[Disciple] Chapter 29

Chapter 29: He isn’t even Willing to Give me a Hundred Dollars

Even more glares filled with condemnation, like daggers, were thrown at her body, as though they were trying to rip her skin apart. Zhu Yao felt like crying. Don’t be like that. What happened to ‘friendship first, competition second’? She really did not intervene in the match on purpose.

Just when she was about to swallowed whole by the surrounding glares, a figure flashed right in front of her. A white figure had appeared before her. A terrifying pressure was spread in all four directions, and like a silent threat, everyone instantly  kept their unsatisfied glares.

“Master!” It was her master, the master who saves her from all bitterness and difficulties.

Yu Yan’s face was cold as always, and he lightly glanced at her. “It’s getting dark.”

His sleeves fluttered as he waved his hand, and without even explaining, he carried his disciple and flew back to the Jade Forest Mountain, leaving an audience who did not even have time to react.

Zi Mo silently looked towards the direction the two people disappeared to, cold sweat dripping down his head. Ancestral-martial uncle, you openly protected your disciple for personal reasons, and then, you left me to handle this mess. Are you really a man?

Heaving a deep sigh, Zi Mo regained his senses. He’s a Sect Master who specialized in cleaning the backsides of others, after all!

“Ahem! Xiao Yi is the victor of this match. In this Inter-Sect Tournament, he’s number one in the Essence group.” Only when these words fell, did the sounds of discussions among the audience finally stop.

Xiao Yi endured the rumbling blood in his chest, and forced himself to stand and bow. “Thank you, Sect Master.”

Wang Xuzhi stood up and left the ring. This was an outcome that was within his expectations, he had indeed lost this match. As he thought, he was still not strong enough. Raising his head, he looked towards the direction Zhu Yao had flown to, a feeling of melancholy suddenly rose in his heart. When he recalled the scene when the humongous sword was falling towards him earlier, he could not help but deeply frown again.

When Zi Mo was about to announce his reward, he was stopped by the sonorous cry of a bird nearby.

Sovereign Feng Yi, the only woman out of the three Demigod practitioners, who was sitting on her mythical bird, gently stood up. It was just a simple movement, yet, her movement was like that of a fairy’s. With a light raise of her left hand, Xiao Yi, who was still kneeling on the ground earlier, suddenly rose into the sky, and flew towards the tall stage, stopping at the empty floor of the tall stage.

“You, you’re called Xiao Yi?” An ethereal voice echoed gently.

Xiao simply felt as though, from the skies, a soothing voice floated towards him, and each word rang in his mind. He could not help but kneel. “Yes… Xiao Yi is this disciple’s name.”

Feng Yi’s beautiful eyes closed slightly, and she only continued to speak after a short while. “Are you willing to admit under my tutelage?”

Xiao Yi was stunned. Not just him, even if it was everyone on-site, they were all unable to believe their ears. A Demigod Sovereign was taking in a disciple. And the person was the only woman out of all the Demigod Sovereigns in the cultivation world, who was said to have not taken in a single disciple.

Seeing that he did not reply for a long time, Feng Yi’s brows creased lightly. “You’re not willing?”

“No, this disciple is willing.” Xiao Yi was filled with surprise and was completely moved, he had to bite his lips tightly to prevent his tears from falling. He had thought that, even if he were to obtain first place, he would only return to the Inner Sect. He did not expect that he would have such an opportunity. It seemed there were still people that would treat him well in this world. He gently lowered his body, giving her the most sincere bow. “This disciple, greets master.”

Feng Yi nodded. Forming a hand seal one-handedly, a bright ray of light shot towards Xiao Yi’s forehead, leaving a mythical bird-like marking.

He’s actually a personal succeeding disciple! Waves of heavy breathing could once again be heard from the surroundings.

And regarding all these, Zhu Yao, who was currently being carried back home like a little puppy, was completely unaware.

The moment they reached the mountain peak, she immediately made an innocent-looking face, and looked at her own master pitifully. “Master… It really was unintentional. I didn’t mean to intervene, I don’t even know what happened to me earlier.”

“Really, I swear!” Zhu Yao raised one of her hands. No matter how stupid she was, she knew that it was an one-on-one duel.

“It’s definitely because of that huge spiritual sword.”

“When I saw that spiritual sword, my entire body felt strange.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong!” Yu Yan finally replied.

“Yes, I didn’t do anything wrong. Eh? Master, what did you say?”

Master glanced at her chillingly, his face was filled with contempt. “What that person summoned was not a spiritual sword.”

“Ah?” If it’s not a spiritual sword, what else could it be? A katana? Master, don’t fool me.

“That’s Sword Intent.” Yu Yan said indifferently.

“Sword Intent!” Zhu Yao was shocked. “Isn’t Sword Intent something that can only be trained by sword practitioners who are at least at the Azoth-stage?”

“In theory, yes.” Yu Yan frowned. That Sword Intent was hidden extremely deeply, even  a Demigod practitioner might not be able to see through it at first glance. “Since he was able to bring out his Sword Intent, he must definitely have an exotic treasure on him.”

It was a definite answer, and not a suspicion.

“It’s no wonder he was able to cultivate to an Essence Paragon in such a short amount of time, even after being crippled.”

“He was not merely at the Essence-stage!” Yu Yan once again gave her a stupid look. “That exotic treasure of his, not only is it able to conceal his Sword Intent, it’s able to hide his cultivation level as well. His current cultivation level should be around the intermediate stages of Foundation.”

Zhu Yao’s eyes widened. Foundation intermediate-stage! Oh my god, this isn’t as simple as a poor person making his counter-attack, the way this scenario is progressing, he’s basically heading towards the summit in life.

A light bulb flashed in her mind. She finally understood why he looked a little strange to her. His experiences, were evidently the treatments male protagonists receive in novels!

“Master, do you know what exotic treasure he has?” A male protagonist who has been bullied since young, obtains a godly treasure by chance, and then, he raises his level as he fight monsters, as he walks down the path heading towards the peak in life. The longer Zhu Yao thought about it, the more she felt Xiao Yi was similar to male protagonists like that.

“Although I don’t know what exotic treasure it is, it’s definitely extremely beneficial to his Spirit Veins. Hence, he was able to raise his cultivation level this rapidly, and was even able to comprehend Sword Intent, which exceeded his current level of strength.” Yu Yan slightly frowned, and turned to look at his stupid disciple. “Sword Intent is incomparable to a spiritual sword, regular Mystic Arts are basically unable to resist against it. However, the Heavenly Lightning you guided down earlier, although it could not be compared to Disaster Lightning, it’s still power of the purest form in the world, hence, it was able to disperse his Sword Intent.”

“Master, you’re saying…” Zhu Yao stiffened.

“Without that ray of Heavenly Lightning, his opponent would have turned into a corpse.”

Zhu Yao’s expression instantly paled, fear began to rise from the bottom of her heart, and terror instantly struck her entire body. The mistake that she made by coincidence, actually saved little wimp’s life. Although she understood that a bunch of cannon fodders would lay behind every rising male protagonist, she had never thought that, one of her closest people would become one of those cannon fodders.

Seeing that his disciple had been silent for a while, Yu Yan raised his hand and stroked her head. “Do not worry, even though he possesses heavenly luck for obtaining this unusual treasure of his, your luck is not smaller than his.” Her affinity to lightning spiritual energy was high to the point of defying the heavens, an exotic treasure might not even be able to compare to that.

Zhu Yao’s thoughts were still deeply filled with little wimp’s safety, as she nodded her head randomly. The more she thought about it, the more worried she was. It was just a simple competition, and a life was almost lost. Wouldn’t the future be worse? “Master, about little wimp, I mean Wang Xuzhi, he should be fine, right?”

Yu Yan frowned deeply. Does she have to be this worried about the safety of an outsider?

Recalling the scene where his disciple and that kid was chatting happily earlier, how they looked rather intimate, and how she did not even bother looking at her master on the tall stage, he suddenly felt a little irritated, as though he had the feeling of a boar was suddenly eating the vegetables he had personally grown.

“He’s Zi Mo’s disciple, if something happens to him, he has his own master to worry for him.” He looked at coldly, his expression was telling her not to care about the kid.

Zhu Yao curled her lips. He’s not your child, so obviously, you wouldn’t be worried. It was just a competition, yet, his opponent actually dropped his killing move on him. Who would be sure that he would not create more trouble in the future? In any case, even if he did not dare to do some things in broad daylight, it did not mean he would not do them in the dark. She clearly remembered Xiao Yi’s warped three views, after all.

“Master, do you have any defensive mystical treasures that you can lend to me?”

The coldness of Yu Yan’s expression instantly fell to ice point. She wants to use his mystical treasures on that kid? He began to feel even more irritated.

“None!” Even if he did have some, he would not hand them over. He did not have any interest in bringing up a disciple who belonged to someone else, as it was already hard enough to bring up his own disciple.

“Eh? Master, didn’t you say that, the higher one’s cultivation level, the more mystical treasures one possesses?” Master, you’re trying to fool me, aren’t you.

“Those are foreign objects. One’s cultivation must depend on oneself.”


“Have an early rest, in a few days, I will teach you another new Mystic Art.” After saying that, his figure flashed, and he could no longer be seen.

“Stingy! Petty! Compassionless!” Zhu Yao stood there and silently complained. He isn’t even willing to give me a hundred dolla- pui! He isn’t willing to give me a single mystical treasure. He’s so stingy.

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39 thoughts on “[Disciple] Chapter 29

  1. Chuo says:

    Didn’t he say he didn’t need her love because she was his already? Don’t see the point of being jealous. I wonder if the master is right and why he didn’t say anything to the junior masters.
    Thanks for the translation.

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    • ee says:

      Eh? Its not jealousy in that way, I’m sure its much closer to the feeling of having a rose you carefully raised covered in mud. Wasted away, using its time on things detrimental to it. I’m sure you’d hate to see someone spilling water on your tv or computer, even if it won’t actually suffer from it with careful treatment, you still think it will, its like that. Of course there is a jealousy as well, but not in that way.


  2. Kuciang says:

    Hahaha… I can’t get enough of this…

    This Xiao yi surely will be the man who killed her… because he can’t get her or when he try to kill little wimp, she protect him and die in the process

    Thank you for the chapter

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      • greedxviii says:

        Last time he got in trouble just for beating the hell out of someone though, now they suddenly don’t mind when he was about to kill someone that couldn’t continue fighting? Doesn’t make sense to me.


      • ee says:

        Its like, you don’t understand that basic concept you know? The one most people get by the time of age of 4 or so, I blame society for breaking us rather than raising us. But fact is no one knew that, only 2 people realized and a third one on instinct. One of those people know protects him as a disciple. Which means even if the truth came out, no one would be able to say anything. Since his status is now very high, which is a thing, and especially a thing in these sort of stories, no equal rights and all. The other guy who realized this, doesn’t give a fuck. I mean our MCs master has no connections to the world other than wanting to continue the lightning legacy thing, which is the only reason he hasn’t ascended yet. Hence -don’t get why she cares about an outsider-. As for what our MC does after finding out or whether they were truly the only people to know. Stay tuned, or it might already have happened. Who knows maybe the lady will trash the guy after finding out where his artifact is. Who can tell? Although I doubt that.


  3. ananananny says:

    Guys, I don’t get the ‘hundred dollar’ joke. Does it have something to do with kids asking their parents for money to buy some afternoon snack?


  4. ockyboo says:

    “Yu Yan frowned deeply. Does she have to be this worried about the safety of an outsider?”

    I was grinning from ear to ear X3


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