Vol. 3 Chapter 47: Cage

I heard you guys like tsunamis.

PoV: Aliyah

“Dark Magic, ‘Aersimikas’ Cage’… Who would’ve thought that someone would bring such a terrifying magic spell into the campus! Attack! Use your full strength to break that barrier!”

The moment I received the message from Fir, the black barrier enveloped the arena.

No matter how those Magicians attacked, the black barrier was only scratched slightly, other than that there was no notable damage. 10 minutes passed since then, and yet the barrier still remained unbroken.

Previously, when I received the message, I immediately rushed to the principal’s side to convey what Fir had told me.

“Assassin… An assassin that wields Dark Magic?”

After listening to me, The principal immediately turned towards the people at the side and shouted.

“Quick! Go and inform the Church! Get them to send reinforcements in the shortest time possible!”


A Magician’s figure flew away in a flash, Wind Magicians are truly fast.
“Fir really told you this?”

The guy with the title of Ice Emperor suddenly walked to me with huge strides and asked.

“Yes, that guy told me this just when the barrier was about to shut off all forms of contact. As we have known each for such a long time, he told me using an unique method of communication.”

” I see….. It seems like those dark remnants either wants to exterminate him or take him away …. However no matter the case, for now, we have to deal with this barrier.”

Soon after, he turned and returned to his original seat, before passing instructions to the people beside him.

But no what kind of attacks we used, we were still unable to deal damage to the barrier and Fir still hasn’t sent out any news.

Could it be that this barrier is blocking out any form of communication? Or could it be that he’s not able to put his mind on anything else?

Regardless, we can only wait for now.

The only one who could do anything to the barrier was a girl clad in white armor, a string of sword waves landed on the barrier, slowly building up cracks.

But the speed at which the cracks were recovering at and the speed at which cracks were formed by her sword waves were about the same. The cracks were sealed off just as quickly as they were made.

“Aaaaah! Fir, you bastard! If you have spent some time learning Light Magic from me, a barrier of this level definitely wouldn’t have caused you any trouble! Bastard! You actually dared to leave me behind!”

However, when I heard her utter these words, I immediately retreated a few steps backwards.

She was the girl that Fir managed to escape from yesterday. I didn’t know she was a Light Swordswoman… Or is she a Holy Knight? All the people that Fir knows of are really out of the norm.

Alright, looks like there’s nothing left for me to do here. It’s been more than ten minutes, and there isn’t any news of his death as of yet. Or is it best that I head over to the cemetery to take a look?


A weird sound actually came from inside the barrier. When I take a look at the direction of where the sound originated from, the crack that Yybril made suddenly emitted a blue light!

The ray of light penetrated through the crack and shone onto the floor. The part of the floor that was shone upon froze up immediately, and the ice block continued to grow bigger!

“Everyone! Attack that breach!”

After recovering from the shock, Yybril shouted loudly. With a thrust of her sword, her sword turned into a ray of white light and pierced into the crack!


The crack was forcefully increased in size, and the blue light shone once again, filling up the crack!

Immediately after, countless magic spells flew towards the crack, creating a spectacle of colorful fireworks.

And unless a person had suicidal thoughts, no one dared to stand at where the crack was.

Beautiful things are always the most dangerous, after all~


Just what magic did that Fir use? To think it can prevent the barrier from regenerating, isn’t that guy too scary?

PoV: Fir

By sacrificing 3,500 MP and 90% of my HP, using my body as the epicentre, fire cold rays of light in all directions, which seal all objects that are shone upon – Ougi – Unlimited Thousand Years of Frozen River.

However, my body turns into an ice cold sun as a price, until the effect of the magic spell ends.

When I raised my head to look, the surrounding space was frozen like a deep sea of ice. Only light blue crystals could be seen and all objects inside the space were not even able to move a single inch.

Nearby, a wooden ball was sealed in the frozen air.

That was the magic spell Parvro last used when I released my magic. Although I’m unaware of its effects, but it covered his entire body inside.

Hmph, that’s fine as well. Then, we shall draw out this battle as long as possible. Since your level is so high, I can’t even hope to compete with you. But preventing you from attacking me is still within my abilities.

As long as this last for a full half an hour, everything should be settled. If those bastards do not rush over in half an hour, then I can only give a wry smile, and run away.


A weird notification suddenly lighted up. When I opened my skill list, I realized I could now use my Flash Movement skill again!

Eh? Is the barrier already dispelled? If it’s dispelled, the people outside will definitely launch their attacks here, right?

But there’s no reactions at all, though? And it hasn’t even been 20 minutes. That guy already said the barrier was going to last for at least half an hour. It shouldn’t be possible for it to be dispelled this early, right?

Ah, whatever. Since I’m able to use it, there’s no need for me to blindly stay here and think of answers. Let’s hurry up and bring Princess Michelle out of here.

I fully recovered my MP by drinking my MP Recovery Potions, then I waited for my Instant MP Recovery Potion’s cooldown to end.

Flash Movement!

In the next second, I appeared right beside Princess Michelle.

Princess Michelle was currently squatting down at a corner of the ice wall. When she saw me appearing suddenly, she was stunned.

I quickly tapped on the Instant MP Recovery Potion as I walked over to her.

“We will be retreating in 10 seconds.”

I only had a single potion that could instantly recover my MP fully, which I used earlier. Right now, I can only wait for my MP to recover slowly by drinking those regular MP potions.

“You… You…”

“What about me?”

“How did you come here?”

“In any case, I’m already here, don’t mind the details. My magic spell is about to be dispelled. Right now, what’s important is to escape before that guy breaks through my ice seal.”

“But… How are we going to do that?”

“Like this, of course!”

I grabbed onto Princess Michelle’s hand, and in the next second, we were transferred directly to the waiting room beside the arena.

When the onlookers saw Princess Michelle and I walking out of the waiting room, everyone present was shocked.

But I calmly placed Princess Michelle into the hands of the Ice Empire’s Emperor at the side, and then, I walked towards the principal.

“Those two people are still inside. What are we going to do about it?”

“Ah… You…”

The principal seems to be really shocked by how I suddenly appeared. However, I can’t really explain it, and so, I continued.

“That guy is a member of the Charming Heart Guild. Do you know about it?”

“Charming Heart?”

This question was not posed by just the principal, but by the Ice Emperor and Falan who was nearby as well.

“They actually…”

At this moment, a ray of white light was shot down from the sky. When it landed on the black barrier, the barrier was instantly broken apart. What was revealed inside it was a giant ice block.

Immediately after, a giant sword of light came slashing down from the heavens, splitting the ice block into two.

“So it was actually someone I know…”

The person who came descending down from the sky… was actually Uncle George…

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