Vol. 3 Chapter 9: You’re Kidding Me

“I didn’t expect that you would actually learn Sneak. Isn’t this a Rogue’s skill?”

“Which rule states that a Dual-swordsman can’t learn Sneak? Dual-swordsmen focus on speed and fast kills. How can I just let go of a skill as useful as Sneak?”

We are currently following the route the pyramidal surveillance camera is taking to the interference equipment.

Although we’re sneaking, we’re not completely hidden. Hence, we did not dare to approach too close, and we’re slowly following behind it.

And, the biggest problem right now was that we couldn’t see the thing’s name or titles. Even when I used the Phad’s Eye skill, nothing was revealed at all.

There weren’t any question marks, rather, nothing was above it at all.

Before, since I was able to see names and titles, I could still follow after people even when they’re behind walls, and it was really convenient. However, right now, I have no choice. If that thing leaves my mini-map surveillance area, then it might not be possible to find it again.

And this thing is flying without making a single sound. This is really a high level gameplay. It’s even possible to place markers in Assassin Creed, you know?


I signaled Aliyah to stop.

“What’s wrong?”

Even though I heard her, I did not answer her verbally, rather, I pointed towards the direction of the inverted pyramid.

Currently, the inverted pyramid was hovering in the air, however, there wasn’t just one of them. Several other inverted pyramids began to approach the one we were following. After that, they linked with each other face to face. After making several flips and turns, they split up again.

And they scattered into four different directions.

“What was that? Acrobatics?”

“They looked pretty high-tech, so I have no clue. With a glance, it’s rather obvious that they’re something made with technology beyond this era. I seriously wonder why someone would actually make something like that. And they seem to be made of technology related to this ‘World’ system. Just what the hell are they used for…”

“Aren’t you guys about to have that Annual Tournament thing? I smell a conspiracy!”


I looked at Aliyah wordlessly.

“With technology of this level, forget about the Annual Tournament, I think it will even be possible to take down an entire country. Why will they even bother?”

“I wonder~”

However, since so many inverted pyramids appeared, I believe the interference equipment should be somewhere close.

However, in our surroundings, there weren’t anything that looked like one. I mean, something like an interference equipment should be a tower, a frame or something. In any case, it has to be something tall.

But, currently, other than a few school buildings, there were nothing else here.

“Speaking of which…”

Aliyah suddenly said.

“When was there another statue over there?”


I looked into the direction where Aliyah was pointing. That was a place which the academy allocated for statues. Rows of statues were placed there orderly and neatly, as if the place was used to honor those great men.


“How do you know there’s an extra?”

“Because, before, when I first came, I sneakily left a scratch on every statue.”

“… Back in our world, do you often do that sort of thing to the cars parked by the roadside?”

“Of course not~ I would only do that when I’m in a bad mood.”


This girl’s values are really screwed up. I now understand why she would unhesitatingly slice someone’s house into pieces.

Fortunately, she did not choose the Berserker class, otherwise, her school would have been utterly destroyed in a week.

However, it’s also fortunate that she would do such a silly thing, that we finally managed to find some clues.

I walked up to the side of the statue, and knocked several times.

With a glance, it looked like a statue of a friendly old man, and it was a standard artistic statue. You know, those half-upper body statues.

“There doesn’t seem to be any difference with the other statues at the sides though? Are you sure it wasn’t here in the first place?”

“I’m sure! I came here yesterday, so it’s not possible for there not to be any scars on any of the statues!”

After saying that, she immediately pulled out her sword and slashed at the statue… There’s no sound?

Both Aliyah and I was surprised. When we inspected the place it was slashed at, unbelievably, there wasn’t even a single scar!

This… We looked at each other, and then shifted our focus back to the statue.

“This thing seems to be really high-grade. Is it expensive?”

“Is that really the point?”

“It’s not?”

“Aren’t we supposed to make sure whether this thing was here before or was it just placed here recently? This thing is obviously an invincible structure.”

Suddenly, I felt a dangerous intent!

The thing before us… is giving me very dangerous vibes. After a few moments, I realized why I was feeling like this.


“What’s wrong.”

“Grab my hand.”


“Hey, I’m telling you to grab my hand.”

“You… What are you saying in this kind of situation!? Even if…”

The hell, looking at how her face is growing red, it seems her mind drifted to somewhere weird again. Without any regards to her delusions, I immediately grabbed onto her and activated Charge towards the back.

The moment we left, several metal spikes appeared from the floor beneath, turning the place we were standing on earlier into a forest of giant metal needles.

Although I did use my ice spikes to kill on several accounts, however, no matter how I see it, these metal spikes are much stronger than my ice spikes by several times. If I were to be stabbed by them… It’s painful just by simply imagining it.

“This… What is that?”

“Hell if I know…”

The metal statue suddenly sprouted arms and legs from its body, and on each arm, there were countless spikes. The originally loving face also turned into a horned devil.


Suddenly, this word came into my mind. I carefully looked at the face of the devil, and as I thought, it looked similar to Hannya in games that I have played before.

At the same time, the space behind its back slowly distorted, and a spike appeared from that distorted space.

What… What the hell is that?

Quest updated. Destroy the interference equipment.

I once again looked at the popped-out notification, and I only have a single thought in my mind.

Are you kidding me?

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25 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 9: You’re Kidding Me

  1. flame says:

    So open about it :3 hehe…

    “Because, before, when I first came, I sneakily left a scratch on every statue.”
    “… Back in our world, do you often do that sort of thing to the cars parked by the roadside?”
    “Of course not~ I would only do that when I’m in a bad mood.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • Laid says:

      that was a small side char the most he can acomplish is make some primitve magnetic stuff (he is a thunder magician) the things that are happening currently are far far far far beyond his lv.


      • jacobpaige says:

        They were, but if his growth potential is anything like the MCs then it is possible. Especially if he got to study whatever it was that the king was wanting to use to take over the world.


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