Vol. 3 Chapter 21: I Only Want to Keep to a Low Profile

When I came into this world, the most rest I could get was simply by closing my eyes. Whenever I tried to sleep, I would get nightmares. Unless I were to be knocked unconscious, I wouldn’t be able to get a good sleep at all.

I simply laid on the couch in the library for an entire night. When I saw that my fatigue meter was still filling up, I had a thought of returning home to take a bath, so as to fill up the rest of the meter instantly.

“Oh? Isn’t this Fir? Do you mind giving me your autograph?”

“Yesterday, you were simply too incredible. Is this the result of studying intensively in the library?”

The moment I left the library, the students at the entrance saw me.

“Umm, do you mind if I ask something? Currently, am I actually known to the entire school?”

“That’s of course. You’re the only elementary grade student who defeated a demonized opponent, and you’re the first in history to do so. It’s natural that everyone knows you.”

This Wind-type male student answered. And, looking at the badge on his chest, he seemed to be in the Intermediate Grade as well.

“Probably because I’m the only one who would be silly enough to fight against a transformed demonic being.”

“Haha, I didn’t expect for someone to be so strong to be this humorous. But, you must be wary of those people in the advanced-grade teams. If you’re able to defeat a demonized elementary grade student, it means that you have the ability to duke it out with them. We, the intermediate grade students, are convinced of your abilities. However, the advanced-grade teams might not allow you to defeat them that easily.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Haha, looks like you aren’t aware of this. After the Annual Tournament, the three winning teams of the respective grades will compete against each other. However, it’s only a friendly bout in name. It’s actually a platform for the higher grades to demonstrate their power in front of their lower grade peers.”

“I see. So it’s to show off their abilities, huh… If the winning higher-grade team lose to the winning lower-grade team, that entire grade will probably be humiliated.”

“Don’t worry. Most of the intermediate-grade students are already fans of yours. Because in our current semester, our research topic relates to defeating demonic beings. You gave us a very good demonstration, and we can’t thank you enough. But as for the advanced-grade students… you best be careful of them.”

“I understand, thank you. But you told me so much…”

“Obviously, it’s to get your autograph.”

He took out a board as he said so.

And it was actually made of sheepskin imbued with anti-corrosion magic. It’s pretty complex for a simple board.

“Please write ‘Wish Karlun’s Demonic Being research topic to be successfully completed.’”

“Ah… Alright…”

“Thank you very much…”

Receiving the board I signed, he happily replied.

“Do you mind if I ask another question?”

“Un, please do.”

“Which intermediate-grade team will probably turn out champion?”

After a series of setbacks, I finally managed to return to my dormitory.

Although there were still quite a large number of people outside, but because I leveled up my Disguise Technique, I thus managed to successfully return home.

Disguise Technique LV 1 – Hair Manipulating Technique (Change Hair Color)
Disguise Technique LV 2 – Eye Color Technique (Change Eye Color)
Disguise Technique LV 3 – Plastic Surgery Technique (Change Facial Structure)

Earlier, I looked like a red-haired middle-age man. Adding the red outfit I bought at the store, I looked just like a Fire Magician.

Naturally, when I entered the place, no one noticed me.

Other than the Disguise Technique, I leveled up my Phad’s Eye and Dominator’s Hawkeye as well.

Dominator’s Hawkeye LV 1
Acquire the mini-map of every map. (Details can only be seen on a hard-copied map)
Mini-map cannot be seen when on the move.

Dominator’s Hawkeye LV 2
Allows user to view the mini-map on the move.

Dominator’s Hawkeye LV 3
Allows user to see people that are on alert or are hostile against you on the mini-map.

Phad’s Eye LV 1
Allows user to see through the target’s name, gender, age, class, or title. (Randomized) Unable to re-use skill on the same target.

Phad’s Eye LV 2
Allows user to directly see through the target’s name. Does not overlap with the LV1 effect. After using this skill on the target, user is able to use the LV 1 skill on the target once again.

Phad’s Eye LV 3
Allows user to directly see through the target’s class and level. Does not overlap with the LV1 effect. After using this skill on the target, user is able to use the LV 1 skill on the target once again. (If the target has more than one class, only one class will be revealed. If originally, the user could already see one of the classes, the other class will be revealed. )

Phad’s Eye LV 4
Allows user to directly see through the target’s age and gender. Does not overlap with the LV1 effect. After using this skill on the target, user is able to use the LV 1 skill on the target once again.

Just like that, all of the 9 skill points I was awarded with were used up.

Although there are various other skills I could choose, however, seeing that all those skills had ridiculous costs, I could only turn away from them.

Although most of the skills I chose were not for combat, but, all of them are rather interesting. And since they do not carry any costs, I think they’re pretty decent.

After taking a bath, Aliyah’s call came in again.

“Just what did you do? All your fans are currently heading towards the library, you know?”

The moment I picked up the call, Aliyah roared.

“Probably because I gave my autograph to someone at the library’s entrance.”

“Hahaha, looks like you’re becoming really famous now.”

“I rather not. I’m someone who keeps to a low profile.”

“Someone with a low profile would not exterminate a demonic being in 30 seconds.”

“I was only lucky… Oh right, what did you call me for?”

“Because not only your fans aren’t able to find you, your cute teammate isn’t able to find you either. We will be waiting at the bookstore across the restaurant we ate at yesterday.”

“Are we discussing battle plans again?”

“No, because Michelle said that you might be in danger.”

“Danger? In what way?”

“Your life.”

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59 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 21: I Only Want to Keep to a Low Profile

  1. RKain says:

    Of course he’s in danger. That’s the story of Fir’s life – at any given time, he’s either in mortal danger, or in non-mortal danger.

    My thanks to you.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Cupcake ninja says:

        I dont know, i think it would be, rather than a gender or body manipulation skill, an illusion. A disguise is like wearing make-up, changing hair color, that type of stuff. The disguise skill could upgrade to an illusion skill, but can that fool the “ultimate skill”?
        Even if it can, he couldn’t use the skill without having the disguise / illusion skill already activated.
        Hmm. It may not matter though, as long as he can use it.


      • synthous says:

        I mean, he doesn’t seem to be practising too much or setting himself a few goals. He seems pretty laid back compared to the crazy mage, or the loopy swordswoman. Still, since he literally has no class, “anything goes guy” is an apt title. c:


      • DMR says:

        Ya, but for a story, that electric mage’s goals aren’t much & for our loli swordswoman…. not hero material either…

        And he is “Anything goes” meaning he can be f***ed up by the plot at the worst moments….

        And is is leveling up skills and learning more magics…


      • synthous says:

        Yeah, for the magic, we’ve learned that it’s really just elementary magic. Only recently he gained 3… Almost three spells. He doesn’t want to take the plunge with the third spell by levelling up the face reconstructing technique to include the body and bodily functions.

        I mean. What. I just wanted to say That his major personality quirk, is easy going. The yoli is straight forwardly dumb-ish and the electric mage just wants to get over his fear of ghosts.


      • synthous says:

        Well, the MC has told her that they’re not really NPC’s outside of the beginner area a few times… So, reckless + wild abandonment + lack of consideration = a crazy from of stupid. I just hope she doesn’t go yandere on us.


      • DMR says:

        Well, they actually are NPCs… they just don’t act like it at times… he’s just showing them more love and consideration… but she’s just having fun in a video game….

        Different perspective…. and if he dies, he just comes back to life (and loses a few items)…


      • synthous says:

        Truthfully, besides the respawn and menu system. The world is a game and you have to find principles behind things, use muscle memory etc to gain skills. The NPC’s put laws in place to control the masses. Seriously, think about it. Flying metal based on setting fire to age old dead “dinosaurs” that have turned into a puddle of black stuff that needs to be put through a machine that heats it to a few separate temperatures to create a few things, including the base for plastic and something for lipstick. Too many people. The NPC’s are too stuck in their ways to try and save the world. Only you, Player 1, can save the world. Will you try?


      • DMR says:

        Psha, I’m DMR. Master of the universe with over 100 millions waifus….

        Only the land of Yaoi and traps is free from my rule…. and that’s cause I don’t want them….


      • Cupcake ninja says:

        No, isnt it a “summoned to another world” setting?
        It seems to me the world itself is real, its just the “players” that are simply experiencing it differently.
        The person who make the updates is obviously a goddess loli who has an obsession with games.

        Also, what 100 million waifus?

        *sudden realization *

        Ah you meant your dolls–

        Oops, sorry. i meant to say, “action figurines”

        I know how touchy you get when i call them dolls.


      • DMR says:

        It’s like a mix of “summoned to a different world” and “stuck in a game” since the place actually seems to be a system and there are events and NPCs get into their mode and what not… like an advanced VMMO….

        And did you just insult me for making/sticking with an anime fan internet joke?


      • Cupcake ninja says:

        Okay Yeah i agree its a mix of those two ,but it seems the world is only system-like to the players. I think the NPCs are real people. However its obvious the NPCs from the Beginner Village aren’t real. I differentiate them because ever since the MC left the Village i haven’t seen– or at least remember — any “NPC” who followed and repeated pre-set sentences after certain circumstances were activated. After the MC left the Beginner Village , all the people talked normally, always. Also, in volume 2 chapter 16, we read a POV from Lanya, a confirmed “NPC”. That wouldn’t happen without some self-awareness and if they weren’t real. We would prolly never hear their inner thoughts in that case, since any words and actions they take would simply be a reaction produced by their programming, the world itself and interactions from the players .
        Oh sure, she could be a player but from what i’ve read that doesn’t seems likely, it wouldn’t make sense or else she wouldn’t be so surprised when the MC became a Undead Angel, she would just raise an eyebrow and take it in stride.

        Also i just dont wanna think of the characters we all know and love to only be a collection of ones and zeros. Would you?
        Even though it is just a story and they aren’t “real” in the first place. . .

        Well regardless of wether the so-called NPCs are real or not, its a good story.

        And insult? I considered it more like playful banter with the purpose of entertaining others and ourselves. If i offended you, im sorry. Just give all my writing from now on a light-hearted, relaxed tone while imagining a face with a good-natured, slightly teasing smirk of amusement and you should understand i dont mean any harm.


      • DMR says:

        Don’t worry, I was just curious, not offended 😛

        And from what I’ve seen, it could just be an advanced system… I mean, there is a system administrator, the things work like a game, and maybe it’s just an advanced A.I., ya know….

        Or maybe it’s a magical virtual world, where the world itself is psuedo-real…. so it’s created as a game but it’s also a form of real world.


  2. mr. mas :3 says:

    Is there any new harem member?? Currently known.. aliyah, assasin elf-girl, ice princess, water princess, no.6, his fiance, the 3 great of his school and 2 of his fiance’s friend. Is there anyone i miss? If so, please remind me? Arigato…
    thanks for the chapter


    • Cupcake ninja says:

      To be fair, the other skills were worthless. Remember that Absolute Area skill? It let his become a god, but only within a small space, and he can never leave.
      Then that F
      Look at vol 1 chapter 22. They weren’t worth the risk.

      And knowledge is power, noob. 🙂
      Those skills he leveled up are quite useful if you think about it. Who knows if he will ever get a attack skill, or something like that, since he has no class?


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