[News] Putting RPG World on Hiatus

Hello, sorry for the lack of updates. Have been pretty busy, and lazy. Hohoho.

As the title has stated, I’m putting RPG World on hiatus for now. If you have stayed with me since last year, you would have realized that I have always made sure to upload both the latest translated Disciple and RPG chapters at around the same time.

Honestly, translating both chapters in a single day isn’t really tiring, but recently, the RPG chapters have been too random for me. There’s too many plotholes, the author doesn’t stick to the mechanics he had set in the previous chapters, and the main character’s personality is all over the place. It’s really becoming a headache to read, in my opinion anyway.

Hence, right now, I can’t find the drive to translate RPG at all. Before, I have always been translating Disciple chapters before RPG chapters. And while Disciple chapters are usually longer, I tend to spend less time translating them than RPG’s, and I would often procrastinate on RPG chapters. Like Disciple Chapter 126, I have actually finished it a few days ago, but because of RPG, I have delayed the release till now.

So, I will temporarily put RPG World on hiatus, and focus on Disciple alone for now. Well, not really alone, if you actually read ATG, you would have realized I have been pushing out a chapter every 2 days over there too. Because I told Alys I need a little push to get my translation drive going, hence, she arranged me to translate every alternate chapters. (She’s a monster.)

Eh? What about Pit? I have checked that the website where the raws are posted, but the author hasn’t updated since February. So I will take my time to catch up with the raws.

I will like to express my apologies for RPG fans. I will be making you guys wait for a long time. :/

As for Disciple fans, good news! I will guarantee a chapter every 2 days!┬áIf I don’t, I will give you guys my address in order to find me, tie me up in front of computer, and have me translate! Hohoho!