Vol. 3 Chapter 8: Inverted Pyramid

I don’t know what that thing was, and it wasn’t because I didn’t look at it carefully. Rather, everything above it, including its name, were a series of question marks.

Even if I want to, it wouldn’t be possible to know about it, right?

There’s only one thing I can confirm about it, and that its level is much higher than ours, and not just twice or thrice. It’s also able to kill us instantly like it’s slicing vegetables in a kitchen.

Why is our enemy such a monster this time around?

Although I really want to give this ‘World’ guy a good scolding, however, there’s obviously something more important to deal with currently.

After passing a bottle of HP Recovery Potion to Aliyah to drink, her flashing HP bar stopped blinking after two times, and began to slowly recover.
(t/n: Although Aliyah was in an apparent state of death, it was different compared to Fir’s previous case. Fir was supposed to die then, but was interfered by the barrier, so he had to supposedly take 2 hours to completely revive himself. In usual cases, HP would normally recover after 5 seconds of rest, as stated in vol. 1.)

Although it’s possible to resurrect at the city’s cathedral, however, the nearest cathedral was located at the other side of the city. It would be rather troublesome to return to that place without Flash Movement.

I took out another set of HP and MP Recovery Potions and immediately drank them down as well. My HP bar began to fill up after the taking the spike’s attack, and my MP bar which was empty from the Flash Movement earlier quickly began to recover as well.

“Aliyah, Aliyah, wake up. Are you actually sleeping with your eyes open?”

“… Damn you, stop shaking me so vigorously. It’s really painful after getting pierced in the abdomen.”

Aliyah unhappily pushed my hand away, and crawled up to a sitting posture on the floor.

The wound on her abdomen stopped bleeding, and with my naked eyes, it’s possible to see her wound closing slowly.

“Your potion is pretty good, did you make it yourself? It seems to be much better than the potions you can buy outside.”

“Is that so? You should tell that to Lanya. She will definitely be really happy.”

“Lanya… Who is that?”

“A friend.”


Aliyah looked at me suspiciously, as if I was telling a big lie.

“What’s with that expression?”


“… Whatever. This obviously isn’t the time to fight over something like this. Just what the hell was that? Have you seen it before?”

“Nope, never. And that thing’s attack speed and strength is really too frightening, isn’t it? It’s basically impossible to win at all.”

Saying that, Aliyah unhappily stabbed her weapon into the ground.

“That’s right. With a monster like that, and with such little rewards, I don’t even have the motivation to do the quest at all.”

“I totally agree. It’s only a gain in 2 levels. Even if we were to attack it in turns, it wouldn’t be possible to defeat it even if we keep resurrecting right?”

“The monsters in this world indeed are unable to recover their HP on their own. If we were to pull that thing to the side of the cathedral, and grind it there, it’s not really impossible…”

“Hey hey hey, you’re really thinking of trying that? No matter how I see it, aren’t we just courting our own deaths if we do that? If that thing has more than a million HP… Let’s assume it has a million HP for now. If we were to shave off 1 HP per second, we will at least take 12 days to finish, you know?”

“No, since there’s two of us, we can probably finish it in 6 days.”

“You’re seriously thinking of slashing at it for a whole 6 days?”

“Obviously not. Although that thing can’t recover its HP automatically, however, if that thing kills us before we can even land a blow, then we will be the ones being killed continuously…”

“Then what are we going to do? Give up on the quest?”

“Although I think it’s understandable for us to give up on the quest at this point, however, look at what the academy has become. If we don’t do something, if that monster rushs in, then this entire place will become a school of death.”

“But you don’t have any plans at all, right?”

“… Not entirely.”

I thought for a moment, before replying.


Aliyah was evidently surprised.

“Think for a moment. Only something like a transmitter would be able to cause the entire academy to fall into a deep slumber. Otherwise, the quest would not hint us to find the effect range, and find the source.”

“If you explain it that way, it does make sense. However, how are we going to go about doing that? Currently, we can’t even see the boundaries at all.”

“That place should be one of the boundaries.”


“It’s the place where that wall was. Think about it. If that wasn’t a boundary, there wouldn’t be a need for such a strong monster to be placed there.”


“Let’s record that earlier place down. Then, we just have to find 2 other similar objects, and trace a circle to have a rough look at the boundary using the 3 points.”

“You’re definitely a Science student.”

“Since we’re transferred into this world, we have to use Science to save the world.”

I stood up and inspected the surroundings, and continued.

The place where we found that wall was in the north, if that’s the case, we can head towards the western direction for now… Wait, hurry and get down!”

Saying that, I immediately pushed Aliyah, who was beside me, to the ground.

“Hey, what are you doing, you pervert! Hurry and get off me!”

“Idiot, keep quiet, look over there.”

When Aliyah raised her head and looked at the direction I was pointing at, she stopped struggling.

Looks like she saw it.

That unidentified object floating in the sky.

It had the same color as the wall earlier, but it’s structure did not look at soft as the wall.

It’s shaped like a pyramid, with its tip pointed to the bottom. And on every side, it had something like an eye moving about.

I could only think of one thing when I look at it, and that it’s a surveillance camera. However, this is the first time I see a surveillance camera that breaks the law of physics and does not exude a sense of security.

It’s not that the structure of this thing was distorted, rather, I feel that the guy who made it was somehow related to Picasso.

Earlier, I realized a red dot suddenly appearing on my mini-map, hence I was able to warn Aliyah to get down in time. And fortunately, one of its corners was facing us earlier, hence, we weren’t spotted immediately.

“Close your eyes and pretend to sleep.”

After saying that, I closed my eyes as well.

However, I still stared at my mini-map and watched the slowly moving dot. After all, I’m only able to confirm that thing’s position using my mini-map.

Because that thing did not produce any sound while it’s flying.

The red dot slowly moved, and I could feel my heartbeats getting faster.

Especially when it was about to approach beside us, it suddenly stopped! My heartbeats had never been so fast before!

“Sector C clear. No signs of any awake escapees. Those guys had probably fled the academy, right?”

Suddenly, that thing actually spoke.

This thing can speak? And it’s not an electronic voice. Is there someone controlling it from the inside?

“Continue your surveillance. Survey the area near the transmitter. If someone destroys the interference equipment, our mission will become troublesome.”

“Affirmative. Professor, the 2nd Surveillance Camera is now heading towards the interference equipment.”

Suddenly, the red dot accelerated, and flew towards the western direction.

Quest Updated.
Follow the surveillance camera, find the interference equipment.

As expected, at that instant, the quest information immediately updated.

If you have the capabilities, update the quest rewards as well!

Seeing the red dot making a turn, I immediately pulled Aliyah off the floor.

“Alright, it’s time to earn some experience.”


The two of us activated Sneak at the same time, and chased after the surveillance camera.

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    • flame says:

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  1. RyuGen says:

    oh he was a science student I definitely missed that. Well it seems they will make an effective team now. This will be a good chance for them to build up there relationship and skills. Hopefully there will be an ecchi scene included XD.


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    Thanks for the chapter!

    For some reason, I read the title as “perverted pyramid” and was mightily confused until I realized it was “inverted”, not “perverted” xDD


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