Vol. 3 Chapter 46: Blue Ice, Wooden Pole


Parvro who rushed out of the ice block laughed slightly. He’s too frightening. Just what kind of monster did he transform into? Although I know that druids have the ability to transform, but…

This kind of transformation which turned his skin into the roughness of a dark tree bark is really disgusting, urgh.

And aren’t druids known to be a peace and nature loving race that have good relationships with everyone? Why did such a monster appear in front of me?

His hair turned into small strands of vines, and from afar, they looked exactly like the vines that are grown on the trees.

If mother nature were to really give birth a monster like you naturally, then I will no longer say things like ‘I love mother nature’.

Half an hour… This guy said the barrier will not collapse for at least half an hour. Damn it. Do you think this is an instance boss that takes half an hour to kill? The person in front of me is more than twice my level, you know? After breaking through my ice seal, he still managed to strike off half of my HP. Can I even defeat this guy at all?

So the only way left is to put out all the stops?

I unleashed my white wing to first heal up my HP.

As long as he does not kill me with a single hit, then I will be able to fully recover myself. Right now, the only thing I can rely on is this ability to recover myself infinitely, otherwise, I won’t even get the chance to land a hit on him.

Don’t think that I can recover my HP through drinking potions. Before I can even finish a bottle, I will be killed instantly.

However, I can’t afford to stop tapping on the MP Recovery Potions. Although it no longer cost MP to heal myself, but it’s not enough to simply heal myself. The only things that can affect him are intermediate and advanced grade magic spells, and their MP consumptions are huge. I won’t be able to cast them without MP.

Fortunately, that young lady called Elwyn is still sealed in the ice block. Like this, I’m able to completely concentrate on battling Parvro.

Forget about his freaking high level, if it ends up as a 2 vs 1, then I will definitely be unable to hold on.

“Hehehe. Twerp, I didn’t expect you to be a user of Light Magic. But looks like you only know healing-related magic. Otherwise, my dark elemental barrier magic would have lost quite a bit of its effects. After all, this barrier only prevents attacks from the outside, and not from the inside.”

“Thank you for your kind explanation. Mind if I ask? Is this barrier soundproof?”

“Ah? That’s of course. I hate noise the most.”

Your current voice sounds horrible, you know that? To think you would say that you hate noise…

“I see. Since that’s the case, mind telling me why do you guys have to send so many assassins over to the academy? Just for a simple Annual Tournament, you guys attempted assassinations and even used a dark elemental barrier. Aren’t you people afraid of being hunted down by the Church? Those guys can be really annoying, you know?”

“Hahahaha. Initially, I planned to directly become the champion of this tournament, clear out the academy’s treasury when I’m receiving my prize, and then destroy this academy. After all, this is the western continent’s strongest magical academy. As long as I destroy this place, you guys will lose a large war potential. But, evidently, your battle ability exceeded our initial estimations, and usual battle techniques aren’t able to take you down. Hence, we can only rely on this method to defeat you. However, what we didn’t really expect was that there’s actually a few other parties that wish to destroy this academy as well. Really. If I had known about this before the event, I wouldn’t have gone through all this trouble.”

As this guy was talking, his vine-like hair were shuffling constantly, causing my hair to stand on end.

“Fumu. Looks like you guys are thinking of starting a war. Geez. Can’t you guys just live together peacefully? Although I understand that you guys wish to obtain more benefits, but do you guys really think it’s interesting to use this sort of excuse to trample on the lives of the innocents? The lives sacrificed aren’t just from our side, but from your side as well, right?”

“Your way of thinking is simply that of a child’s! Many things in life aren’t that simple!”

“Unless it’s for the sake of revenge? Or are you guys trying to solve the problem of your countrymen’s livelihood? Or maybe, your kingdom’s population has become too big? Or is it because of the long-lasting peace, your population has grown too big, and hence you guys decided to go against human morals and deal with the situation in this way?”

In history, these are the only few reasons for sparking a war that I can think of. One of them should have hit the mark.

“Cough… In any case, since your western continent is so bountiful, taking a little bit of your land shouldn’t matter that much, right? Hahahaha.”


Looks like what I said did hit the mark. I really am too smart.

In any case, I successfully wasted five minutes. This is the longest I can drag this out.

“Alright. It’s time to end this idle chatter. You can die now.”

“I wish to say, you should have exposed yourself when you’re facing the advanced-class team later on, you idiot. Even if you exterminate me, there’s still the advanced-class team, you know? You won’t be able to escape then.”


He fell into silence.

Oh my god, did this guy really initiated this attack without thinking this through. Is he an idiot?

Are you challenging the limits of my luck or the limits of your intelligence?

“Ah, whatever. We will still profit from killing you and that princess!”

After saying that, Parvro put a leg forward. His entire body turned into a shadowy figure as he rushed towards me! Although I really wish to dodge, but the ice wall protecting Michelle was just behind me. This is also the first time I’m using the magic spell ‘Empiric – Ice Imperial Palace’, so I don’t really know the extent of its defense.

Frozen Light!”

With a wave of my wand, a light blue row of light was shot out, directed towards Parvro who rushing over.

And he instantly reacted to it. The figure who was rushing towards me earlier twisted in the air, and the white light scratched the surface of his body as the light bypassed it.

Although it was only a slight scratch, white pieces of ice immediately covered the affected portion of his skin. But looking at his rough tree-like skin, he shouldn’t have received that much damage, right?

Looking at his HP bar, it only moved by a little bit. As I expected, it was ineffective.

He turned his body in the air, and the pieces of ice fell off his body. After that, countless vines immediately came piercing towards me!

Ice Shield!

I summoned an Ice Shield on my left arm, and positioned it in the direction of the attacking vines. The vines struck mercilessly on the ice shield, and it shattered into pieces in an instant.

But because of the collision, his attacks were bent towards the side. At the same time, the wand in my right hand was already swapped to my tachi. A magic formation flashed under my feet, and a giant ice totem struck me directly towards Parvro’s direction.


Parvro actually raised his arms to block my attack. Not only did my tachi not make a slight cut on his defense, even the freezing effect was not activated.


Just how strong is his defense?

“Hmph hmph~ I recall that you love to use your ice totems to fly around, right? Then I will let you fly all you want! Wooden Pole!”

His fist came flying towards my abdomen. The moment I summoned another ice shield, I realized there was a magic circle forming in his fist!

His fist struck directly onto my ice shield. The instant my ice shield broke apart, a large round pole struck me into the air, and then, I found myself heading towards the edge of the barrier in the sky!

Ice Totem!”


With a large bang, the round pole crashed onto the edge of the barrier. And a second earlier, I used my Ice totem to push me away from the round pole, and I was thus able to avoid the tragedy of turning into mincemeat.

Two Intermediate Recovery skills landed on my body. I hovered in the sky and looked at Parvro who was on the ground.

“You… You’re already able to fly?”

“Hmph hmph… How can I not train something as convenient as this? Although it was uncomfortable sleeping with my wings open, but for the sake of flying, I kept my wings open for 30 hours.”

LV 3 Piece of Angel’s Wing
Passive Effect: LV 1 Flight

I didn’t expect for it to be of use so quickly. It really was just in time, huh.

Looks like it’s impossible to fight in close range. He hasn’t used any close combat skills, but with just his wooden pole, he was able to send me flying and bring my HP down by 70%. If he had used a stronger skill, it would definitely have been an instant kill.

Looks like I have no choice, my only option is to attack from afar!

Chaotic – 49 Types of Ice Arrows!

Once again, I summoned countless of magic formations, and like rain, blue rays of light constantly shot towards Parvro.

“The blessings of nature, limitless life, with this dance of splendor, let the firm shield of god descend!”

The moment his incantation ended, countless golden shields appeared before Parvro. When the ice arrows struck the golden shields, the golden shields immediately fell to the ground, but, new golden shields actually reappeared in the sky.

“Hahahaha, competing with magic? You can’t possibly hope to beat me!”

“Oh? Is that so?”

I glanced at the cooldown of the Instant MP Recovery Potion, and then, I pulled the inventory window to the bottom of the rest of the windows.

Blue Song
Recover 100% MP. Max MP increases by 100% for 10 seconds.

I looked at it for one last time, before pressing on it.

I could feel 7,000 Gold disappearing in an instant, basically, if I have to describe how it actually felt like…

It’s as if my heart was bleeding!

“Alright, eat my strongest attack. Ougi – Unlimited Thousand Year Frozen River!”
(t/n: Honestly, the name of the skill sounds better in mandarin.)

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  1. alusarle says:

    “…After all, this is the western continent’s strongest magical academy. As long as I destroy this place, you guys will lose a large war potential…”

    “Cough… In any case, since your eastern continent is so bountiful, taking a little bit of your land shouldn’t matter that much, right? Hahahaha.”

    Are this 2 lines from the druid guy?
    Is the western or the estern continent what he wants?
    Aren’t they contradictory?
    Or is the meaning something like “the western part of the estern continent”?


  2. MXMach says:

    Well… At least he used some of his trump cards… But he still has yet to use the β-Tester powers and other stuff… (You should notice that he has access to some of the console commands on the terminals xD)


  3. NIGHT VINTRAL says:

    scryas scryas try to tl the map of the continent from the raws…i really wanna know what those 2 blue n green slongs facing off each other r at(pls)


  4. flame says:

    So Scrya.. what might the name be in Mandarin?
    Also I’m under the though of him floating with only one wing.. I’m sure he doesn’t have his bone wing out.. I mean the princess would flip her shit… So how is he floating :p Or does the skill only require one wing? Damn X3


  5. GonZ555 says:

    thank you for the chapter 🙂
    that idiot parvro.. he should’ve recruited fir rather than attempting to crush him and failed.. i’m about 85% certain he will accept it..


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