Vol. 3 Chapter 41: Mysterious Shadow

I placed my tachi back into the ring, and what replaced it was my Blasphemer.

I waved it across the dark library, and a sparkling blue fog completely covered the entire library’s second floor in an instant.

The upgraded version of Restrictor of the Frozen Earth – intermediate-grade magic spell, Encroacher of the Frozen Earth!

Using 300MP, fill an entire space (Max Size: 500mX500mX500m) with cold air. Has a 50% probability of freezing the target’s’ movement abilities, lasting 5 seconds.

But the biggest use of this magic spell isn’t its effect, rather, it’s the fact that it affects hidden enemies as well. In other words, as long as a space has been covered with this cold air, whatever enemies that are hiding in that space will be revealed.

As I expected, the moment I used this magic spell, a strange red dot suddenly appeared on my mini-map!

“At our 3 o’clock!”

The second I said that, a series of sword waves speedily flew out of Aliyah’s hands. Red sword shadows repeatedly landed on the monster’s body, and its wounds began to burn up.


As the monster let out a painful howl, we immediately circled around it and ran towards its back.

If I recall correctly, the place behind the monster is another staff office. If we have to find the special staircase up to the third floor, then it’s mostly likely there.

Right now, we’re running out of time. We have to quickly head up to the upper floors before anyone notices us, otherwise, all our efforts will be a waste!

And there’s no save and load here. If our mission fails, it’s impossible to try again.

When we bypassed the monster, as I expected, the staff office door was opened, and the lower half of the monster’s body was actually extended out from inside that room!

Earlier, when I was not able to see the monster’s name, nor was there any question marks, I felt that it was extremely strange. Even a doll would reveal its name, unless it’s an uncontrolled toy doll.

Just what the hell is this thing?

But this isn’t the time to mind about something like this. Aliyah and I rushed into the room, and then, we headed straight for the door at the other side of the room.

“Are we even sneaking in at all? We’re basically forcefully robbing this place!”

I shouted at Aliyah.

“Then what are we supposed to do? That thing automatically activated itself. There’s nothing I could do about it, is there?”

Aliyah’s speed is faster than mine by quite a bit. As I thought, her dexterity is much higher than mine.

“I know, I was only letting out my complaints.”

With a kick, the door leading to the stairs flung open. We quickly rushed up the stairs. And for preventive measures, this time, the moment I opened the door, I pointed into the room and cast ‘Frozen Light’. A blue straight flash of light immediately froze everything in its line of target. Its effects were several times stronger than Ice Meteor!

As I thought, using advanced-grade magic is so refreshing!

“Is there really no problems if you do that?”

Aliyah asked worriedly.

“What problems?”

“You’re obviously using too much of your ice magic spells. How are you going to deal with the aftermath?”

“Naturally,I have prepared a special tool. It was pretty expensive, and it’s specially used to remove the aftermath caused by ice magic, so you don’t have to worry. Watch out!”

Two black claws were about to strike Aliyah’s back. I pushed Aliyah away, and then quickly threw a magic spell at it.

Ice Flower!”

Tens of blue magic formations emerged in the air, and blue particles were being absorbed into the center of the formations. And then, complete six-leaved ice flowers started to fly out like daggers one after another, causing the claws to shatter into pieces in an instant.

What brutal force! I love it!

And on the other side, before my ice flowers could come into contact with the other claw, a red sword shadow penetrated it, and it was sliced into half.

“Alright, before the next attack appears, we best hurry and grab all the useful books from the shelves! And then, we head over to the next floor.”

“There’s at least a few million books here. Are you planning to grab them all?”

“There’s a gold marked book at the front of each bookshelf. Only the spells from those books can be learnt. I don’t need the ice skill books, as I basically have all the intermediate-grade ice skill books in my possession. I only have two of the advanced-grade skill books, but we will talk about it later when we head upstairs. Now, go and collect the books.”

“What are you going to do then?”

“Obviously, I have to block that strange monster!”

After saying that, I waved my wand to the front, and an ice wall was constructed in front of me. At the same time, a large bang came from the other side of the wall. Then, a series of cracking noises could be heard. Looks like the power of that strike was really powerful.

Was it a physical attack?

I tapped on ‘Accelerate’ and ‘Light Steps’, and with a single leap, I landed on top of a bookshelf. I then focused my eyes onto the ice wall below.

Under the illumination of the blue ice wall, a large black shadow could be seen behind the wall.

The black shadow shook its body for a moment. Then, a black hand was shot out of the shadow, and it was heading directly towards my direction.

A shadow?

Is that magic? But it’s a magic that uses physical attacks? Just what the hell is that thing?

I leaned my body to a side, and summoned an Ice Shield on my arm.

The black hand clawed onto my ice shield, and five scratch marks were left on my ice shield.

“So powerful…”

In the next second, my ice shield was broken into two pieces.

It’s actually powerful enough to break apart my strongest ice shield? Looks like it’s not something I can handle with just elementary-grade magic.

Ice Winged Shield!”

A brand new four-sided shield unfolded behind my back, just like a pair of wings.

Although it looked similar to the previous ice shield, but the defense of this thing is actually ten times stronger!

The black shadow saw the change in my body. It stopped for a moment, before it began to shake again.

But this time, it was actually different than before!

“This guy…”

After the shaking, the black shadow slowly grew four limbs.

“Oh, it’s actually able to transform… Wait a minute, this…”

And then, the black shadow actually grew wings!

“This guy, it actually transformed into me?”

Similar to the looks of my shadow, it stood up from the ground, and the entirely black me was now facing in front of me.

“Alright, this is the first time I’m fighting with myself! Let the game begin!”

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27 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 41: Mysterious Shadow

  1. flame says:

    I haven’t seen Life in the comments lately… oh well why doesn’t fir grab other books I know he can’t use them in-front of people but I don’t see why he can’t just go ahead and pick up some fire books or what ever.. may even sale on the black market 😛


    • M.A.D says:

      He does. He told Aliyah to grab any non-ice books she could find on this floor, I assume that includes fire. Ice books are excluded because he already got them from his teacher.


  2. M.A.D says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!

    An enemy that can transform into you. Classic. Though I do wonder if it can transform into anyone, why don’t they make it so that it transform into the King or someone higher-leveled.


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