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To acknowledge all of you who have donated me so far, I present to you, the Donator’s Hall of Fame! Thank you for all your great support, and it’s all of you who drive me to continue with what I’m doing!

July 2015
x19 Limited
Matus T.
Oluwadmilola S.
Daniel D.
Tom W.

September 2015
Will H.
Paul S.
Joshua J.
Fabian N.
Duncan C.
Steven R.
Vinson T.
Elijah E.
Wenming S.

October 2015
Collin F.
Reuben S.
Duncan C.

December 2015
Tajik C.

January 2016
Jeff C.
Ida L.

February 2016
Ryan G.
Marco S.
Diego R.
Larry M.
Tanner W.
Sibylia L.

March 2016
Henrik V.
Yijie Z.
Nathanael C.
Sibylia L.
Mitch M.
Lilia C.

April 2016
Nathanael C.