Vol. 3 Chapter 22: Bounty

Entering the bookstore’s toilet, I removed the disguise on my face, changed into my clothes, and came out of the door.

Seeing that I appeared from the toilet, Aliyah’s eyes widened.

“Earlier, I thought I saw someone else entering…”

“I added some points into a disguising skill.”

“Your taste is pretty unique.”

“Not really.”

Actually, I already saw the girls when I entered the place. However, it seems Aliyah did not take notice of my name, and hence, she did not realize I came in with a disguise.

There aren’t that much customers in this bookstore usually, and we’re currently on the 2nd floor. Other than us, there weren’t anyone else.

The ones present were Aliyah, Princess Michelle, and Irlin. Why do these three always stick together?

“Oh, you’re here. Is there actually a hidden door in the toilet?”

Princess Michelle looked at me weirdly.

“I disguised myself.”

“Oh, I see. Then that’s good too. Today, it’s best for you to stay disguised when you’re outside.”

“There really isn’t a need, is there…? Unless it’s those people from the advanced-grade teams?”

“advanced-grade teams?”

Princess Michelle furrowed her brows, and asked.

“I see, the demonstration after the Annual Tournament, huh. That’s a problem as well. But, it’s best you focus on the present problem for now.”

“The present problem?”


Saying that, she placed her hand on her storage ring, and took out a seemingly old piece of sheepskin paper.

“Take a look yourself. This is something my father gave me in the morning, and he told me to pass it to you.”

I received the sheepskin paper, and when I opened it, I was shocked.

Underworld Bounty – Fir
Reward: 1,000,000 Gold

The paper was embedded with a magic recording crystal, and after rolling the paper open, a magical image of myself was revealed.

The image was pretty clear. Looking at the expression… It’s probably taken during my battle yesterday.

“Only 1,000,000 Gold. I’m pretty cheap huh. ”

“You’re actually sighing at the price!?”

Then should I sigh at how well the photograph was taken?”


Princess Michelle rubbed between her eyebrows.

“Your life is at stake and you’re still able to crack a joke. Are you tired of living?”

“Of course not, but there’s nothing I can do about it, is there? I don’t know who placed that bounty on me either. Even if I do know, I can’t just pass him 1,000,000 Gold and tell that person not to kill me.”

“That’s why I’m telling you to disguise yourself. Disguise yourself, and hide. Then appear for the tournament tomorrow.”

“The problem is, where can I hide? For my bounty to be commissioned by the underworld, it means that person definitely have deep connections with the underworld. Even if I can hide this once, the problem might not be solved. That person might not remove the bounty even if I lose the tournament. There’s even a possibility he might increase the bounty instead.”

“… You’re right. That’s a problem as well.”

“Oh right, there’s something I have to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“How high is the social standing of your empire’s State Magician?”

“State Magician? You’re talking about those old freaks who hide themselves in their magic towers for several years? They have the military power to command tens of thousands of soldiers. They have the same political standing as a viscount, and they have the priority in terms of supplies and transport. Even if that maybe so, but those old men, other than for the sake of researching magic and to test their new magic skills in battles, they basically do not leave their towers.”

“I see. Then, if the person, who had the bounty placed on, was actually your country’s State Magician, what would happen?”

“Then we will have the responsibility to investigate and chase after the person who commissioned the bounty… Wait, what did you say?”

I smiled, and took out the empire’s National Magician proof that I received yesterday.

“As I thought… Your father is really far-sighted. Even though he gave me a safe identity, he did not bestow me a title with that much political power and responsibility.

“State Magician… Isn’t that similar to Lester’s position?”

Irlin, who was at the side, asked.

“Oh right. Is Lester still at Mitchell?”

“It seems he appeared for a while. Then, he proclaimed he was leaving to train. After that, I have no further idea of his whereabouts.”

“Is that so…”

This blame-pushing bastard actually ran after resurrecting. Geez. To think he would push all the shit onto me…

Oh well, it was because of him that I could obtain my current abilities.

“Wait wait wait… Wait a minute. You said my bastard father actually gave you this thing yesterday? Oh my god, what the hell is he thinking! Why a State Magician? At the very least, he should have given you the Court Magician position, right?”

“… I don’t wish to turn into a personal bodyguard.”

“Why not? You will have good welfare, good resources to make use of. Not just that, you get to eat well, and drink well.”

“… I just don’t like the idea of being one, that’s all. Oh right, since things turned out this way, by giving me this thing, is your father telling me not to worry or to solve this matter by myself?”

“I don’t know, I will contact him.”

After saying that, Princess Michelle clapped her hands twice, and the girl named Dual actually appeared from behind the bookshelf!

I must admit, earlier, I did not even know she was hiding there.

“My princess, regarding this matter, your father had already informed us.”

She looked towards me, and then continued.

“If he is able to use his own strength to safely live through today, the emperor will decide to give him a chance to offer any sort of request.”

“How is that possible…”

“Very well, I accept.”

I smiled and answered.

Emergency Quest
Quest Objective: Have the Emperor of Ice Empire think that you lived through the day.
Reward(s): Unknown.

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59 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 22: Bounty

  1. moridain says:

    That disguise technique could not have been learned at a better time.

    I wonder who put up the bounty though. Perhaps the idiot king found out about him? Or another Player trying to nuke a potential future rival?


      • jacobpaige says:

        Actually, even if he leaves a corpse behind, he can just pretend that its a really good fake he had created to throw of his pursuers. Assuming he can explain how he got someone to make it, especially on such short notice.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. synthous says:

    “To learn your most powerful skills”.

    Pls tell me there’s a gender bend, It always adds fun comedy. With the Dual Swordsman, Prinny and Irlin, it’ll be a blast. Especially with the none-gender-specific wind guy.


  3. RKain says:

    Ah, so he just has to make the Emperor THINK he lived through the day. That’s way easier than ACTUALLY living through the day. Right?

    Fir dies in: 20 minutes.

    My thanks to you.


    • Phantom Starlight says:

      *walks into the throne roim in front of the emporer and gets stabbed tgrough the heart, few hours later walks back in*
      Fir: Hey, I lived through the day.
      Emporer: Weren’t you just killed!??
      Fir: You must have imagined it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. flame says:

    “Only 1,000,000 Gold. I’m pretty cheap huh. ” I feel this is something Aliyah would of said :p

    Lester is alive :3!

    “think that you” what…? 😛


  5. M.A.D says:

    I hope it doesn’t turn out that Irlin was sent here specifically to try to kill him, and after the battle she decided to get a hired hand with her budget.

    Anyway thanks for the chapter~!


  6. Inbetweenaction says:

    so essentially, barricade yourself at the spawn point, claim to have another warpike ability beyond the one you already got, and win quest while complaining about people camping your spawn.


  7. TacoTacoTaco says:

    Kill himself, then get Aliyah to turn in his bounty. Split the reward 50-50. Or get alchemist girl to fake his death for 75-25?


  8. GonZ555 says:

    Emergency Quest (Updated)
    Quest Objective: Have the Emperor of Ice Empire think that you lived through the day.
    Reward(s): Engagement with Princess Michelle

    ;D Thank you for the chapter


  9. acouvis says:

    “Quest Objective: Have the Emperor of Ice Empire think that you lived through the day.”

    Great! He doesn’t even have to live through the day! He can just hire people to imitate him so after he’s killed he passes the quest automatically…


  10. Inbetweenaction says:

    Time to barricade himself at the spawn point and complain about getting spawncamped ^^

    Also, he is soo trying to powerlevel through “whatever goes” exp converter…


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