

One of Irlin’s trusted friends. She and Mur are sisters. (Introduced in V3C03)

Another of Irlin’s trusted friends. She and Sheil are sisters. (Introduced in V3C03)

Lee Xilikis (Fire Magician)
Prince Brecht’s aid.(Introduced in V3C14)
[Kind] [Focused] [Hellfire] [Fourth Magician Squad’s Vice Captain of Fel Empire’s Third Army]

Brecht Fel (Fire Magician)
Third Prince of the Fel Empire. Has the ability to change to a demon.(Introduced in V3C14)
[Neutral] [Firm] [Royalty] [Wild] [Disciple of Fire] [Third Prince]

Kalua Silubell
Emcee for the Elementary Grade Annual Tournament. She likes to poke fun at Fir for some reasons. (Introduced in V3C15)

Hur Ice Afungus (Ice Magician)
Emperor of the Ice Empire. (Introduced in V3C18)
[Emperor of Ice Empire] [Forbidden Technique Possessor] [Bloody Ice Crystal]

Dorumi Three (Assassin)
An assassin who took up the request of killing Fir. Her plan backfired though. (Introduced in V3C24)
[Evil] [Skeptical] [Advanced-Grade Assassin] [One-Hit Kill] [Night of Fresh Red] [Fugitive] [Doge Military School Student]

Helena Smuu (Lightning Magician)
The only daughter of the main Smuu household. Fought against Fir on the 2nd battle of the Annual Tournament. (Introduced in V3C27)
[Kind] [Introverted] [Lightning Threader] [Forbidden Spell Possessor] [Puppeteer] [One-Hit Kill]

Yoei Smuu (Undead Doll?)
The only son of the main Smuu household. Fought with Helena in the Annual Tournament. He infused his soul into a doll using advanced technologies, and live through the doll, due to his actual body being incapable of moving. (Introduced in V3C27)

Walts Smuu (Lightning Magician/Doll Maker)
Father of both Helena and Yoei. (Introduced in V3C34)
[Neutral] [Resolute] [Doll Hand] [High-Leveled Merchant] [Mousse Doll Merchant Guild Member] [Unlimited Eyes] [Technician]

Parvro Suesnash (Plant Magician/Druid)
A high-level agent sent from the Dark Church to sabotage the Annual Tournament. Faced off against Fir in the last battle of the Annual Tournament. In the end, he decided killing Fir was the only way. (Introduced in V3C45)
[Devil] [Sinful] [Murderer] [Fugitive]

Elwyn Aivredru (Plant Magician/Druid)
A sacrificial pawn sent from the Dark Church. Was forced to self-destruct to deal a lethal blow to Fir. (Introduced in V3C45)
[Neutral] [Fickle] [Natural Affinity] [Trap User] [Chesspiece] [Loser] [Fallen Mind]

South Nightisyoung (Sword Saint)
A long-lived old man, serves as the guardian of the Ice Fissure. (Introduced in V4C06)

Orlando (Demon Assassin)
A dark sprite. The guardian of the entrance to the Ice Abyss in the Ice Fissure. Has a perverse mind, just like Fir. Yep.(Introduced in V4C14)
[Evil] [Logical] [Observer] [Assassin] [Demon Race] [Dark Church] [Forbidden Spell Possessor]

Dark Chill (???)
One of the nine Demon Gods of the Abyss. Wanted to recruit Fir as her subordinate. (Introduced in V4C21)

A lionman. One of Dark Chill’s subordinates.(Introduced in V4C23)
[Neutral] [Wild] [Skullbreaker] [Beastman] [Demon Race] [War Hunter] [Herald]

Colina (Shadow Priest)
A fallen angel. Also one of Dark Chill’s subordinates. Loves to fight, and was the one who killed Fir in the Ice Abyss. (Introduced in V4C23)
[Neutral] [Cautious] [Fallen Angel] [Tainted Angel] [Demon Race] [Undead Doctor] [Songstress of the Dead]

Abudo (Ice Magician/Merchant)
A merchant who hired Fir and other mercenaries to protect his cargo. Was secretly an agent sent from the Eastern Continent. (Introduced in V4C46)
[Neutral] [Suspicious] [Ice Empire Merchant] [High-Quality Goods Merchant] [Stowaway] [Weidos Merchant Guild]

Zhaiteng Weifang (Onmyouji)
An onmyouji who came to the Ice Empire to fulfill his grand wish of being the only one capable of summoning the strongest ghost. Before he can send the ghost back, he was controlled instead. (Introduced in V4C65)
[Evil] [Dying] [Schemer] [Destroyer] [Depraved Magician] [The Strongest Onmyouji]

Blazing Horn(???)
The strongest ghost in the Abyss. Was summoned by an Onmyouji, and was then pushed back into the Abyss by Fir. (Introduced in V4C67)