Vol. 3 Chapter 13: Sleep Early, Wake Up Early, Healthy Body

“Alright, the lesson will end here today. You guys can leave now.”

The Ms. Mari today is still as lazy. When the class just started, she hastily ended the curriculum for the day and announced the end of her lesson. And immediately after that, she disappeared from the classroom. Looking at this irresponsible teacher, I only have two words for her: good job.

After all, I don’t even understand this theory class at all. Lessons about magic particles and aggregations or whatever, to me, the contents are basically equal to wormhole research and the like. They’re simply beyond my comprehension.

Compared to wasting my time on them, I would rather increase my skill proficiencies. It would probably allow me to have a higher chance of surviving when fighting opponents several levels higher than mine.

“Fir, let’s eat dinner!”

“No. Fir already promised to eat at my place!”

“Hah? Why? Fir is currently my partner in the Annual Tournament! The competition starts tomorrow, we have to discuss our battle strategies for tomorrow over dinner!”

“You two have been discussing for a week, shouldn’t that be enough? You already used that excuse for an entire week!”

“It’s obviously better to have more battle strategies, right!?”

“Why are you two even fighting over a simple dinner?”

I don’t really have to explain, is there? Every day after class, only Irlin and Princess Michelle would fight over something like this.

The incident a week ago was already labelled as the ‘Undead Thursday’. Within a few days, the Saint Church and Temple Knights flooded into the academy, and when their investigations did not bear any fruit, they concluded that the ‘Undead fled’, and left the academy.

And Falan who disappeared for a couple of days casually returned to the society’s activity room. I really wonder what she did to avoid being pulled out when they investigated the number of people who were involved in the incident. Or maybe she’s not even in the student roster or something.

But that’s not the main point.

The point was that Irlin joined our class ever since that day. Though, that’s not the most terrible part.

The scariest thing was… Irlin’s introduction was actually, ‘Nice to meet you, everyone. My name is Irlin Wood. I’m Fir’s fiancee’!

Oh my god, just what kind of ridiculous harem anime’s opening is this? How am I going to survive through this?

If Irlin was not wearing her mask, I would probably have been stared to death by several male students in the class.

Fortunately, our class specialized in Ice Magic, and there were more girls than boys, otherwise, I would definitely be in trouble.

But… The discussions happening around the class are really frustrating the hell out of me.

“So the reason why Fir was keeping such a low profile was because he already had a fiancee, huh?”

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that he had this kind of preferences.”

“But are you sure it was not a political marriage?”

“Definitely not. Earlier, Irlin was very happy when she introduced herself as such.”

“But why does she wear a mask?”

“Who knows? Fir’s hobby?”

Just what kind of nonsense are you guys making up? Irlin’s mask is a hobby of mine? Can something like that even be regarded as a hobby? Hobbies should be something like those mouth plugs, right?

Of course, as a positive youth who loves life, I declare that I will never have such hobbies.

However, among the boys in this class, there’s one who is absolutely happy about this, and that’s Kechjen.

“Fir, how could you not tell me that you have such a beautiful fiancee? As your fellow brother, I’m really hurt. But, I support you. If you want me to introduce you to any fun places, I will definitely bring you there, as long as you bring Lanya over as well.”

Every single day, he would always talk to me about Lanya. However, when I told him to talk to her himself, he did not have the guts to do so.

But, at the same time, there’s someone who was really unhappy about it as well, and that’s Princess Michelle.

For an entire week, she pulled me to restaurants near the academy to eat. Although she said we were going to discuss battle strategies, but, truthfully… I don’t even know what to discuss about.

Currently, I’m LV 19. When I throw a magical attack with a freezing effect, normally, an Elementary Grade Magician, with the highest level reaching LV 15, will instantly turn into an ice statue.

And after that, it will be Princess Michelle’s time. After all, the damage of any attack that lands on a frozen target will be multiplied, and is one of the methods for her to deal the last hit.

In other words, this Annual Tournament quest is completely in the bag.

However, something is bugging me. When I leveled up above LV 15, several details were added into the Annual Tournament quest. Two additional unknown quests and rewards. Although I could not make clear of the details, however, according to my knowledge of this world’s system, I have a feeling that completing this quest is no longer as simple as it seems to be.

But, since that’s the case, then completing this quest would probably earn me quite a big amount of experience.

However, these two girls are always fighting over silly things, they’re really incomprehensible.

At the very least, I don’t understand them.

“I say, why don’t we eat together at my place? I have ingredients available…”

“Alright, no problem!”

“Then we shall do that!”

The two girls actually immediately agreed.

But… Two hours later, I regretted it.

“This… What are these?”

Looking at the ‘food’ that were sparkling gold, I asked with cold sweat dripping down my face.

“They’re dinner~”

The two girls said together.

Alright, I had lived for so many years, and other than food made by Mao and Furukawa Bread, I had never seen food that could glow. And, before my eyes, it’s evidently shining gold. (t/n: Mao: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ch%C5%ABka_Ichiban! Furukawa Bread: http://clannad.wikia.com/wiki/Furukawa_Bread)

Just what kind of food would glow after cooking? I really have no idea. However, such a thing is currently right here in front of me, and I could only sigh at how big this world is.

Although they looked like normal Scallop Beancurd Soup and Stir-Fried Shredded Pork, why are they glowing?

Although I don’t really understand, however, from my thousands and millions of experiences, they’re telling me that beautiful things are very dangerous. A poisonous mushroom is a very powerful example of a beautiful yet dangerous food.

After collating all my thoughts above, my conclusion is the things before me are extremely dangerous, and I might die from eating them.

But… I definitely can’t say that I don’t want to eat them. If I were to say those words, I can’t even imagine what kind of death awaits me.

“Un, then I will try some.”

With a hand holding onto my bowl, I used my other hand to open my inventory and pulled the Poison Cure Potion into my hotbar.

And then, as the two young girls eagerly watch me try the soup… In that instant, an unknown feeling suddenly filled my entire body, and when I wanted to tap on the potion, my finger stopped in mid-air.

It’s not that I don’t wish to move, rather… I can’t move at all!

Paralysis… Just what kind of ingredients did they add to cause a paralysis effect!?

And right after, a familiar ‘unconscious’ countdown timer appeared. Looking at this, I helplessly shook my head, and calmed myself.

I will just take it as I’m sleeping early today…

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58 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 13: Sleep Early, Wake Up Early, Healthy Body

  1. ~Shiroyasha~ says:

    Damn mushoku and their feels! Now we won’t have any chapters, but I can’t leech as I know how heavy the feels weigh, thanks for the chap scrya! And thanks for the changes in the blog as I’m one of those who read in mobile.


  2. pingpongpangkyaaa~ says:

    Anyway, you guys should probably have seen, I made slight changes to the blog. I removed the comments section in the homepage and shifted the widgets at the site based on viewing priority. This is so as to make the site more user-friendly for mobile users.

    tehehehe~~ ty for this and the chapter

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  3. RKain says:

    How mysterious. I wonder Princess Michelle is so bothered by Irlin’s presence? I cannot understand her thinking. Not at all. /s

    My thanks to you.


  4. flame says:

    “Un, then I will try some.” With a hand holding onto my bowl, I used my other hand
    to open my inventory and pulled the Poison Cure Potion into my hotbar.

    I had a laugh at this :p Thanks again ~!


  5. RyuGen says:

    Thanks for the chapter it made me LOL. Michelle is obviously jealous so kawaii~. Hope there is more development between Lin Fir and Irlin.


  6. wewe says:

    Lets see, there are 2 girls out for your body in the room, and they just knocked you out with food… wewe’s expectation is rising!


  7. M.A.D says:

    Dude obviously isn’t familar with assassinations by poisoning. The basic premises is that he has to drink the antidote *before* the poison, otherwise it’s his loss.


  8. Julo says:

    Thanks for the chapter, but (after previous volume) I wait when the whole volume will be finished. I found out, that is not a good Idea to read two books at the same time. (At least not this and the second book series that I read now.)

    But the main reason why I write is “Mushoku Tensei” (when you mentioned it in your comment). On the sources I know there are some chapters (sometimes even (almost) whole volumes) only in “preview” translation.

    The first question is: Are the chapter in “preview mode” readable? Isn’t the text messed up?
    (This question is only relevant when you read the translation and not the original. Unfortunately I can not read kanji.)

    From your comment I assume that the ending was very very sad. I somehow can picture the ending from chapter titles. My second question is: When should I end reading to not to get so sad?
    For me it seems that I only need to stop at volume 23 (up to chapter 259). But it is possible that the sad end is in this chapter.


    • Scrya says:

      You can read the ones in preview, there’s really nothing wrong with them.

      And the ending was sad, but not to the point of excessive tears. If I have to describe it, I would say it was satisfying. So I really suggest you finish it all the way to the end.


      • Diri says:

        I can’t see the ending of MT as sad at all. Rudeous accomplished all he wanted and decided he had enough from this life end not matter what – he’ll be OK in the next one. Don’t forget, if he would want he should use the reincarnation technique which is known to Orstred, and no way Orstred wouldn’t help his friend and right hand with that. It was Rudy’s choice to not prolong this current life and move on to the next one.


    • jorgelotr says:

      It depends. Chapters in “preview” come in three kinds: direct or almost untouched MT (machine translation), properly edited MT and links to outside pages. Most links to outside pages are readable and fairly accurate, so there’s no problem there, but the first kind, in some occassions indistinguishable at first sight from the second kind, ranges from eye cancer to pure fantasy. You should ask people in BT which “previews” are of the first kind and which ones of the second.
      Also, the ending is more emotional than sad, and can technically be tagged as a happy end, with emphasis in “end” (which is part of the reason people get even more emotional). I personally liked it. There are some loose ends, but that’s what Redundancy Chapter and oneshot stories are for (also, a possible “sequel” involving a near-future timeline). You may cry from reading the end, but those are good tears (also, there are some important plot points that only get resolved in the chapters AFTER the ending).

      BTW thanks for the chapter, scrya.


  9. MrYoSo901 says:

    seeing as you took your time renovating the site, can i suggest you also start changing your choice of font? preferably something like lato with even strokes. Serif fonts tend to be a little harsh on the eyes especially on a bright background.


  10. lozlo says:

    Hrm. I was okay with MT’s ending. Still curious about what happened with Nanahoshi, but yeah.
    I’m almost afraid to see how Tate no Yuusha is going to end though…. And we’re so close now….
    Thanks for the release. ;p


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