Vol. 3 Chapter 48: Tainted Wing

George Bayl
LV 65 Saint Knight LV ?? ???
[Kind] [Firm] [Saint] [Darkness of the Saint Church] [Purifier] [Roaming Father] [Cardinal] [???] [???]

Because of Phad’s Eye’s raise in level, the amount of information I could see about him increased. Now, I fully understand how scary this old man really is.

LV 65? Saint Knight?

So you’re the legendary unbeatable meatshield. If one of our opposing teams had such a tank, then it will basically be too saddening.

Fortunately, a person like this isn’t an enemy. Otherwise, it will be seriously troubling.

George, who was standing on the ice block which was sliced in half, seemed to be looking for something. After inspecting the ice blocks for a while, he raised his fist.

A blinding holy light fell from the sky, enveloping Uncle George’s raised fist, and an illusionary white fist, which was about a quarter of the size of the entire ice block, appeared.

Immediately after, he struck it down onto the ice block!

Cracks filled the exterior of the large ice, and the ice slowly scattered away like loose sand. A wooden ball and the young girl named Elwyn then fell directly onto the arena.


When I looked at the young girl’s HP bar closely, she still had a bit of HP left. The earlier ice seal slowly reduced her HP, but it was actually not enough to kill her.


I don’t know why, but when I saw this word among her titles, my heart seemed to ache.

“Haa, really…”

After pondering for a while, taking the opportunity when everyone else were still focusing on the happenings on the ring, I quickly circled around the sides and headed towards Elwyn’s direction.

And on the arena, Uncle George actually did not express any interest in Elwyn, rather, he walked towards Parvro’s side. He threw a glowing white ball onto his body, and captured him.

“Where did you obtain your Dark Magic?”

Uncle George asked in a low voice. Although it was low, but it actually held a sort of intimidating pressure, which could be felt by everyone in the entire competition venue.


Parvro slowly opened his eyes. He looked at Uncle George with provocative eyes, and laughed.

“I didn’t expect to lure in a Saint. My luck is really quite terrible.”

“Hmph, you’re definitely lucky to be able to meet me. Because, at the very least… I will not let you die, before you spit out your secrets!”

A glowing white spot of light flew out of Uncle George’s body, and then, it landed on Parvro’s body.

Like suffering from intense pain, Parvro screamed as his body spasmed wildly.

“Even if… even if you use… something like this… to torture me… I will still not… say anything…”


Uncle George furrowed his eyebrows, and another glowing white ball of light flew into his body.

“Honorable Saint, umm… If it’s possible, can you please not undergo an interrogation here? Currently, there’s still a large audience…”

Our academy principal immediately said.


Uncle George thought for a moment, and then nodded.

“Assassin from the Charming Heart Guild, Parvro, a wanted criminal, and a murderer… I wonder if these information are useful?”

The moment I said that, everyone on-site looked towards my direction.

Currently, I was standing beside the fainted Elwyn. With my hands directed at her body, I threw a recovery spell at her.

“Oh, this young girl is only a chesspiece of theirs. I guess she was captured and used to participate into this tournament. Look, Light Magic does not harm her in any way. There isn’t any dark magical particles in her body.”

“… Indeed… And you, boy…”

Parvro said as he spat out some blood.

“If it wasn’t for such a weird twerp like you… You’re actually able to use advanced-grade magic… And an Ougi at that… Otherwise, how would I…”

“Actually, I’m very weak. You were just too gutless.”

I shrugged.

“And you shouldn’t have caused trouble in this Annual Tournament! You were simply courting your own death!”

“… Hahaha… Hahaha…”

He spat out another mouthful of blood, and then laughed.

“I see… Because I said I wanted to kill your partner…? I see… I see…”

After pausing for a moment, he then continued.

“If I knew you in the past, then I probably wouldn’t do this… But, since I get to meet you today, then let me give you a valuable lesson. Your naivety will definitely kill you!”

After saying that, he exploded something in his hand. Uncle George wanted to stop him, but a black fog immediately flew out of his hand, and then, it instantly floated towards me.

I thought of blocking it, but that black fog actually entered Elwyn’s body in an instant!


‘Trap User’

‘Natural Affinity’

‘Fallen Mind’

Suddenly, these words flashed across my mind, and my body instinctively started to back away from my current position.


An instant. It was in just an instant.

A black monster, as if growing out of Elwyn’s chest, appeared in front of me.

I was still in the state of retreating, but time seemed to have stopped when the monster appeared before me. It’s speed was really too shocking.

At this point in time, this thought flashed across my mind.

‘As I thought, traps made by a trap expert are really different…’

Immediately after, the monster aimed for the wing behind me, and gave it a huge bite!

Although, in my memories, the term ‘Angel with a broken wing’ was very meaningful, but currently, to me, it was a very tragic term.
(t/n: 折翼的天使 or as to how I translated it, ‘Angel with a Broken Wing’, is some sort of chinese internet meme, that was derived from a romance novel, and was spread and used throughout the schools. The romance novel had a saying, ‘the former life of every girl was an angel with a broken wing’.)

I have no idea if anyone have researched on the number of nerves that are present in a wing, but the pain I’m currently feeling, is actually more painful than when someone stab me deeply several times with a sword!


Then, I finally realized, I was already screaming in agony.

Because that monster was not just biting onto my wing, it was actually trying to tear it away from my body!

From the corner of my eye, I saw Uncle George throwing Parvro to a side, and in his hand, he was already starting to release magic.

But in the next second, endless darkness enveloped my vision. The last thing I felt was a large and strong force entering my body.

Fainted, Poisoned, Corroded, Bleeding.

My body felt like it was floating in the air. Other than the status notification and the countdown for the Fainted status to end, there was nothing else that I could see.

Geez, it’s really hard to be a good guy in this time and age. To think he placed a trap in a young girl’s body, that’s really too much.

But, this increased the level of my title as well.

Title [Whatever Goes] leveled up!
Current LV: 8
Resistance increased by 80.
Skill: Counter
When being attacked, has a chance to absorb 80% damage of the opponent’s attack. The absorbed damage will be added onto your next attack.

Speaking of which, just how high is the activating chance? Until today, it has yet to activate even once. It’s really quite frustrating.

Alright, let’s not mind about something like this any longer. For now, let’s wait…

Just when I was thinking of waiting for the Faint status to end, I felt a ray of light suddenly appearing in the darkness. Immediately after, I felt like something similar to when I was being resurrected.

A white light from the sky was currently falling onto my body, and my HP was currently being recovered at a fast pace.

“Thank goodness! He finally recovered!”

Yybril, who was beside Uncle George, shouted out.

Hearing her words, Uncle George stopped the magic in his hands. After a couple seconds of silence, he asked.

“How… are you feeling?”


How do you want me to answer this? It feels kind of great after dying once?

He seemed to have felt my confused expression, and then, he continued.

“The trap that attacked you earlier, was something created by the Dark Church long ago. It’s a special trap that is specifically used against Light Magicians. Your wing… has already been tainted by their Dark Magic.”


I turned to look. My fractured white wing was twitching weirdly, and there were even black spots stained on it!

I took a look at the status window, and what written on it was:

Tainted Piece of Angel’s Wing. Tainting Countdown: 9 Hours 23 Minutes

“Although we’re able to directly cause harm to Dark Magic, but we have no idea why we haven’t been able to stop the corrosion from this particular magical trap. The only thing we’re able to do now… is to tear the wing away from your body!”

Tear it away?

You’re kidding me!

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